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Influencer marketing has become one of the keys to social media success for not just influencers, but also brands. As marketing strategies have continued to evolve throughout the years, brands have teamed up with influencers to connect with wider audiences on more personal levels and build a sense of trust. By sharing wide ranges of niche content that relates to any social media user, brands and influencers have been able to become authentic sources of product and service inspiration. From beauty and fashion to tech and lifestyle, creators everywhere are bringing genuine content styles to the table and sharing original content that resonates with followers and consumers today. 

Top influencers in every niche

Whether it be macro-influencers with large followings, or millennial influencers reaching audiences in their age demographic, top influencers everywhere have taken over social media by showcasing their interests and representing brands they are passionate about. Here are some of the top influencers in each specific niche doing just that:

Top fashion Instagram influencers 

With its primarily image-focused appeal, Instagram is a hub for fashion icons and creators as they can connect with their audiences by showcasing pictures of stylish inspirations. There is no better way to share a classic “OOTD” than through an engaging Instagram post that captures not only the trendy outfits but the style of the creator. Danielle Bernstein, Leonie Hanne, and Caroline Daur are just some of the classic examples of fashion influencers today. Many of these iconic fashion stars have created brands that resonate with their large audiences and keep them interested in their senses of style specifically. These fashion influencers on Instagram are paving the way for modern fashion in 2024.

Top healthcare influencers

Whether they are providers or advocates, healthcare influencers showcase the ins and outs of the industry and shine a light on healthier living. From Adriene Mishler educating others on yoga moves to Dr. Mike on TikTok sharing his knowledge of family medicine, healthcare workers use social media to shine a light on healthcare. By sharing useful advice as medical professionals, recommendations on treatments and medicines, and even touching on insurance laws and coverages, these top healthcare influencers can connect with their audiences through social media posts today.

Top art influencers

While once upon a time, art was limited to museums and paintings, today modern pieces fill up the feeds of popular art influencers. Thanks to current social media platforms, art influencers can reach audiences that share the same passions for all kinds of art. Whether the influencers are showcasing how they create their work with their followers or sharing the pieces they love to inspire others, these top art influencers are successfully reaching niche audiences. 

Top female influencers

As social media influencers primarily consist of female creators, audiences take note and are now more than ever trusting the voices of female influencers. From beauty and popstars like Selena Gomez, one of the most followed influencers on Instagram today, to size influencer fashion stars like Denise Mercedes on TikTok, females are quickly taking over modern social media. Check out our list of the top female on social media today.

Top startup influencers

Entrepreneurship allows people to monetize their passions, no matter how unique, and startups are right there with them. Startup influencers cannot only reach specific audiences on social media but can also share their niche businesses in new ways. Whether they are Shark Tank stars like Marc Cuban or lesser-known, these top startup influencers have a way of sharing their knowledge of business and wisdom to inspire others today.

Top e-commerce influencers 

When it comes to ecommerce influencers there are two types: the types who use their fame to promote ecommerce companies, or the type who launch a company of their own. In the first category, influencers like “Bachelorette” star Hannah Brown hold onto her TV fame by supporting different e-commerce brands on her Instagram page. Influencers like Kendall Beykirch founded her own travel accessories and hat brand which has now helped lead her to over 109k followers on Instagram so far. Check out these other top e-commerce influencers today.

Top millennial influencers 

As social media has evolved, millennials have been there every step of the way as the first real generation to experience the beginning. They have watched creators build fame and form incredibly successful careers online by sharing their passions. As a result, millennials have taken note and have created content that resonates with users of all ages. Some of the top millennial influencers include Danielle Berstein who is arguably one of the greatest fashion influencers on social media today. Check out our list of the Top Millennial Influencers!

Top brand influencers

The expansion of social media has led to advocacy programs and brand partnerships that heavily rely on teamwork between influencers and brands. Whether influencers are using their platforms to showcase brands they, themselves have started, or are raving about their favorite brands through their feeds to help the brand reach new audiences, brand influencers are steadily becoming more and more popular. Look at some of the top brand influencers partnering up with brands that match their lifestyles. 

Top VR influencers

As social media has expanded, so has technology, and VR has made its way into the top unique niches of social media as well. While consumers are continuing to learn more about the technology, there are a few who stand out and use what they know to educate others on social media. VR influencers can help users adapt to modern technology and share what makes it so engaging. Top VR influencers range from filmmakers like Danny Bittman, who experiments with VR to visualize and control dreams, to VR evangelists and YouTubers, like Rob Carrasco. Check out our list of the Top VR Influencers!

Top parenting influencers 

Whether learning about healthy ingredients and meals to feed your children or finding budget-friendly clothing that your kids will love, parent influencers can relate with family-focused audiences in authentic ways. From young popular moms on TikTok like Emilie Kiser sharing how she balances being a well-known influencer and mom to a toddler, or parents like Deena and Kristen who run the Big Little Feelings blog full of parenting advice, these top parenting influencers can reach new families audiences like no other.

Top marketing influencers

Looking to stay relevant in the marketing industry? Marketing influencers are just the people to work with as they can connect with audiences and keep them up to date on the latest business-related information by sharing engaging content. Learn valuable insights from influencers like Brian D. Evans, who has had a successful career by being an investor. Check out these top marketing influencers today!

Top photography influencers

One of the beauties of social media is that it stems from the creation and upload of engaging content that often comes in the form of photos. Some of the top photography influencers on social media today have mastered pointing their cameras and saying so much without uttering a sound. From National Geographic photographers, like David Guttenfelder to popular Instagram photographers like Chris Burkard with over 4M followers, the top photographer influencers can capture every special moment for social media users. 

Top Instagram influencers

With Instagram remaining one of the top social media platforms today, it’s no surprise that it is still an influencer’s paradise. Today Instagram influencers feature a variety of genres whether they be well-known celebrities or self-made influencers. Check out these top Instagram Influencers to follow in 2024!

Top gaming influencers

Some of the most well-known gaming influencers are easily the most followed on a handful of social media platforms as they draw in large audiences by showcasing their talents and passions for digital experiences. With the rise of Twitch stars and the continued success of YouTube, gaming influencers reach audiences on a wider aspect as their playing field attracts unique viewers. Anyone who’s anyone in the gaming industry wants these influencer’s seal of approval. Check out the list of Top Gaming Influencers!

Top SEO influencers 

When it comes to SEO, it is all about rankings. SEO influencers provide followers with the latest practices, tips, and tactics to dominate search. Being one of the most niche categories of social media, SEO influencers stand out and have their unique followings. Follow these SEO accounts to take your webpage from Page 10 to Page 1. Check out the list of Top SEO Influencers!

Top pr influencers

The Public Relations industry centers around networking, and who you know. These PR influencers are the exact people to know as they shine a light on the industry and represent big brands and celebrities like Paypal, Macy’s, and Jay-Z. These top PR influencers on social media are the perfect way to stay current and learn how to navigate the volatile world of PR. 

Top travel influencers

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip, travel influencers are just the ones for you. By sharing their favorite destinations and documenting their experiences, travel influencers connect with audiences with the same passion for seeing the world. From luxury villas in the Maldives to hostels in Thailand, you may find yourself booking a new adventure. Check out the list of Top Travel Influencers!

Top tech influencers

Technology is an industry that is constantly evolving and there’s no better way for us to stay up to date with new information than through the posts of influencers. Tech influencers share the latest news in educational ways while keeping audiences captivated. Influencers like Unbox Therapy reviews the newest pieces of technology allowing viewers to check out a product before they buy. Whether it’s Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, top tech influencers everywhere are sharing their insight into the evolving industry.

Top augmented reality influencers 

Ever wondered how doctors are using augmented reality in the operating room? Or how artists use AR to their advantage and leverage it to showcase their work? AR allows room for the possibility to digitally display images in physical spaces. Let these 25 top augmented reality influencers guide you through this new medium and its powerful potential.

Top B2B Influencers 

While influencer marketing may just seem like it is only for B2C companies, B2B influencers are here to set the record straight. With the rise of influencer marketing, businesses are moving to a more B2B approach by teaming up with influencers to represent their products to consumers in a more modern manner. Working with B2B influencers like Rand Fishkin or Michell C. Clark is a great way to enhance your audience’s knowledge of the industry directly. Check out the list of Top B2B Influencers!

Top micro-influencers

While many think that working with more established influencers is the way to go, teaming up with micro-influencers has been proven to be effective for brands looking to expand their digital footprint. Micro-influencers share a hunger for advocating for their favorite brands, which helps businesses become more authentic to consumers and followers. While they typically have more than 1,000 followers but less than 100,000 followers, these influencers can make some serious impact. Check out the list of Top Micro-Influencers!

Top Snapchat influencers

Snapchat influencers have perfected the art of creating engaging 10-second video-styled content. While most rose to fame during the days of the former app Vine, others often are celebrities who reach their fans through Snapchat directly. DJ Khaled, Chrissy Teigen, and Kylie Jenner are some celebrities who have found massive success on the platform. If your target audience is 18 to 24, these influencers are for you. Check out the list of Top Snapchat Influencers!

Top Hispanic influencers

A large demographic of influencers and followers is always a bonus for brands and creators. Hispanic influencers bridge language and cultural barriers while representing their favorite brands and products authentically. The 25 top Hispanic influencers come from a variety of backgrounds from beauty to video games.

Top Facebook influencers

Cristiano Ronaldo is an influencer for Facebook with 169M followers. While celebrities like Ronaldo often appear on the platform, others relate to users with common experiences and engaging content. Anyone looking into Facebook for influencer marketing needs to know these influencers. Check out the list of Top Facebook Influencers!

Top X influencers

X still serves as a popular social platform as it primarily centers around literate-styled content that allows users and celebrities to come together and share thoughts. X is arguably one of the best ways for influencers and celebrities to connect with their followers directly and provides an opportunity for brand-related content. If a large audience is what you want, then these influencers can give it to you. Check out the list of Top X Influencers!

Top YouTube influencers 

Video being one of the most common styles of content today allows for YouTube to remain a top contender amongst other competitive social platforms. Whether you’re a gaming, beauty, travel, or SEO company; there is a Youtuber for you. With high engagement rates and subscriber counts, these top YouTubers have been able to share captivating content continuously. Check out the list of Top YouTube Influencers!

Top Canadian influencers

Some of the most engaging influencers on social media platforms today are our northern neighbors. Using social media influencers isn’t just for the US market. Whether they be new swimsuit brand creators like Strawberry Milk Mob on TikTok with over 2M followers, or the new “Bachelorette” star Maria Georgas, Canadians are taking over social media. Check out the list of Top Canadian Influencers!

Top entreprenur influencers 

As a rare breed of influencers, entrepreneurs provide a refreshingly educational feel to traditional content as they share their bright ideas that inspire their following bases. Not only do they connect with their audiences through their businesses and creative business plans, but also by teaming up with brands that share the same passions for success. Check out the list of Top Entrepreneur Influencers!

Top fitness influencers

As one of the remaining top social media niches, fitness provides users with engaging, educational, and motivational feelings of content. Whether they share meal plan ideas to help you healthily jump-start your week, or give you inspo for your next at-home workout routine, fitness influencers have a way of teaching their audiences how positive and fun healthy living can be. Check out the list of Top Fitness Influencers!

Top fashion influencers

You don’t have to be a model or fashion icon to become a fashion influencer in modern age social media. Today, fashion influencers are setting the trends by showcasing how they style their favorite brands and pieces through “Get ready with me” posts and even affordable ensemble recommendations for any of their followers. These fashion influencers are creating size-inclusive outfits that inspire their followers and keep them engaged. Check out the list of Top Fashion Influencers!

Top foodie influencers

In today’s world of social media, it is almost impossible not to snap a photo of a tasty meal and serve up some delicious content. The top foodies on social media today are doing just that while sharing their recommendations for restaurants, bars, and meals. World renown chefs, to little mom-and-pop shops have found their niche. Whether you’re looking to learn how to freshen up your weekly meals with healthier options, or are aiming to learn about how to make the best sweet treats, foodie influencers are the way to go. Fair warning, don’t read this while hungry. Check out the list of Top Foodie Influencers!

Top beauty influencers

Over the years beauty influencers have grabbed the attention of large audiences one tutorial and product review at a time and it is no different in today’s world of social media. Whether they are professional makeup artists highlighting how to use today’s trendy products or skincare enthusiasts highlighting the best products to incorporate into your new routines, beauty influencers have taken over social media today. Check out the list of Top Beauty Influencers!


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Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

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