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Whether they’re promoting over-the-top indulgences or healthy, “clean” eating, there’s no denying that food bloggers and influencers have worked their way into the hearts (and feeds) of millions of people. Check out the top foodie influencers across social media and see what makes them so popular.

Top Foodie Influencers

Jamie Oliver Top Foodie Influencers

Jamie Oliver

British chef Jamie Oliver has 5.9 million Instagram followers and is one of the top foodie influencers. He’s known for his string of restaurants, his TV shows, his cookbooks, and, of course, for posting delicious-looking pictures of food (along with the occasional pic of a cute baby).

Fit Men Cook Top Foodie Influencer

Kevin/ Fit Men Cook

Although the name of his YouTube channel is Fit Men Cook, Kevin shares recipes designed for both men and women who want to eat healthy to maintain whatever work they’ve put in at the gym. This top foodie influencer’s YouTube channel has more than 374,000 subscribers, while 1.1 million people follow him over on Instagram.

The modern proper top foodie influencer

Natalie Mortimer and Holly Erickson

The women behind Modern Proper, Natalie Mortimer and Holly Erickson, are top foodie influencers and have more than 80,000 Instagram followers. The pair were finalists for Saveur’s Best Home-Cooked Food Blog in 2016. Part of their appeal is their focus on homemaking for the modern age, and on prepping delicious but simple meals.

Sarah Phillips Top Foodie Influencer

Sarah Philips

Sarah Philips is a food stylist (with the helpful Instagram handle of just “@food”) and top foodie influencer. She regularly posts tantalizing snaps of decadently styled foods, which has led her to attract 516,000 followers.

Lady Iron Chef Top Foodie Influencer

Brad Lau

Brad Lau, aka LadyIronChef on Instagram, has 647,000 followers on the site and is one of the top foodie influencers. Along with posting plenty of tasty-looking pictures of food, he also regularly posts pictures with travel advice and reviews for restaurants in Singapore, which he calls home.

Hannah Hart Top Foodie Influencer

Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart is the YouTuber behind “My Drunk Kitchen,” which featured her trying to cook while drinking (very large amounts of alcohol). The top foodie influencer’s YouTube channel has more than 2.5 million subscribers, and she’s managed to transfer some of her influence offline, with the publication of a cookbook, and a show on the Food Network.

David Change Top Foodie Influencer

David Chang

The chef behind Momofuku Milk Bar, David Chang has managed to amass a sizeable following on Instagram: 725,000 followers. As one of the top foodie influencers, he mainly posts pictures of food, including dishes made at his restaurant and elsewhere.

Deliciously Ella Top Foodie Influencer

Deliciously Ella

Ella Woodward is the 26-year-old blogger behind Deliciously Ella, which focuses on clean eating. She’s a top foodie influencer who has managed to build up 1.1 million followers on Instagram, thanks to the appealing photos she posts of delicious-looking but still healthy food.

joythebaker top foodie influencer

Joy the Baker

Joy the Baker is another food blogger and top foodie influencer with a sizable Instagram following: 410,000 followers. As you might guess from her name, her Instagram feed is full of photos of tasty desserts and baked goods. She’s also managed to transfer some of her online influence into offline products, such as cookbooks, as well as to partnerships with brands such as Ghirardelli.

J. Kenji López-Alt Top Foodie Influencer

J. Kenji López-Alt

Combination science nerds and foodies follow J. Kenji Lopez-Alt for his decidedly scientific approach to food and cooking. The top foodie influencer is the former editor at “Cook’s Illustrated,” and is currently over at Serious Eats. He also recently published a 900-page tome, “The Food Lab,” which delves deep into the science behind cooking. He has 66,000 followers on Instagram and 15,000 on Twitter.

idafrosk Top Foodie Influencer

Ida Skivenes

Ida Skivenes is a Norwegian food artist with 281,000 followers and one of the top foodie influencers. Her Instagram is full of pictures of houses made out of watermelon, bunnies shaped from waffles, and other cute, clever designs made entirely from food.

EatingNYC Top Foodie Influencer

Alexa Mehraban

Alexa Mehraban is the food writer behind the EatingNYC Instagram account, which has 275,000 followers. As one of the top foodie influencers, his profile contains post after post of beautifully photographed food, all made somewhere in the Big Apple.

dad_beets top foodie influencer

Nick N.

Nick N., aka Dad Beets, has 71,800 Instagram followers, which at first glance might not seem like that much. But the top foodie influencer also took home the award for Best Food Instagram from Saveur’s 2016 Blog Awards. His feed is full of shots of homemade food, as well as a few pictures of his kids.

Lucia Lee Top foodie influencer

Lucia Lee

Lucia Lee, the Food Minimalist, puts a new spin on “clean eating.” The top foodie influencer’s Instagram is full of shots of single bowls or pots of food against a white background. She doesn’t have a huge following — just 5,707 — but she was named one of Saveur’s Top 20 Food Instagrams for 2016.

Izy Hossack Top foodie influencer

Izy Hossack

Izy Hossack is a food science and nutrition student based in London with 229,000 followers on Instagram. Her top foodie influencer feed is full of pictures of the dishes she makes from the easy-to-follow recipes she posts on her blog.

Molly Tavoletti Top Foodie Influencer

Molly Tavoletti

Molly Tavoletti founded Across a Table. She tells the stories of people she talks to while sitting down to eat. The top foodie influencer’s Instagram, which has 64,100 followers, features plenty of pictures of bagel sandwiches, cocktails, and other delicious foods.

Rosanna Pansino Top Foodie Influencer

Rosanna Pansino

The YouTuber behind Nerdy Nummies, Rosanna Pansino, is one of the top foodie influencers with more than 8.6 million subscribers. As you might guess from the name, her specialty is putting together baked goods with a geeky twist, such as a cherry-flavored Spiderman cake.

Samantha Lee Top foodie Influencer

Samantha Lee

Another food artist, Samantha Lee turns basic rice and veggies (and sometimes ice cream) into creations that look almost too cute to eat. She has 706,000 followers on Instagram, who are paying attention to see what story she’ll tell with food next.

Alex Kristofcak top foodie influencer

Alex Kristofcak

Another one of Saveur’s top 20 Food Instagram accounts for 2016, Alex Kristofcak has just over 5,000 followers. But he has lots of great photos of pies, featuring intricate lattice and other designs. Alex is also the founder of Jarry, a biannual print magazine that explores the intersection of food and queer culture.

Vani Hari | Food Babe Top Foodie Influencer

The Food Babe

You wouldn’t expect a food influencer to be controversial, but that’s what Vani Hari, aka the Food Babe, is. She regularly takes the food industry to task for artificial ingredients, GMOs, and so on, in food products. People look to her as a top source for information about healthy food. She boasts nearly 1.2 million likes on Facebook and 105,000 followers on Twitter.

smitten kitchen top foodie influencer

Deb Perelman/Smitten Kitchen

Deb Perelman is the blogger behind Smitten Kitchen, which has 579,000 followers on Instagram. Her food blog is full of delicious and easy recipes. Her popularity has led to the publication of two print cookbooks.

Lindsay Ostrom Top Foodie InfluencerLindsay & Bjork Ostrom/Pinch of Yum

The couple behind Pinch of Yum publish simple recipes, with options for dessert, dinner, lunch, and more. They’ve built up a following of 438,000 on Instagram, and feature videos of some of their recipes.

Russ Crandall Top Foodie Influencer

Russ Crandall

Russ Crandall, or the Domestic Man, as he’s known on Instagram, sports 44,600 followers. He’s popular for his paleo-centric recipes. These appeal both to people following a paleo diet and to those who need to avoid grains for other reasons.

Lindsay's Feast Top foodie influencer

Lindsay Radcliffe

If you long to live in the countryside and want to feel envious, check out Lindsay Radcliffe’s Instagram feed. Her 13,300 followers pay close attention to her beautiful photos of meals and dishes featuring food that looks pulled straight from the ground or harvested that day.

Roy Choi top foodie influencer

Roy Choi

Ever wonder why food trucks are a thing these days? You have Roy Choi to thank for that. After graduating from a top cooking school in NYC, Choi decided to sink his money into a food truck serving a Korean-Mexican fusion of barbecue. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, Choi has 51,100 followers on Twitter.

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