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In the world of public relations, it’s all about making connections. But who’s at the top of the heap when it comes to those connections? Who has the most followers in the PR world? Get to know some of the top PR influencers who are tweeting, ‘gramming, or blogging today.

25 Top PR Influencers

Sarah Evans Top PR Influencer

Sarah Evans

PR pro Sarah Evans works with brands such as PayPal, Macy’s, and Walmart. She’s launched two popular PR hashtags, #commentz and #journchat, and has gathered 107,000 followers on Twitter. As one of the top PR influencers, tweets job postings, giveaways, and details about her life and career.

West Levy PR Top PR Influencer

Heather West

Heather West is the founder of West Levy PR, and has 47,500 followers on Twitter. The top PR influencer tweets about the goings on in her industry, gossip, and more.

Brian Solis Top PR Influencer

Brian Solis

Brian Solis has 280,000 followers on Twitter. He’s a digital analyst who has published several books on marketing in the digital space. As one of the top PR influencers, his Twitter feed is full of tweets about current events, marketing, and what’s going on in business today.

Bill Stoller Top PR Influencer

Bill Stoller

Bill Stoller, or the Publicity Guru, has spent more than two decades in the PR field. The top PR influencer has 225,000 followers on Twitter, where he tweets about the ins and outs of the PR industry.

Brooke Hammerling Top PR Influencer

Brooke Hammerling

Brooke Hammerling is the founder of Brew PR and works with clients including One King’s Lane. As one of the top PR influencers, her Twitter feed of 32,800 followers is a mix of funny personal tweets and professional tweets.

Valerie Merahn Simon Top PR influencer

Valerie Simon

Valerie Simon co-founded the hashtag #PRStudChat, which answers questions asked by students studying PR. As one of the top PR influencers, she has a decent Twitter following of 14,600, and is the chief marketing officer and VP marketing, communications & PR for Atlantic Health. Along with answering student questions, she tweets about PR trends and health news.

Lizzie Grubman Top PR Influencer

Lizzie Grubman

Lizzie Grubman is a classic NYC/LA PR girl. She’s represented Britney Spears and Jay-Z, and, as one of the top PR influencers, has 239,000 followers on Twitter, as well as 143,000 Instagram followers. Her Instagram posts feature pics of her and her family and friends, while she combines a mix of professional and personal tweets on Twitter.

Mark Ragan Top PR Influencer

Mark Ragan

The CEO of Ragan Communications, which publishes PR Daily among other things, Mark Ragan is behind one of the biggest names in the PR world. The top PR influencer has 78,700 Twitter followers, to whom he tweets about all that’s going on in the PR and communications industries.

Steve Farnsworth Top PR Influencer

Steve Farnsworth

“Forbes” named Steve Farnsworth as a top 50 social media influencer. He’s the CMO at the Steveology group, and has 114,000 Twitter followers. As one of the top PR influencers, he keeps it pretty professional on his feed, tweeting mostly about news and articles in the industry.

Heather Whaling Top PR Influencer

Heather Whaling

Heather Whaling is the founder of Geben Communications and has 20,000 Twitter followers. The top PR influencer moderates a weekly PR chat under the hashtag #PR20chat.

Christine Kirk Top PR Influencer

Christine Kirk

Christine Kirk is the “Luxury PR Girl” and one of the top PR influencers, with 43,700 followers on Twitter. Her career has focused on high-end brands, which has made her popular with people interested in all things luxury. She also moderates the Twitter handle LuxChat.

Annie Jennings Top PR Influencer

Annie Jennings

Annie Jennings has 53,000 Twitter followers and a client roster that includes NYU, ASJA, and the Harvard Club. People follow this top PR influencer because she offers great insight and advice in her tweets.

Shonali Burke Top PR Influencer

Shonali Burke

Shonali Burke is an ambassador for Skimm, a daily newsletter that condenses all the news into an easy-to-read form. As one of the top PR influencers, she is also the CEO of her own firm, and the creator of the #measurePR hashtag. Shonali has 24,000 followers on Twitter.

Peter Shankman Top PR Influencer

Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman has been called a PR all-star by the “New York Times.” We call him one of the top PR influencers. He founded Help a Reporter Out, a free source repository. He also has 176,000 followers on Twitter, where he posts about pretty much whatever is on his mind.

David Meerman Scott Top PR Influencer

David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott has written 10 bestselling books, including “The New Rules of Marketing and PR.” As one of the top PR influencers, he has a Twitter following of 128,000 and regularly tweets advice about sales, marketing, and PR, as well as general life.

AKR Public Relations Top PR Influencer

Amanda K. Ruisi

Amanda K. Ruisi founded AKR PR, and specializes in public relations for celebrities and beauty and lifestyle brands. The top PR influencer’s Twitter feed, which has 48,200 followers, offers a behind-the-scenes look at a bustling PR firm.

Alison Brod Top PR Influencer

Alison Brod

Alison Brod is unique among Top PR influencers, as her social media presence is evenly divided between Instagram and Twitter. Her firm’s feeds are full of beautiful photos and funny behind-the-scenes shots.

Christine Perkett Top PR Influencer

Christine Perkett

Christine Perkett wears many hats, including as one of the top PR influencers. She’s got 49,800 Twitter followers, tweets often about influencers and PR, and is the founder of two firms. She’s also a mom of two, and has been a speaker for RAINN.

Nicole Garner Scott Top PR Influencer

Nicole Garner Scott

Nicole Garner Scott is the founder of the Garner Circle, a fast-growing PR firm. The top PR influencer has more than 17,000 Twitter followers, and regularly posts a mix of personal and professional tweets.

Sally Falkow Top PR Influencer

Sally Falkow

A digital media strategist and top PR influencer, Sally Falkow has 25,000 Twitter followers and is the founder of the Proactive Report. She’s also the author of SMART News, which details how to create branded content that people can actually find.

Sara Stewart Top PR Influencer

Sara Stewart

A recent tweet from Sara Stewart featured a picture of chinos and a caption stating that some of her colleagues thought the pants were green, but she thought they were brown. Was she trying to bring back the dress debate from a few years ago? It’s not clear, but that tweet is a good example of the reason why this top PR influencer has 179,000 followers.

Lindsay Olson Top PR Influencer

Lindsay Olson

Lindsay Olson is the recruiter behind HooJobs (formerly PR Jobs), which has 23,600 followers. If you’re looking for a job in PR, she’s a good person to follow.

Rachel Kay Top PR Influencer

Rachel Kay

Rachel Kay has her own PR firm, and 14,000 Twitter followers. A PR micro-influencer, she also contributes to several PR-focused blogs. Her Twitter feed is full of posts about recent events, as well as food sampling opportunities.

Jeff Bullas Top PR Influencer

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas isn’t into traditional PR. Instead, he’s a content marketing specialist with a following of 543,000 on Twitter. He regularly posts about content marketing, getting more traffic, and what’s going on in the world of social media.

Gini Dietrich Top PR Influencer

Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich created the Spin Sucks blog, and then wrote a book about it. The top PR influencer has 44,200 followers on Twitter, and regularly tweets out links to informative articles and details about Q&A sessions.

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