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From wildlife photography that showcases some of the world’s most elusive animals to surreal photography that creates other-worldly images, there are many, many creative photographers to follow on social media. Since it’s such a visual medium, many of them have turned to Instagram to share their art. The following top photography influencers make a statement with their images.

 20 top photography influencers with amazing talent and sizable followings

Ben Lowry

Best known for his work as a conflict photographer in war zones, Ben has had his work on the covers of prominent magazines like Time. He covered the Iraq War as his first overseas gig when he was 23. Now he covers issues closer to his home in Texas, like the immigrant crisis in Del Rio, along with other interests like landscape photography.

Asa Sjostrom

A strong interest in equal human rights has propelled Asa to take captivating images of women and children. She’s taken this photo of children at a refugee camp in Ethiopia and an entrepreneur in Uganda who climbs rocks to use a cellphone.  

Predrag Vučković

A Red Bull photographer and extreme fitness photographer, Predrag shares photos like the treacherous cliffs of Montenegro, extreme canyoning, or thrill-seekers gliding over snowy peaks. The Belgrade resident is also an experienced underwater photographer with more than 1,000 hours logged under the waves.

Pei Ketron

Pei has vast interests, but she mostly focuses on travel and commercial photography. She was born in Taiwan but raised as part of the Navajo Nation in Arizona. Her Instagram is full of great snaps, like the Cloud Forest in Nepal and the San Francisco skyline

Erik Johansson

Erik describes himself as a “surreal photographer from Sweden based in Prague.” His unique combination of photographs create some truly unique scenes, like this Full Moon Service, where a dull moon is replaced like a lightbulb, or this one, called Impact, which turns a lake into shattered mirrors. 

Murad Osmann

Murad is a Russian photographer with a popular travel series, “Follow Me To.” The series has catapulted Murad and his wife to the top of many influencer lists. The series includes jaw-dropping clips of Abu Dhabi, Paris and Venice, which Murad’s 3.6 million Instagram followers devour.

Elia Locardi

Elia’s passport is full. He has visited 65 countries and traveled more than 2 million miles taking pictures of impressive landscapes around the world. For five years, Elia and his wife Naomi, were “location independent,” meaning they put all of their possessions in storage and traveled from spot to spot — taking pictures along the way.  

Andrea DiCenzo

Andrea’s work focuses on the conflict and humanitarian crisis in the Middle East. She’s currently in Baghdad on assignment for National Geographic, but her Instagram showcases moments like an anti-government protests during the Iraqi elections and a young Iraqi girl taking care of her little brother.

Chris Burkard

With pictures of landscapes, lifestyle and leisure, Chris’ photography is appealing to everyone. From snow-capped mountains in Yosemite to the Aurora Borealis in Vestrahorn, his pictures are as colorful as they are breathtaking. It’s no surprise that Chris has 3.7 million followers on Instagram.

Varun Aditya

Varun is a self-taught photographer from India with a knack for shooting wildlife. His Instagram is full of impressive slideshows that capture moms with babies or vibrant peacocks in the forest. His work won him the title of NatGeo’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2016.

Michael Yamashita

A National Geographic photographer who has crisscrossed the globe with a camera in his hands, Michael has quite a resume. The 73-year-old has published 16 photographic books, with pictures from Vietnam to the Sahara, but his most recent work is producing NFTs. 

Jack Harries

Jack got his start sharing a comedic series, JacksGaps, on YouTube. Now the U.K. photographer is one of the most prominent climate-change activists in the country. He’s launched “Seat at the Table,” an episodic series that shows his social followers the impacts of climate change.

Pete Souza

Pete was the Chief Official White House photographer for former President Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, so his Instagram has many, many historical moments. A snap of Obama laying a wreath at Pearl Harbor or chatting during an important strategy meeting, along with Reagan’s trip to Moscow, are among his many works.

Hannes Becker

Most days, you’ll find German photographer Hannes Becker outdoors. Over the last eight years, he’s created quite an Instagram following, with 1.6 million followers tuning in for his latest trek to Iceland or the seaside village on the Faroe Islands, which are part of Denmark.

Alan Schaller

Capturing street photography, Alan showcases the small moments in life. From a man sitting on a bench and kids on an LA playground to a man smoking in Istanbul, his pictures are real life. And, they’re all in black and white. 

David Lloyd

David’s work as a wildlife photographer has evolved from snapping exotic pictures of animals to leading other photographers on African safaris to capture similar moments. Pictures of a lion in Kenya and an elephant on the sunlit savannah are just some of the snaps the London-based photographer shares on social.

Alessio Albi

Alessio takes dramatic images of women. The women often have a picturesque backdrop, like a woman sitting on the banks of the Seine River, a biker walking on a dusty road, or an elderly woman in a wheat field. The Italy-based photographer also snapped photos of models using a webcam during the pandemic.  

Annie Leibovitz

A popular photographer whose career spans decades, Annie has taken photos of just about every celebrity you can think of. Her recent snaps of Olivia Wild in California for Vogue, alongside pictures of Joe Biden, RuPaul, and Hugh Grant back in 2003 make her Instagram a who’s who of Hollywood. 

Amy Lombard

Amy is a photographer and director based in New York City. She’s a lifestyle photographer who takes colorful snaps like this woman in the streets with graffiti behind her or this picture that has a ‘70s vibe

Anna Huix

Anna’s bio on Instagram reads, “I love people and their colors.” It’s a simple statement, but one that describes her talent well. The London-based photographer’s pictures of a sherpa in Pakistan or a model, who shows off floral tones, are all eye-catching.  


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