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Search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to improve the visibility of your brand’s website in search results, making it more likely that people will click through and pay you a visit. The ins and outs of SEO can be tricky to get down. That’s where advice and insight from today’s top SEO influencers can come in handy.

25 Top SEO Influencers

Rank Fishkin Top SEO influencer

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin co-founded Moz, which started out as a purely SEO-focused company. As one of the top SEO Influencers, he’s been involved in online business in some form or another since 1993 and has been focusing on search marketing since the early 2000s. On Twitter, he regularly tweets about SEO, digital marketing and more to his 382,000 followers.

Danny Sullivan Top SEO Influencer

Danny Sullivan

Top SEO influencer Danny Sullivan’s career in search engine marketing predates Google. Let that sink in. He’s the founder and has been the editor-in-chief for both SearchEngineLand and He has more than half a million Twitter followers, who are likely there for his expertise regarding all things SEO.

Neil Patel Top SEO influencer

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the top SEO influencers to turn to if you’re looking to boost your website’s traffic. He founded a number of companies, including CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics, and is a writer for Quicksprout. On Twitter, he has 261,000 followers.

John Rampton Top SEO Influencer

John Rampton

John Rampton’s career as one of the top SEO influencers and digital marketing consultants began after a construction accident left him unable to walk. Today, he has nearly 1.5 million Twitter followers, is the founder of Due, and regularly writes for Forbes, Inc., and the Huffington Post.

Travis Wright Top SEO Influencer

Travis Wright

A self-described “martech evangelist,” Travis Wright has 221,000 Twitter followers. As one of the top SEO influencers, his tweets are a mix of funny and serious, including jokes about AOL, posts about current politics, and tweets about essential, breaking news.

Dharmesh Shah Top SEO Influencer

Dharmesh Shah

Dharmesh Shah is one of the co-founders of Hubspot, a resource for all things having to do with inbound marketing. The top SEO influencer has 293,000 followers on Twitter, where he usually tweets commentary and critiques about the digital marketing space.

Matt Cutts Top SEO Influencer

Matt Cutts

A list of top SEO influencers wouldn’t be complete without Matt Cutts, who headed up the webspam team at Google for years. Although he’s since moved on from Google to work with the US Digital Service, he’s still a commanding presence on Twitter, with 541,000 followers.

Andrew Shotland Top SEO Influencer

Andrew Shotland

The founder of LocalSEOGuide, Andrew Shotland helped launch the online presence of both NBC and Showtime. The top SEO influencer has 12,200 followers on Twitter, where he’s regularly tweet about SEO, posts memes, and offers some political commentary.

Barry Schwartz Top SEO Influencer

Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz knows SEO. He’s written and edited for Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch, founded his own SEO company, Rusty Brick, and has been interviewed by Forbes, NBC Nightly News, and a number of other publications. As one of the top SEO influencers, he has 95,600 Twitter followers.

Pam Moore Top SEO Influencer

Pam Moore

The CEO of Marketing Nutz, Pam Moore made it to Forbes’ list of the top 10 Social Media Power Influencers. So it’s no wonder she’s on our list of the top SEO influencers. She’s got 302,000 Twitter followers and regularly tweets all about the ins and outs of marketing online.

Dr. Pete Meyers Top SEO Influencer

Dr. Pete Myers

Dr. Pete Myer’s 50,800 followers on Twitters get a behind the scenes look at what could potentially be on the table for search engine results pages (SERPs). A marketing scientist at Moz, and top SEO influencer, Dr. Myers is responsible for the Google Algorithm Change History timeline.

Wil Reynolds Top SEO Influencer

Wil Reynolds

Wil Reynolds is the co-founder of SEER Interactive and a digital marketing consultant. The top SEO influencer is fairly interactive with his 43,900 Twitter followers and frequently posts discussion questions or polls to engage with them.

Ann Smarty Top SEO Influencer

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty “tweets a lot,” which might be how she racked up 64,100 followers. She’s also an expert when it comes to SEO, and founded both the ViralContentBee and MyBlogU.

Brian Clark Top SEO Influencer

Brian Clark

Brian Clark founded Copyblogger, and the full suite of companies under the Copyblogger umbrella. The top SEO influencer has 186,000 Twitter followers and a feed full of Copyblogger retweets, thoughts on pop culture, and general advice about digital marketing.

Shama Hyder Top SEO Influencer

Shama Hyder

One of Forbes’ 30 under 30, Shama Hyder is the CEO and founder of Marketing Zen. As one of the top SEO influencers, she’s also got 44,700 followers on Twitter, where her tweets offer a decidedly millennial perspective on SEO and digital marketing.

Aleyda Solis Top SEO Influencer

Aleyda Solis

An international SEO consultant and top SEO influencer, Aleyda Solis’s career has taken her all over the world. She’s founded several companies, including Orianti, an SEO consultancy. On Twitter, she has 47,000 followers.

Jordan Kasteler Top SEO Influencer

Jordan Kasteler

Currently an independent SEO consultant, Jordan Kasteler has 18,500 followers on Twitter. He’s a top SEO influencer who has been working in search and SEO since 2001. He has helped companies including, PETA and Hennessey with their search needs. His Twitter feed is full of retweets about the goings-on in in the industry.

Mike Volpe Top SEO Influencer

Mike Volpe

Mike Volpe, the former CMO of Hubspot, had been with that company almost since the very beginning. Today, he’s the CMO at Cybereason and a top SEO influencer with 78,100 followers on Twitter, where he posts uplifting tweets as well as some political commentary.

Cyrus Shepard Top SEO Influencer

Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus Shepard is the former head of content and SEO at Moz and is now the founder of Fazillion Media. On Twitter, the top SEO influencer has 40,800 followers and a feed full of memes and comments about SEO.

Douglas Karr Top SEO Influencer

Douglas Karr

The CEO of DK New Media, top SEO influencer Douglas Karr has 35,700 followers on Twitter. He’s also the author of “Corporate Blogging for Dummies” and has a long list of past clients, including Go Daddy and Angie’s List.

Andy Beal Top SEO Influencer

Andy Beal

Andy Beal calls himself the “original online reputation expert.” He’s the CEO of Reputation Refinery and one of the top SEO influencers with 30,300 followers on Twitter, where he regularly posts about the importance of maintaining (or improving) an online reputation.

Julie Joyce Top SEO Influencer

Julie Joyce

Julie Joyce has 17,300 Twitter followers and is the co-founder of SEO Chicks. As an SEO micro-influencer, her Twitter feed is a mix of humorous and heartwarming tweets, which may or may not have something to do with SEO.

Shane Barker Top SEO Influencer

Shane Barker

Shane Barker has 26,600 Twitter followers and has authored several guides to SEO. Describing himself as an influencer marketer and consultant for hire, his Twitter feed is full of links to tips and advice for all things having to do with content or digital marketing.

Angie Schottmuller Top SEO Influencer

Angie Schottmuller

Angie Schottmuller is a self-described Star Wars geek, keynote speaker, and one of Forbes’ top influencers. She’s got 18,700 Twitter followers.

Joost de Valk Top SEO Influencer

Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk has the smallest follower count of any influencer on this list, just 5,769. But he’s also the founder and CEO of Yoast, an SEO agency that’s behind the plug-in used in WordPress. As a top SEO micro-influencer, his Twitter feed features a mix of the personal and the professional.