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From painters to digital artists, there are so many different art niches to explore. This list of creative minds showcases some of the best art influencers from all over the world; some of whom brands can collaborate with today.

Art influencers inspiring on social media

Jessica Matier  

Jessica is a Kansas City-based artist specializing in mixed media contemporary abstract art. With one of the best art Instagram accounts, Jessica shares her most recently completed tree painting and a dreamy, spring-inspired piece with her followers.

F. Scott Cahill 

Scott is a plein art painter in Hawaii. On Instagram, he treats his followers to paintings inspired by his tropical surroundings, from a moody beach scene to a majestic, snow-capped volcano

Rachel Brooks — 5oclocksunday 

Rachel is a painter and creative director based in Sonoma, California. Known to her Instagram followers as @5oclocksunday, she shares a behind-the-scenes time-lapse video of her mural painting process and takes a tour of her latest project on display in a business.


Banksy’s true identity may not be known, but the artist has made a splash worldwide with works that stretch from New York City to Israel. As one of the top art influencers on Instagram, he uses his thought-provoking art to speak out about violence against women and the war in Ukraine for his 12.1 million followers.

Brian Donnelly  

Known in the art world as KAWS, Brian’s painting, graffiti, sculpture, and graphic design work has a massive following. He also has one of the best painting Instagram accounts, where he shares a sizable sculpture based on fatherhood and a humorous artistic rendering of roughing it through the work week for his 4.4 million followers.  

Takashi Murakami 

Takashi is a world-renowned Japanese contemporary artist. On Instagram, where his 2.6 million followers know him as @takashipom, he shares his latest design on shoes and collaborations with fellow artists. 

Manzel Bowman 

Manzel is a New York-based digital artist. He shares his creations with his 116K Instagram followers, including an otherworldly poolside panther and an intergalactic sacred exchange

Robin Sealark 

Robin is a painter with a great sense of humor and one of the best art YouTube channels. For her 444K subscribers, she shares drawing tips and hacks to immediately improve your art and a side-by-side comparison of one of her acrylic and oil paintings.

Eva Respini 

Eva is an art lover, curator, co-commissioner, and traveler who’s always seeking new discoveries in the art world. On Instagram, where she’s best known as curator_on_the_run, Eva unveils recent artwork exhibits she commissioned and an up-close look at one of her favorite pieces. 

Levi Justice 

If you’re looking for a worthwhile TikTok artist account, look no further than Levi’s page. The Kentucky-based oil painter takes his followers behind the scenes of his sketchbook art installation and varnishes one of his older paintings to make it pop. 

Mimi Choi — mimiles

Mimi is a professional illusion artist. On TikTok, where her 2.4 million followers know her as @mimiles, she tricks the mind’s eye with a colorful carousel-painted face and uses her leg as a canvas to create optical illusion works of art, including a banana, a loaf of bread, and a sliced tomato. 


Shibasaki is a watercolor artist based in Japan. With 1.62 million subscribers, he has one of the most subscribed art YouTube channels, through which he teaches professional watercolor art techniques. For his subscribers, he shares everything from the evolution of watercolors to tips on painting white buildings in a landscape painting.  

Joan Cornellà 

Joan is a Spanish illustrator and cartoonist known for expressing a dark sense of humor with his art. On Instagram, Joan treats his 3.4 million followers to a stark statement on the human race and embraces a less cheerful mentality with a tongue-in-cheek dig at positive thinking.  

Christoph Niemann  

Christoph is an illustrator, graphic designer, and self-professed visual storyteller. His 1.1 million followers, to whom he’s best known as @abstractsunday, tune in to see his latest drawing featured in The New Yorker and a puzzling silk screen print.    

Elena Soboleva

Elena is a professional art curator who considers herself an explorer of art frontiers. On Instagram, she spotlights a startling dystopian art museum exhibit and a painting full of frenzied energy on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Ben Labuzetta 

Ben is a visual artist who loves creating and interacting with his fans. On TikTok, Ben’s 1.4 million followers tune in to watch him paint as he reveals what he’s learned as a full-time artist and to see if they’re one of the lucky followers he’s chosen to draw.   


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