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Being a parent in today’s world is tough. From picking the best, healthiest products for your children to making sure they stay safe from all the threats of the world, it takes a lot of guts to be a mom or dad. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of top parenting influencers to show others how to be the best parent they can be while also taking care of themselves.

19 parenting influencers who inspire others

Ilana Wiles

Ilana is one of the top parenting Instagram accounts in 2022 with 173K followers. She is a mom of two daughters, the author of “Remarkably Average Parenting” and the founder of the Average Parent Problems Instagram account with 458K followers. On that account, Ilana shares funny memes, tweets and other relatable parenting content.

Joanna Goddard

Joanna Goddard is a parenting Instagram influencer and lifestyle blogger who started Cup of Jo as a hobby. Her blog has a whole section specifically dedicated to parenting and motherhood. But, it soon became her career. She lives with her two boys and husband in Brooklyn, sharing their life on Instagram with 270K followers.

Rach Rogers

Rach (also known as The Considerate Mama) is a parenting coach on TikTok and a mother with over 1 million followers. This parenting influencer not only shares her parenting journey but is also a certified parent coach helping others learn how to discipline without disconnection. She shares realistic situations with kids and how to be a peaceful, respectful parent even during stressful situations.

Laura Love

With just under 8M followers, Laura is one of the top parenting influencers on social media. She is a Montessori and respectful parenting mom, showing you how to raise your children respectfully and lovingly. 

Jessica Shyba

Jessica is a mom of five and the woman behind Momma’s Gone City. Jessica is one of the most relatable and best parenting Instagram accounts, with 362K followers. Since then, she’s written a children’s book, “Naptime for Theo and Beau,” inspired by the daily naps her son and the family’s dog would take together.

The Deal Family

With 2.3M followers on TikTok, the Deal Family is a parenting TikTok account filled with dad jokes, funny times with the kids and how this family of four keeps things light and fun around the house.

Rachel Stafford

Rachel is the blogger behind Hands Free Mama and the author of four books, but she’s also a parenting Instagram influencer. She was inspired to write her books and blog after realizing what mattered to her in her life (her family). She has shy of 50K followers on Instagram who love her authentic, soul-filled content helping parents connect with themselves and get through the hard times.

Hapa Family

If you’re looking for a family YouTube channel, then make sure you check out the Hapa Family. With 385K subscribers, Ashley and her family create content for busy parents who want to learn practical tips to implement Montessori at home with their children.

The Wads

Another motherhood and family channel to check out on YouTube is The Wads. Kim, the mother of the family, is a hilarious and relatable parenting influencer who shares real life behind a family of seven. She has cleaning motivation, parenting and pregnancy videos to help others on their journeys.

Tom Riles

Tom is a stand-up comedian and dad blogger who started Life of Dad, a community that calls itself the social network for dads. His Life of Dad account on Instagram is filled with hilarious dad memes that his 280K followers love. In fact, they love it so much he’s since started the Life of Mom account with his wife, which already has 18.5K followers. 

Eddie — Best Dad CEO

With 213K followers on TikTok, Eddie is a fast-growing dad influencer sharing his parenting skills with the world. His goal is to share parenting and his life as a dad while helping others laugh through it along the way. 

The Dashleys

Another top parenting influencer duo is The Dashleys on TikTok.  These two and their family share real life, relatable and funny family life. They also love working with brands in their own unique, comedic ways. 


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Bunmi Laditan

Bunmi is the top parenting influencer behind the Honest Toddler. This funny mom blog offers an inside look into the mind of a toddler. She has 121K followers on Instagram where she shares snippets of what you can find on her blog as well as realistic parenting tips.

Elle Walker and Meg Resnikoff

The duo behind the popular What’s Up Moms YouTube channel and blog are parenting influencers Elle and Meg. Their channel has almost 3.5M subscribers and is filled with mom hacks, life routines and all the other kid activities you could think of. 

Deena and Kristen — Big Little Feelings

Deena and Kristen are the parenting influencers behind the popular blog and Instagram account Big Little Feelings. Both are moms, but Kristen is also a parent coach and Deena is a child therapist. The two are self-proclaimed toddler experts, with tons of tips on how to tame tantrums and get through the toddler stage. Big Little Feelings has 2.8M followers on Instagram.


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Jill Smokler — Scary Mommy

Jill started the funny parenting blog and community Scary Mommy back in 2008. Originally, the site was meant to chronicle Jill’s life as a stay-at-home, imperfect mom. It’s since transformed into a full-on media company. Jill and her team are also active on Instagram where they’ve grown the platform to 2.5M followers with their sharable memes and relatable parenting content.

Beau Coffron

Beau is the dad behind Lunchbox Dad on Instagram with 107K followers. His food art gained popularity on the app, plus he loves to share his realistic parenting advice, lunch tips for kids and how to stay within budget.

Sergei Urban — thedadlab

Sergei is a dad with a love for science, which he’s brought to Instagram to help other parents like him learn how to do fun science experiments at home with your kids. His fatherhood journey and science-filled posts have attracted 1M followers on Instagram.

Latham Thomas

Latham is the founder of Mama Glow, a maternity lifestyle brand that supports all parts of the birthing and motherhood life cycle and believe in education, advocacy and impact. You can find Latham’s personal Instagram filled with doula and mama knowledge with 136K followers.