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Whether they’re fashion phenoms or recipe royalty, these top female influencers have taken social media by storm with their skills, interests and personality. Each has built a brand around their content and has amassed a sizable following. Some of these women saw the potential in blogging early on and could be considered OG influencers. 

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17 of the top female influencers to follow

Chiara Ferragni

For all things fashion, Chiara is the go-to influencer. She’s an Italian model whose recent shows include Milan Fashion Week. Her Instagram is a collection of fun fashion posts, from couture coats to hot pink workout clothes. Needless to say, Chiara’s 26 million followers stay on top of clothing trends. 

Zoe Sugg

A U.K. resident who started posting “haul videos” on YouTube back in 2009, Zoe has become quite the media maven. She has her blog, which covers everything from fashion to sex, and is wildly active on every social media channel. Nine million people follow her on Instagram for new baby pics and brownie recipes to book recommendations and sunset snaps

Charlie D’Amelio

With 137 million followers on TikTok, Charlie was a professional dancer before showcasing her moves on TikTok in 2019. Now, at just 17, she’s considered one of the first people to “make it big” on the social platform with 137 million followers. Fans love her dance videos and her makeup reveals.


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Janea Brown

A lifestyle blogger from LA, Janea loves to highlight home decor on Instagram. With inspiring ideas like setting up a bar cart or creating a picture-perfect tablescape, she has ideas everyone can use. Her posts are upbeat and positive, and sometimes dabble in fashion, too. She shares her favorite outfits from time to time.

Lauren Riihimaki

Lauren’s love of crafts landed her on HBO’s “Craftopia.” The show goes above and beyond small DIY crafts and gets into making glamorous outfits inspired by things like candy. Meanwhile, her Instagram account shows more of her personal side, with pictures of a recent snowboarding trip and fun with friends.

Rosanna Pansino

Noted as one of the highest-paid YouTubers, Rosanna rose to social fame by creating baking videos. Her YouTube channel, Nerdy Nummies, is full of tasty recipes to try. Everything from Spider-Man candy apples to candy bar game controllers win over her 13.2 million subscribers.

Ella Mills

British food writer Ella Mills turned her love of healthy eating into a company, Deliciously Ella. She went from sharing recipes to building a restaurant, launching a line of plant-based food products, and writing three cookbooks. Her Instagram offers good eats like bang bang cauliflower and Italian shepherd’s pie

Callie Thorpe

Rocking the plus-size model scene, Callie is the sunshine you need in your Instagram feed. She shares fun outfits, her trips to exotic locations like Myrtos Beach, and quiet autumn outings with her partner.

Daisy Buchanan

For a dose of comedy with a feminist twist, Daisy’s Twitter account is the feed to follow. She’s currently working on a new book, “Careering,” but she’s probably most known for her column Dear Daisy, where she answers questions from readers. Her Twitter offers book recommendations, updates about her podcast, and her current Wordle obsession.

Audrey Chang

Noticing a lack of education opportunities in Kenya, Audrey launched the Moringa School to help people learn specific skills like computer programming. On Twitter, Audrey promotes various classes and milestones reached by the school, like when a record number of students started software training. She also shares experiences with racism or articles on new education trends.

Huda Kattan

Huda’s mad makeup skills have drawn almost 50 million fans to her Instagram account. Fans can see her many tutorials, including how to expertly apply lip color. What’s cool about Huda’s Instagram is that most of the snaps or product demos are from other makeup-lovers, like this woman who’s testing out a new exfoliation cream.

Amber Fillerup Clark

As a lifestyle blogger, mom, digital creator, and owner of a newly launched hair-care brand, Dae, Amber’s days are pretty full. She shares her life with her 1.3 million fans on Instagram. Even with a baby on the way, she still finds time to post beach snaps, hairstyles she’s trying for the Met Gala, and fun family pics

Joanna Goddard

Joanna was blogging before blogging was cool. This OG influencer started Cup of Jo back in 2007, where she dished about parenting, relationships, food, and travel. Her Instagram offers relatable photos, like introducing her kids to an iconic food chain, a self-healing trip to Norway, and tips she learned when she turned 40.

Baddie Winkle

For a burst of color, humor and optimism, follow Baddie Winkle. This senior, who’s “been stealing your man since 1962,” rocks the over 60 fashion circuit. From her pink-filled Valentine’s Day to her classy poolside looks, Baddie proves that aging is anything but boring. 

Linda Rodin

With stints as a fashion editor and an owner of a boutique in Soho, Linda Rodin is now a freelance stylist who’s helped everyone from Madonna to Adriana Lima look their best. Now in her 60s, this fashion influencer shares trendy snaps on her Instagram, where she’s usually accompanied by her poodle, Winks.

Bunny Meyer

Bunny’s social stardom stemmed from posting videos about the paranormal. Now, she’s shifted her focus to alt fashion and makeup, but with a funky flair. Her YouTube videos, for example, poke fun of spray paint makeup and tongue-shaped blenders.  

Lilly Singh

A writer and comedian from Canada, Lilly’s bio says she spent thousands of dollars to go to college, graduate, and get a degree — and now she makes YouTube videos. Her channel, which has 14.7 million subscribers, is full of funny skits, like this one where Santa’s elves go through HR training. She’s teamed up with celebs like Reese Witherspoon and John Cena, too.

Jax James 

Jax is a TikTok influencer who is most well-known for sharing her opinions on statements made by other people she disagrees with. She presents a well-thought-out counterpoint for her followers to hear. She also shares some of her daily adventures on Instagram but shines brightest on her 3.4 million follower TikTok account.


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