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While Twitter might not be making the news like Instagram and TikTok, it’s still a very popular social media platform. Twitter has been around since 2006, but it’s still popular today with 396.5 million users. Check out these Twitter influencers you can work with today in IZEA’s creator marketplace.

14 Twitter influencers you can work with today

Kimberley Caughell – Nightmare on Film Street

The Nightmare on Film Street Podcast Twitter account, which has 80K followers, is open to working with brands. Kimberley runs the account and has worked with brands such as Spotify, Apple and Patreon. The podcast and Twitter are centered around horror, with candid tweets and more about the top-rated horror movie podcast.

Hala Preudhomme

Hala is a curvy model, painter and artist who has gained just over 30K followers. Hala is open to working with brands in the retail, wholesale, fashion and beauty industries. 

Audrey – ReadbytheSun

Audrey is a claircognizant, astrologer and tarot card reader who shares her passions with her 60K followers. Her tweets are educational and helpful for those interested in the astrology space.

Wonder Meg

Meg loves posting about media and entertainment. She has almost 22K followers on Twitter. Her tweets focus on films, comic books and television, and she creates videos and posts surrounding collectibles.

Amy Kaplan

Amy is a Twitter influencer in sports and entertainment news. With 10K followers, Amy’s specialty is combat sports like UFC, boxing and WWE. She also has followers interested in reality TV and book fans. If you’re interested in working with her, she is a trained journalist with video, writing and photography experience.

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

Popular New Orleans Saints football player Chauncey is open to working with brands on Twitter Spaces. Chauncey has over 91K followers on Twitter. If you love professional football and want to work with Chauncey, now’s your chance.

Jay Cardiello

Jay is a health strategist, best-selling author and TEDx presenter who has taken to Twitter to interact with more than 12K followers. Jay would love to work with brands, especially to promote a product around health and fitness.

Johnathan Abram

Johnathan Abram is another professional football player on Twitter. He plays for the Las Vegas Raiders and has almost 80K followers on the platform. He’s open to working with brands on Twitter Spaces.

Jamal Adams

With almost 760K followers on Twitter, Jamal is not only popular on the Seattle Seahawks football field but also on Twitter. He works with brands to create a buzz around their products on his platform or using Twitter Spaces.

Nicole Adams

Music lover Nicole has just under 27K followers on Twitter and she works with brands surrounding the topics of music, festivals, traveling and nightlife. If you’re looking for a fun, creative, music-centered promotion on Twitter, Nicole is the influencer for you.

Celebrate Women

The Celebrate Women account is all about women’s health, self-care, anti-aging techniques and tools women can use and afford. You can partner with this creator if you have a product that would be helpful and affordable for women.

Zach Allen – FansofClassicCa

Classic car lovers or brands hoping to connect with the classic car community can follow Zach’s account. Zach posts photos and information about classic cars of all types for his 17.5K car enthusiast followers. 

Lisa Santangelo

Lisa is a New Hampshire mom blogger who tweets about all things family, life as a mother and food. Her profile features memes and quotes about family life.


Aimee is an influencer on Twitter who loves sharing her favorite things with almost 17K followers. She’s worked with brands and most commonly posts about entertainment and media.