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Canada is home to many popular influencers and talented creators. These influencers share everything from culture, fashion, family and more. Here’s a look at the top Canadian influencers and where to find them.

Canadian influencers to follow

Elisabeth Rioux

Elisabeth is not only a popular social media influencer, but she is also a Canadian model. The entrepreneur launched her first swimwear line at 18 and has continued expanding her platform. On her Instagram, she shares photos of her traveling experiences, her daughter and her swimwear.

Nicholas Amyoony 

Nicholas Amyoony, also known as Nick Eh 30, is a Canadian YouTuber known for sharing his video gaming experiences. He uploads game reviews and offers tips and tricks for his subscribers. He is currently known for posting his Fortnite experiences and is considered a professional Fortnite player and one of the top Canadian influencers.

Alina — makeupbyalinna

Alina is a Canadian makeup artist and social media influencer who gained fame by sharing and uploading makeup tutorials. The self-taught makeup artist was born and raised in Canada and lives in Toronto. Alina enjoys sharing makeup tutorials and product reviews with her 2.4M followers.

Kris Collins

Kris is a social media influencer currently based in Canada. Kris initially worked as a hairdresser and quickly learned that she had a passion for uploading humorous videos after her brother made her download TikTok. Her large TikTok following of 41.9M followers has made her a top TikToker in Canada. She continues to share relatable and funny content with her followers.


Could never make it…

♬ original sound - Kris HC

Nutshell Animations

Nutshell Animations, previously known as Nutshell Studios, is a Canadian animator, YouTuber and TikToker known for uploading short cartoon videos. This influencer shares popular animations in 30-second videos that often use the same characters to give his 23.5M TikTok followers a laugh. Although the creator started on YouTube, the Nutshell Animations TikTok account quickly became one of the most popular Canadian-based social media accounts for its hilarious daily posts.

Linus Gabriel Sabastian

Linus is a Canadian YouTuber influencer that enjoys helping his subscribers with technological issues. Since 2008, this Canadian influencer has run his Linus Tech Tips channel. His channel includes product reviews, step-by-step tutorials and advice on technology most people don’t know.

Sis vs. Bro

Since 2016 this dynamic sibling duo has shared their life experiences with their 14.3M subscribers. These siblings are based in Canada and have become some of the most popular social media influencers because of their fun videos. Karina and Ronald enjoy sharing real-life experiences, games and pranks with each other.

Joey, Mark and Robbie Manchurek 

These Canadian brothers are well known on TikTok for being triplets. The brothers and former hockey players are now popular for uploading content based on their everyday lives. These siblings continue to share funny videos and pranks among each other for their 11.7M followers to see and enjoy.


Is Triplet Telepathy actually real? 🤣 @Bang Energy #bangenergy

♬ original sound - Manchurek Triplets

Hacksmith Industries

Hacksmith Industries is known for being one of the most famous YouTube platforms in Canada. The channel creator was originally an engineer but quit his job to pursue product development. The channel shares videos that transform ideas from fictional movies to real-life prototypes. The creator uploads videos explaining the engineering behind each creation.


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