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Finding the perfect fit in fashion can be tricky, especially when you’re a petite person. That is why more people are turning to influencers for help when shopping for clothes — to ensure they get exactly what they need without having second thoughts about it. There has been an impressive lineup of petite fashion influencers who continue to inspire their followers with their style, helping them find pieces that genuinely flatter their body shapes and sizes. Today we will take a closer look at some of the top names making waves in this industry.

Petite fashion influencers sharing their passion for fashion

Annie Mai Thai

In 2015, Annie quit her full-time job and went all in on her blog, Stylish Petite. Since then, the petite fashion blogger has gained an audience on Instagram of more than 373K by sharing her favorite outfits and brands. When she isn’t showing her favorite looks, she posts about motherhood and lifestyle content.

Christina Nguyen

As a content creator based in New York City, Christina focuses on affordable petite and chic fashion. Christina’s Instagram handle is very fitting as she is a 5-foot-2 fashion influencer who aims to help more than 2K Instagram followers find the cutest petite clothing on a budget.

Jean Wang

Jean is the founder of the clothing line Edited Pieces and shares shopping advice and classic styles for petite women. The Boston-based mom of two fills her feed with timeless pieces that inspire the petite-sized community. She’s gained a following on Instagram of more than 1M by showing her favorite pieces as a 5-foot-tall fashion influencer.

Cathy Peshek

With a creative Instagram name, “Poor Little It Girl,” and more than 59.1K Instagram followers, Cathy fills the feeds of many with her affordable petite styles. The fashion influencer based in Atlanta uses her platform to show her favorite staple pieces that can help others build the ultimate petite capsule wardrobe.

Holly Pan 

Popular on TikTok as Your Fashion BFF, Holly posts about stylish outfits as a petite fashion influencer with more than 73K followers in such a creative way. Her Petite Flower blog has gained attention worldwide, just as her trendy styles do on TikTok. She is among the best petite fashion bloggers over 40, sharing timeless pieces all her followers will want to recreate. 

Wendy Nguyen

Wendy shares trendy styles with more than 1.5M Instagram followers. Her website and fashionable posts make it easy to see why Wendy is so popular. Her posts go from motherhood content to upgrading your wardrobe.

Joanne Whitworth

As a mom of two, Joanne is busy but still manages to share daily vlogs of outfit inspiration as a 5-foot-tall influencer. Her more than 21K followers on TikTok see her easy-to-recreate looks, which include pieces from brands like Zara.

Joelle Anello

As a petite fashion influencer based in Toronto, Canada, Joelle has taken to TikTok to share her talents for creating chic outfits. With over 37K followers, the “Hot Mess Mom” showcases outfits she wears all around Toronto, exploring new restaurants and bars, and even getting tattoos.


The prettiest dress shop at The Well, just in time for Summer weddings 👗 #torontoshopping #torontofashion #thewelltoronto #thingstodointoronto

♬ original sound - Joëlle

Abby Chhabra

Abby is a Dallas-based influencer who shares her passion for fashion. This 5-foot-tall influencer is an advocate for petite and curvy styles. Her blog has gained her more than 100K Instagram followers as she shares everything from trendy Nashville outfit inspiration, workwear ideas and her Amazon favorites.

Laura Beverlin

Laura is a popular lifestyle blogger on Instagram with over 1.6M followers. Laura shares all aspects of her life, including dealing with infertility, raising a farm full of cuddly animals and remodeling homes. However, the main focus of Laura’s content is looks for less. She believes in finding amazing deals on beautiful outfits or ones she can wear around the farm.

Mimi Williams

Mimi is a petite fashion blogger who shares her life, love for deals and motherhood. How she dresses her 5-foot frame is helpful to all other petite fashion lovers or petite pregnant women trying to dress their growing bump. She has 303K followers on Instagram. 

Kim Le Pham

Kim is the founder and CEO of the clothing line Morning Lavender and a fashionista. Kim is a perfect example of a petite fashion influencer on social media. Her talents for designing and creating trendy outfits have gained her more than 48K followers.

Marisa Kay

Marisa is a petite fashion influencer on TikTok who shows casual outfits for more than 42K followers to recreate. Based in Portland, Oregon, Marisa showcases workwear ideas and lifestyle content like how to make a protein iced coffee.


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Shay — Shayinjune

Shay is a 5-foot fashion influencer living in NYC who loves to share casual luxury and critical consumption. Her feed has gained the attention of more than 64K TikTok followers who tune in for classy and edgy outfit ideas.

Sharon — Her Simple Sole

Sharon is another petite fashion influencer on TikTok sharing her simple, minimal fashion ideas with just under 39K followers. She loves trying out new (to her) brands like Free Label or sharing petite styling tips. She’s also newly pregnant so she’ll be incorporating that into her petite life online as well. 

Brooke — Pumps & Pushups

At 4’10”, Brooke is a petite fashion lover who has taken to TikTok to share fashion tips for those with a smaller frame. You’ll find everything from pants you won’t have to hem to how to pair sneakers with a dress for a more casual outfit. She has 87K followers.


A few spring outfit ideas for work! Links to shop are in my bio. #petitestyle #petitefashion #weartowork

♬ Strawberry Toast 🙂 - Lofi Latte

Annejelica Denise

Annejelica, who goes by AJ online, is a Chicago fashion blogger who shares the best petite fits for those around her height – 5 feet. Her TikTok has grown to over 27K followers who love seeing her casual, yet beautiful outfit ideas. 

Tiff — TiffGif

With over 119K followers on TikTok, Tiff is a petite fashion blogger sharing OOTDs for those like her. She is 4’10”, so finding clothing that fits her frame is not always the easiest, which is why so many people in the same situation follow her for advice. 

Aarti Prasad

Aarti Prasad is a fashion influencer based in Austin, Texas. She shares content about affordable petite fashion styles, and has 3.2k followers on Instagram. Aarti is of South Asian descent, and attracts a lot of international audiences. Her style is a blend of contemporary fashion with classic elegance.

Jena Mae Nacar

Jena Mae is a fashion influencer based in the US. She shares content about petite fashion, travel and home life on Instagram with her 2.4K followers. She is often seen on her Instagram page wearing the handmade clothes that she creates herself.


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