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Savvy marketers looking to partner with influencers on social media know that audience size isn’t everything. Brands often fare better when they work with niche influencers with a loyal following rather than celebrities with millions of fans. The following 21 top micro-influencers share content about their passions and interests.

20 top micro-influencers, some of whom you can work with today, with 10K to 50K followers 

Karla Cristina

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Karla has 27.6K TikTok followers who love to see her try-on hauls, skin-care product reviews, and beauty tutorials. She also shares fashion hacks, behind-the-scenes modeling shoots, and highlights from in-store shopping trips

Madeline Fricke

Texas-based TikToker Madeline shares snippets from her life as a college student. Her 34.6K followers get peeks into what she loves to eat, drink, wear, and use in a typical day. She also shares her shopping trips, beauty routines, and what she does for fun. Check out her day-in-the-life post from a snow day in Texas.

Jamie Orr

Jamie runs the dear HoME Pinterest page for a family team of design and project addicts. More than 13.2K followers come for inspiration, tips, and even recipes for things like sourdough starter. From outdoor entertaining to bathroom refreshes, there’s plenty for DIYers to get excited about.

Caroll Salazar

Although she is known as “MakeupHuney” to her 32.2K followers on Instagram, Caroll doesn’t just post beauty tutorials and favorite products. She also posts about fashion, parenting, marriage, and travel. Be sure to check out her post about her childhood crushes and who she ended up marrying!

Kevin Heimbach

Love theme parks? So does Kevin, as his 40K YouTube subscribers know from his reviews and recaps of everything from Universal Studios to Busch Gardens. He also posts recaps of unique rides, foods, and festivals, including Wurstfest, the world’s largest German festival.

Zach Rana

Zach is an all-natural bodybuilder, science teacher and strength coach. He has 1.2K followers on Instagram, where he shares his fitness journey and words of motivation. He also documents other aspects of his life such as glimpses into his family life and travel vlogs.

Christian Caro

Christian’s Instagram is full of vibrant life in SoCal. He’s a fashion and lifestyle influencer with just over 5,000 followers. Fans check out his formal wear that he breaks out for weddings and his leisure attire.

Maxime Senior

Maxime is a traveler and digital nomad who shares TikToks of exotic places and odd attractions, like the largest crocheted banner in the world that was draped through a small town in Mexico.


The largest crochet in the world covers an entire town in Mexico #etzatlan #guinnessworldrecords #mexico #travel #jalisco

♬ Awaken - Big Wild

Plant Me Ashley

Ashley’s plant-focused posts for her 33.9K YouTube subscribers cover everything you need to know about how to grow, repot, and shop both online and in-store. Her plant hauls and unboxing videos include rare houseplants.

Megan Armitage

Megan is a mom of two boys who chronicles her days on Instagram. From walks through the park to cozy game days, Megan’s almost 14K followers love to see her adventures with her littles, Oscar and Calvin.  

Jonny Pace

As a sports and recreation influencer, Jonny has a TikTok is full of fun clips. The young athlete played hockey for the University of Wisconsin-Superior and attends professional hockey games regularly. Jonny started his TikTok account in January 2022 and earned 30K followers in just six months. 


Lovin’ the blue J’s @Columbus Blue Jackets #thehockeyguys #columbus #nhl

♬ original sound - ozu ♚

TriDereka Hall

TriDereka takes to TikTok to share her favorite plant-based snacks for her toddler. She talks a lot about the ingredients hidden in foods, offers tips and recipes, and explains how she manages her diet.


It can be an amazing journey! Make it fun for them to make healthy choices!☺️🌱👶🏽 The best thing we can do for our little ones is set their health up for success ✨ #veganlifestyle🌱 #blackandvegan #veganmomma #blackveganfamily #plantbasedmom #crunchymomlife #blackandveganaf #plantbasedmomma #healthyliving #blackvegan #blackvegans #plantbasedvegan #vegantoddlers #vegantoddler #vegantiktok #blackvegantiktok #veganmom

♬ cupid - <3

Miah Velasquez

Good luck finding a fiercer dancer than Miah. The young performer, who also raps and acts, has appeared on Kidz Bop Latino. Her talent has launched her career quickly, including the opportunity to perform at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and Four Seasons.

Brother Marcellus Luck IV

If you recognize him from Bravo’s “Top Chef” Seasons 15 and 16, you may already know that Brother Luck is a James Beard nominee. The talented chef is also the author of “No Lucks Given.” On Instagram, his 36K followers know he’s more than just a cook; he also posts about mental health, community work, and self-confidence.


Referring to herself as a “feminist Reiki vibe shifter,” Jikaiah is more than an incredible hairstylist. She’s also a global educator on women’s issues, including putting strong women in power, and even the beauty industry.

Dani De Boulay

Therapist, writer and creator Dani fills her Instagram with positive and thought-provoking memes, quotes, and videos about emotions and mental health. If you live in New York City or plan to visit, be sure to check out her post about local spots for joy and love.

Rebecca Doudak

Rebecca’s YouTube subscribers know they can rely on her for restaurant and food truck and cart reviews, new vegan foods, and tips on environmentalism. In 2021, she built a camper with her father and is traveling the U.S. to explore restaurants from coast to coast.

Makiya Hughes

Makiya’s posts on TikTok range from funny to heart-wrenching, but she’s always authentic. Whether she’s talking about her choice to remain a virgin through college or changing herself only to be hurt later, she inspires her 23.8K followers to put themselves first.

Chad Tetzlaff

Chad is a tattoo artist who understands that body art is personal and an investment in self-expression. His videos include funny client red flags, tattoo horror stories to quick tips on getting a tattoo appointment faster.


Dude was so damn drunk he couldnt even walk and had to crawl everywhere he went even to check in for a tattoo! Wanted spongebob beating up a fox with a bat! #tattoohorrorstory #tattooshop #funny #drunkaf

♬ original sound - Chad Tattoo Artist Tetzlaff

Southern Wife Everyday Life

Tamara loves to cook, bake, meal plan, and grocery shop, and her enthusiasm shines through in the videos she posts for her 18.1K YouTube subscribers. She’s got some great tips to beat inflation and several copycat recipes you can make at home to save money.


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