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YouTube has more than 2.6 million active users who are hungry for content. These eager watchers are more than happy to subscribe to their favorite channels and, as a result, have turned everyday people into YouTube stars. These top 51 most subscribed YouTube channels have at least one million followers each; some even have 100-plus million followers. Pretty impressive, right? 

51 most subscribed YouTube channels

The Kind of Random

Interested in science? The King of Random brings science to life with fun experiments and tutorials explaining things like how to open a coconut without any tools. 


Gaurav Thakur founded another science channel with wide appeal, GetSetFly, in 2017. Subscribers find videos on everything from dangerous blood types to ball lighting (it’s a thing). 

Mr. Beast

Mega-influencer and philanthropist Jimmy Donaldson makes various videos but primarily focuses on channels and donation videos in which he gives away everything from shoes and cash to electronics and cars.

Steven He

Steven is an actor and comedy content creator with 10.2M YouTube subscribers and 7.2M TikTok followers. His sketches consist of scenarios like forgetting to buy Christmas gifts and being compared to his cousins. Steven is also the co-creator of “Ginormo!”, a satirical sci-fi series.


One of the most famous content creators in the world, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, creates silly and fun videos focused on gaming, laugh challenges, and reality TV.

Like Nastya

With 104M subscribers, child star Nastya keeps kids entertained and learning through song, dance, exploration, and shared experiences. 


Mark Fischbach’s 34.3M subscribers tune in for his funny video game commentary, over-the-top challenges, and humorous reviews.  

Ryan’s World

Kids and parents alike follow Ryan on YouTube to see the mega-influencer’s skits, music videos, science experiences, challenges, and toy reviews.


Alia Shelesh is one of the top gaming influencers on YouTube, though she does also create content on non-gaming topics, including life hacks, reaction videos, and challenges.


Irish YouTuber Sean McLoughlin loves playing adventure games and delights his 29M subscribers with loud and funny commentary.


Evan Fong keeps his gaming content fun and positive, whether he’s playing Grand Theft Auto, Among Us, Minecraft, or any other number of popular games with his crew.

Strictly Dumpling

Mike Chen’s personal food universe takes his 4.17M YouTube subscribers around the globe to try popular, unique, and delicious foods.


Professional makeup artist Patrick Starrr loves to transform himself and others into popular characters, including a fake chef named Brenda, who prepares food on camera.

Marques Brownlee

Consumer electronics guru Marques Brownlee offers reviews, top picks, and gear profiles on new and retro technology for his 16.6M YouTube subscribers.


Originally named TheDiamondMinecart, Daniel Middleton’s popular YouTube gaming channel now creates entertaining content around various gameplay.

Jay Lee Painting

Jay Lee has amassed 5.72M subscribers on YouTube by sharing his painting videos that include techniques using everything from forks and cotton swabs to sponges and combs.

Bargain Bethany

Bethany’s fans know they can turn to her channel to find Dollar Tree hauls, organizational videos, arts and crafts DIYs, and holiday decorating ideas.

Mr. Kate

Husband and wife designing duo Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr create home renovation videos that cover demolition, design, decor, and individual projects for aspiring DIYers.


Cookbook author, chef, and vlogger Dzung Lewis creates food-related content with recipes, reviews, delicious dupes, healthy options, and cooking collabs with friends.

Preppy Kitchen

Father, teacher, and avid baker and cook John Kanell creates simple but delicious recipes to inspire his 3.46M YouTube subscribers to attempt at home.

Mark Wiens

Combining his love for travel and delicious food, Mark Wiens fills his YouTube channel with content on street food, travel tips, and cultural insights regarding the countries he visits.

Roman Atwood Vlogs

Although much of his success on YouTube came from prank videos, Roman Atwood’s vlog channel lets his 15.4 subscribers see more of his family, lifestyle, and insane adventures—including flying his new helicopter.

Cassandra Bankson

Medical esthetician and skincare expert Cassandra Bankson aims to educate and empower her 1.98M YouTube subscribers with a channel dedicated to vegan and cruelty-free product reviews, tutorials, and reaction videos. 

Zach Choi ASMR

Zach Choi’s 18.2M YouTube subscribers love to watch and listen to him cook and eat on his channel, whether it’s fast food, steak, or spicy noodles. 

Chad Wild Clay

There’s no doubt that entertainer and content creator Chad Wild Clay loves to make his 14.5M YouTube subscribers laugh with parody songs, skits, roasts, and “Spy Ninja” videos.


More than 6.59M fans have subscribed to Dave Hax’s channel to see science experiments, life hacks, cooking tips, craft videos, and DIY projects.


Kristi has built a loyal following with her makeup tutorials, product reviews, makeup and clothing hauls, and personal commentary about her challenges and successes.


American YouTuber Preston Arsement showcases his Minecraft skills, as well as challenges for other gamers.

Shea Whitney

Mega influencer Shea Whitney’s style channel on YouTube is dedicated to fashion tricks and trends, beauty tips, productivity, life hacks, and gift ideas.


Achieving early fame for his game walkthroughs, Charles White now dedicates most of his YouTube channel to commentary on movies, reality TV stars, scams, and pop culture scandals.

Frugal Aesthetic

Fashion icon and streetwear enthusiast Christian Villanueva shares and creates content related to clothes, accessories, style techniques, and celebrity fashion.

Nick DiGiovanni

Offering a food-focused channel with challenges, world-record-holding foods, celebrity appearances, and tastings, Nick DiGiovanni delights his 8.57M YouTube subscribers with a spectrum of fun, funny, and educational content. 


Roxi’s 4.58M YouTube subscribers tune in regularly for the model’s fashion and beauty-focused content, including hauls, reviews, tutorials, and cosplay.

Alan Chikin Chow 

Alan is one of the top YouTube creators with 25.8M subscribers and over 26M video views. He is also an actor and writer. His YouTube channel consists of comedy videos and short skits about common scenarios such as awkward moments and things couples do.


Whether they’re tuning in for the scrumptious cooking videos, the entertaining clips of “Which type of eater are you?” or the funny food-related commentary, Chef Jakub Koudelka posts consistently engaging content for his 2.01M YouTube followers.

One Dapper Street

Men’s style guru Marcel Floruss creates content on grooming, fashion, health, fitness, and shopping that includes tutorials, try-ons, and budget-friendly shopping tips.


Personal trainer Johanna Debries creates workout videos for beginners, intermediates, and advanced exercisers to give her 3.54M YouTube subscribers various options. 


Although Moroccan-Canadian YouTuber Imane Anys is best known for her gaming content, she now shares a wider variety of videos for her 6.66M subscribers, including Q&As about herself, day-in-the-life meals and exercise, and pop culture.

The Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall’s 4.67M subscribers, who he refers to as his “Booty Army,” watch his workout videos to get their light, moderate, or heavy sweat exercise in a lively and engaging format.

Stephanie Lange

Trained as a makeup artist, Stephanie Lange has expanded her content to include videos that break down unrealistic beauty standards, including celebrity plastic surgeries, for her 1.78M subscribers.

Kurtis Conner

Comedian and content creator Kurtis Conner has attracted 4.26M subscribers with his hilarious commentary on bad movies, reality TV, influencer drama, and pop culture.

Dominique Sachse

With a motto to “inspire women in their prime,” author and influencer Dominique creates content on everything from beauty, fashion, and health to fitness, health, and relationships for her 1.81M YouTube subscribers. 

Kristen McGowan

With a degree in interior design, Kristen has the knowledge and experience to delight, educate, and inspire her 1.61M subscribers with videos on home decor, DIY, thrifting, organization, and room makeovers.

Clean & Delicious

Personal holistic health, wellness, and weight-loss coach Dani Spies shares recipes, food hacks, healthy cookie videos, meal prep menus, and weight-loss tips for her 2.01M YouTube subscribers.

Eva zu Beck

Part raw adventurer, part storyteller, Eva zu Beck is a travel vlogger who shares stunning videos of her journeys around the globe by land, sea, and air to inform and inspire her 1.61M subscribers. 

Andrew Huberman

More than 2.38M curious subscribers get their questions answered by neuroscientist Andrew Huberman on everything from creativity and meditation to leadership and mental health.


Having trained for the Olympics and beaten an eating disorder, Matt Morsia’s 2.19M YouTube subscribers know he has the knowledge and first-hand experience to create and share content on weightlifting, healthy eating, gaining muscle, and bulking up without steroids. 

Food Wishes

Chef John Mitzewich creates fun-to-make and easy-to-follow recipes for his 4.33M subscribers to help them improve their culinary skills while enjoying lighthearted commentary.

Kerina Wang

With a love for styling clothes and sharing tips on everything from relationships, self-confidence, decluttering, and healthy recipes, Kerina Wang’s 1.18M subscribers get a wide variety of content.

Lewis Howes

With impressive credentials that include author, All-American athlete, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur, Lewis hosts The School of Greatness, interviewing some of the most successful people on the planet to inspire and educate his 2.69M subscribers.


Known for creating custom-painting cars, shoes, bags, phones, and other accessories, professional artist Marko Terzo has found a way to showcase his unique creations—such as shoes made from a football—for his 5.66M subscribers. 


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