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From writers to innovators and from CEOs to investors, the tech world is full of influential people, many of whom have a sizable social media presence and following. Curious about the key players in the tech realm? Get to know the top 25 tech influencers in the industry today.

Tech influencers sharing industry insights

Mark Zuckerburg — zuck

Mark is a business magnate and entrepreneur who co-founded Facebook, now known as Meta. Meta is one of the world’s most valuable companies and owns other popular social services including Instagram, WhatsApp and Threads. Mark uses his personal social media platforms to share updates about his tech endeavors, such as his experimentation with AI, and his personal interests, like his Jiu-Jitsu training. He has 12.6M Instagram followers.

Elon Musk 

Elon is an investor, serving as the CEO of the spacecraft manufacturer SpaceX and the automotive company Tesla. Additionally, he is the owner of X, formerly known as Twitter. As one of the wealthiest individuals globally, he has amassed his fortune through various business endeavors within the technology realm. The official Tesla page, with 9.4 million Instagram followers, regularly shares updates on the company’s latest automotive innovations and provides care tips for Tesla products.

Lewis Hilsenteger— unboxtherapy 

Lewis is the creative mind behind the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel. He has amassed a following of 21.4M subscribers through his videos that dissect and showcase the latest tech products. He’s done videos on products from popular brands like Samsung and Google and has posted exclusive looks of the OnePlus folding phone and a new product line from CMF.

Marques Brownlee  

With 17.8M subscribers and over 3 billion views, Marques is one of the most popular tech creators on YouTube. He’s a self-proclaimed “Tech-Head” who shares reviews on new products and provides insightful comparisons of popular tech items. From smartwatches and headphones to laptops and VR headsets, he has covered a wide array of products in his detailed reviews.

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips is run by a group of creators who are passionate about consumer technology. They use their platform to educate and entertain their audience on topics like gaming setups, tech upgrades and power supplies. The team of creators have a global audience of 15.4M YouTube subscribers.

Joanna Stern  

Joanna, an Emmy-winning Senior Personal Technology Columnist for the Wall Street Journal, 12.6K Instagram followers. Her column delves into new gadgets and apps, helping her readers in making informed tech decisions. Her social media content includes reels showcasing her initial impressions of tech and provides tips to enhance the overall tech experience.

Arun Rupesh Maini — mrwhosetheboss 

Arun is an Economics graduate who is passionate about technology. He has built a community of 16.9M YouTube subscribers where he posts educational and entertaining tech content. His videos include “How smartphone cameras ACTUALLY work,” “The PERFECT Desk Setup” and “I tested the most VIRAL TikTok gadgets.”

Jenna Ezarik 

Jenna is a tech influencer with 929K YouTube subscribers. Her content is informative and adventurous. She’s done everything from underwater shark adventures, filmed with the Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Case, to manning tractors, at the John Deere Tech Summit. Additionally, Jenna posts unboxings and product reviews.

Sara Dietschy  

Sara’s YouTube channel is all about using tech in creative ways. She notes user-friendly tips like the best AI tools for productivity and tech upgrades that have elevated her content. Sara has also vlogged her experiences at Apple events and working with Mercedes for a car commercial. She has 932K subscribers.

Austin Evans — austinnotduncan

In his own words, Austin creates “slightly entertaining tech videos.” He reviews tech products, ranging from gaming stations to tablets, and explains the software and intricacies behind them. Apple, Playstation and Intel are some of the brands that are often featured on his page. Austin has amassed an audience of 494K Instagram followers.

Angela Benton 

Angela is an investor and senior technology executive with 74K Instagram followers. She uses her social media to share her business and tech expertise. A recurring theme on her page is AI and exploring how it can be effectively incorporated into companies.


Sophy is a software engineer who got her degree in computer science and engineering from the University of California Irvine. She uses her social media and blog, Code by Sophy, to help close the gender and race gap in the tech industry. She’s on a mission to make the industry more accessible and provides resources that help newcomers transition into tech. She has 58.5K TikTok followers.

Tayllor Lloyd  

Tayllor is a lifestyle and tech influencer with 48K Instagram followers. Her content focuses on the best tech products for content creators. Some of her posts include organization tools for creatives and the best AI tools for content creators. Tayllor also does reviews and unboxings of popular tech, like the Google Pixel products and the Microsoft Arc Mouse.

Reshma Saujani 

Reshma is the CEO and founder of Mom’s First and the founder of Girls Who Code. Both are organizations that advocate for the advancement of women and young girls careerwise, with Girls Who Code specifically focusing on tech and computer science. Reshma continues her work of women empowerment on her Instagram, where she has 386K followers. Her posts include highlights from forum appearances discussing paid family leave and child care, as well as clips from speeches emphasizing the importance of addressing pay inequity.

Whitney Wolfe Herd  

Whitney is the founder and former CEO of Bumble, a female focused dating and networking app. It’s the second most popular dating app in the market and is valued at over $1 billion. Whitney created the app to provide a safe space for women interested in online dating. Designed to offer a secure space for women in the realm of online dating, Bumble is distinguished by its empowering feature where women initiate the first move. Whitney’s groundbreaking work has earned her recognition in Forbes 30 Under 30 and the Wall Street Journal. She has 235K Instagram followers.

Jaclyn Johnson  

Entrepreneur and tech influencer Jaclyn has an engaged audience of 115K Instagram followers. She is the founder of Create and Cultivate, a networking community for women with small businesses, and the CEO of Invest with Cherub, a financial service for angel investors. Her content includes everything from business insights and trending industry topics to fundraising tips, her feed also reflects her personal interests, particularly as a wine enthusiast

Greg — gregsgadgets

Greg is the creative mind behind GregsGadgets, a tech focused YouTube channel. His content focuses on reviewing and discussing the latest Apple products, such as iPhones, MacBooks and iPads. He has 307K subscribers.


With 2.2M subscribers and over 500M views, the ShortCirtuit creators have one of the most popular tech channels on YouTube. They unbox and review new and popular tech products, detailing the features of the product. They’ve covered video consoles, like the PS5, smartphones, like the Google Pixel, and laptops, like the ASUS Vivobook.

Shomes — shoandtech

Shomes is a tech and lifestyle influencer with 107.1K TikTok followers. His reviews cover a wide variety of tech products like smartwatches, earbuds and smartphones. Each review consists of Shomes meticulously dissecting the product’s specifications, discussing its pros and cons. Additionally, he shares user-friendly tips to elevate your overall technology experience.

Alexis Ohanian Sr.  

Alexis is a serial entrepreneur known for founding Initialized Capital, a science and tech funding company, and the social app Reddit. Presently, he owns the sports teams Angel City FC and the Los Angeles Golf Club and the esports team Cloud9. His 809K Instagram followers who tune in for his business tips and insights into his personal life as the husband to tennis superstar Serena Williams.

Emily Bayuk — thestemdiaries  

Emily, a Security Engineer at Amazon, documents her professional journey for her 137K Instagram followers. She shares tips on how she got her job, ways to navigate interview questions and addresses coding challenges she encounters at work. Her page serves as a valuable resource, offering information on HTML, cybersecurity and encryption for those eager to learn.

Jason — mytechceo 

Jason is a content creator who makes tech and VC entertaining. His comedy and parody videos about tech CEOs have amassed him a following of 50.6K on Instagram. Describing his content as a real-life blend of business shows like Silicon Valley and Succession, Jason humorously addresses relatable scenarios in the tech business world. From poking fun at NFT projects to the humorous side of tech founders running out of startup ideas, his content provides a lighthearted take on the industry.

Kirin Sinha 

Kirin is the founder of Illumix, a gaming company that connects users to the metaverse. Her feed showcases her life running a tech startup company in Silicon Valley. Some of her professional achievements included being featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 and a magazine cover on SEEMA. Kirin has a growing audience of 50.4K Instagram followers.

Mary Bautista  

Mary is one of the top tech influencers on TikTok with 895K followers. She posts hauls and reviews spanning a variety of tech products such as smartphones, cameras, gaming consoles, and other trending items. Her aesthetically pleasing videos showcase every inch of the product and its features.

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