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Depending on whom you ask, Facebook is the queen bee of social media. And, you may have also heard Facebook Content Marketing is the king of social media strategy. It definitely has the most users, and a brand-friendly approach. Content marketing on the site can involve creating organic, free posts, or using the paid post feature to increase reach.

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Facebook Content Marketing Up Close

Everyday, 1.32 billion people log in to Facebook. The social media platform isn’t just one of the oldest around (it was founded in 2004), it’s also the biggest. More than two billion people use the site every month.

In the US, Facebook is particularly popular. Nearly 80 percent of all online adults in the country use it, according to the Pew Research Center. If you add people who aren’t online to the mix, there is still nearly 70 percent of the entire adult population in the US with Facebook accounts.

The next-most-popular social media platform is Instagram, which just 32 percent of all online adults (28 percent of total adults) use. Other popular social networking sites, like Twitter and LinkedIn, are used by less than 30 percent of the online adult population.

Facebook isn’t just big, it’s also growing. Pew’s research found that the number of adults who claim to use the site increased by 7 percent from 2015 to 2016. People are also checking Facebook more frequently than in the past. In 2015, 70 percent of US online adults checked their Facebook feeds daily. That went up to 76 percent in 2016.

With Facebook, you can forget about six degrees of separation. It turns out that there’s about 3.57 degrees of separation among people on the site. In other words, even complete strangers can be linked together by a string of just three and a half people on Facebook.

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