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Diversity and inclusion are essential. One way to demonstrate genuine support is to include and engage the LGBTQ+ community in influencer marketing campaigns. The following LGBTQ+ influencers cover topics like travel, makeup, comedy, body positivity, and more on their social media channels.

14 LGBTQ+ influencers you can work with today

Kristie Pike

If digital remnants of adventures abroad excited you, then you must take a trip to this multicultural couple’s Instagram page. Kristie and Christine, also known as @onairplanemode__ on Instagram and TikTok have grown a community that admires their true love, which is often included in the content of their frequent travels. These two took a leap of faith, quitting their jobs in New York to learn more about the world and cultures outside of their own. They’ve found a passion for traveling and continue to document their travels in hopes of inspiring others to embrace their passions and celebrate whom they love. 

Christian Perez

For jaw-dropping makeup creations, check out @Indigotohell on Instagram. Christian was one of six contestants on the Season 1 YouTube series, Instant Influencer, hosted by James Charles. From Mr. Clean to Marge Simpson, Christian has created a wide array of makeup transformations.


Shadowe is known for her crochet creations and TikTok stories about not-so-pleasant encounters. Her most popular item is the tiny Octo-pals. Her audience adores her unique and transparent approach to influencing, and it continues to grow every day.

Keyana Lenick

A positive mindset is the foundation of Keyana’s brand. With a passion for fashion, she has been sharing her styling abilities. Her Instagram shows her life and her outfit of choice, and the love she and her girlfriend share.

Daniel Franzese

Daniel Franzese is well known for playing the character Damian in “Mean Girls” but has since shifted more toward modeling, intending to create space for the big and tall community in the industry. Since then, he has become a brand ambassador for Elizabeth Taylor’s Aids Foundation

Carley Bearden

Singer-songwriter and mental health advocate Carley is all about positivity and vulnerability, which is displayed in her music and on her Instagram and TikTok pages. If you happen to be in Dallas, check out her live performances at festivals like the Up Next Music Festival.

Alexander Begnel

Self-care enthusiast Alex has remained dedicated to enjoying life’s pleasures as much as possible, and he encourages his audience to do the same. Whether that’s a bubble bath or enjoying a glass of wine as a “coastal grandma,” Alex says “go for it!” He also loves making people laugh, often sharing comedic videos on his Instagram and TikTok pages.

Mason Donohue 

Mason uses his platform in hopes of providing a sense of community to other transgender men and women. Through TikTok, he shares his experience of coming out as transgender, how it’s changed his life, and his experiences as a transgender man. His transparency is what continues to grow his audience.

Melody – thegaycinderella

Also known as @thegaycinderella on TikTok, Melody creates content to shed light on her experience as a queer woman in a humorous way. Her relatable experiences have resonated with many TikTok users. Check out her TikTok for a laugh or to witness the love between her and her girlfriend, who together, refer to themselves as “the gay moms.”


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Stella Shull 

Stella uses her social media to showcase several aspects of her life. Her TikTok comprises hair, nail, and makeup tutorials, as well as comedic videos of her experience as a transgender woman and everyday relatable moments

Petros Petri

London-based influencer Petros’ specialties include travel, fitness, and men’s fashion. His Instagram and TikTok are full of comedy, plants, travel tips, workout videos, couple’s content of him with his boyfriend, Rissi, and more. Petros and Rissi have been together since 2008 and have traveled far and wide. As a result, they created an online travel guide, called Petrissi. For more of Petros, be sure to stop by his YouTube channel.

Emma Serth

Emma can be seen enthusiastically showing off her outfits and new clothes in haul videos. Emma also uses her graphic design skills to put cool edits on her Instagram photos. She stays active with swimming, paddle boarding, and exploring.


Silas takes a sexier approach to fashion and beauty. His Instagram features campaign collabs, editorial fashion photos, various travels, and steamy self-portraits. His collaborations include brands such as Spotify and Elf Cosmetics, along with several appearances at previous New York Fashion Week. 

Amber LeMay

Amber gives her audience an experience they won’t forget. She hosts a talk show titled “Amber Live” on which she interviews celebrities and sparks conversation on controversial topics. Her Instagram content is mainly her weighing in on the different occurrences within the entertainment industry, as well as clips from her talk show.


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