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If you’ve toyed with the idea of earning money as a digital content creator because you’re good at making persuasive videos, writing engaging copy or recording entertaining podcasts, your dream may not be that far out of reach. Some of the best content creators launched their careers online by teaching themselves and becoming influencers. Here are our tips for how to become a digital content creator.

How to become a digital content creator

Identify your niche, audience and voice

As a relatively new digital content creator, you probably have more content creation ideas than time to bring them to fruition. One way to help narrow your focus is to pick an industry niche. Look no further than your favorite influencers to get content creator examples.

Dutch designer Fransje, for example, decided to embrace her graying hair and become a beauty influencer for women over 50. The Instagram mid-tier influencer’s Silver Is The New Black account showcases images of the stunning model, highlighting hair care, makeup and skin care products she loves.

Once you flesh out where your passion truly lies, you can determine your target audience. Knowing who your typical follower is will come in handy down the road when you make your influencer media kit

Developing your voice may take some time, but the most important trait is that you remain authentic. Lean into whatever comes naturally to you — humor, inspirational text, bright colors, upbeat unboxing videos, dancing — to develop a cohesive style, voice and portfolio.

Decide on your platforms

Remember that different platforms — from YouTube and TikTok to Instagram and Pinterest — attract different audiences and support specific types of content. YouTube, for example, was designed for vlogging. It’s ideal for unboxing videos, tutorials, product reviews, and highlighting the features and benefits of a product or service.

Andrew Bernard’s “The Nard Dog Cooks” on YouTube, for example, has a collection of longer videos showcasing vegan recipes, complete with ingredients, visual instructions, and even substitutions. The mid-tier influencer releases new videos every Sunday at 1 p.m. Eastern time; something his followers have come to expect.

Create a content plan

Plan your content and events for the month, quarter or even year. With a strategy in place that includes the topic, type of content, hashtags, keywords, and links, as well as the best day and time to post, you’ll increase your chances of becoming a successful social media influencer. 

Why? Because you’ll be organized enough to put your time and energy into creating quality content, which will, in turn, increase the quantity and frequency of your posts. Your followers will gradually recognize the consistency of your digital content and you may attract the interest of brands looking for influencers for their upcoming social media campaigns.

Assemble a portfolio and media kit

More quality content for your social media channel also means more pieces for your digital portfolio. Combined with an influencer media kit that details your niche, audience, engagement, and rates, your portfolio is a great way to show your talent and professionalism, regardless of how many followers you have. 

Remember, even well-known brands pair with nano- and micro-influencers. Let your niche, audience and quality digital content do the heavy lifting as you grow your business. 

As you grow, consider investing in content tools that can help you create and edit, plan and schedule, and measure and analyze results. Consider platforms like The Creator Marketplace® that offer individual metrics and a visual profile that you can use as a digital media kit. 

Armed with data to back up your claims, you’ll be more equipped to market yourself to brands as a digital content creator and influencer.

Grow your following

As a digital content creator, your job is to entertain, educate or persuade. Don’t worry about converting followers to customers until you have something to sell. That will come later if you launch an online store, partner with a brand or earn commission from an affiliate program. 

For now, look for ways to grow your following on your primary channel by following relevant profiles in your niche, turning on geotagging if you’re seeking local followers, staying up on content trends, interacting with the followers you already have, using industry and topical hashtags, and optimizing your profile.

Consider cross-promoting with noncompetitive influencers or providing exclusive content for your most loyal followers. 

Make networking, both in person and online, a priority, and create a clear call to action like “Subscribe now,” for example, to clarify what you want followers to do.

Follow these steps to transport your role as a digital content creator to one of a social media influencer. With a bit of planning and a portfolio of impressive content, you’ll position yourself to start earning an income and growing your business.


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