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Wondering how to find an influencer? This list can help. These content creators have cultivated an engaged audience by sharing must-see content. Yes, their followings are quite large, but what sets them apart is their content quality, frequency, and interactions with fans. 


Chris Burkard

Chris is a photographer with a penchant for traveling. His Instagram is full of stunning landscapes, like the red rocks of Utah or the breathtaking aurora borealis over a surfer

Jennifer Tuffen

Jennifer describes herself as a “British travelista,” and according to Instagram shots, it’s fitting. She has images from every corner of the world. Her sunset pictures are some of the most striking.

Rachel Chen

A lifestyle influencer from the Windy City, Rachel lives a jet-setting lifestyle that has her on the road — or in the air — a lot. Her 1 million followers come to see her exotic posts, like snaps outside the Louvre, Maldives, and a cruise


Jaclyn Hill

With 5.6 million subscribers on YouTube, Jaclyn has mastered makeup and video marketing. She’s been at it a while. One of her most popular clips is from 10 years ago when she offered a tutorial on creating the perfect smokey eye.

Marguerite Mendy

Marguerite is a 23-year-old makeup influencer and Senegal native who offers tips on applying eyeliner, blush and foundation. She has close to 100K subscribers on TikTok and does (almost) daily videos to keep her fans engaged. 

Desi Perkins

Mega-beauty influencer Desi Perkins has all the makeup tips you could ever need. From creating a glamorous look for a New Year’s party to showing her fans how to sculpt their lips, this YouTuber has amassed 3.2 million subscribers with her how-to videos. 


Cristiano Ronaldo 

Cristiano is a Portuguese professional soccer player for Manchester United. The 37-year-old athlete has an astounding 477 million followers on Instagram and shares pictures of practice, working out and family moments

Katie Ormerod

A professional snowboarder from England, Katie went to the Olympics in 2018 at the age of 16. She has several big awards and is the first woman to land a double cork 180. Her Instagram is full of snow-filled pictures, competitions and day-in-the-life photos. 

Alex Kiedrowicz

Known as “flexy Alex,” to her fans, Alex is an aerialist. She’s part athlete, part entertainer. Her TikTok is full of how-does-she-do-that stunts, like this scary pose, which her 1.4 million followers love.


@Lamb of God got me into freaky mood 😈 does it scare you ? #omens #contortion #freak #gymnastics

♬ Omens - Lamb Of God


Katy Perry

As one of the most followed influencers on Twitter, Katy has 108 million followers. The entertainer updates her fans on our tours, her accessory line, and life on the iconic “American Idol” show.  

Selena Gomez

The singer, actress and Rare Beauty cosmetics founder has 135 million Instagram followers. Fans get a look at her personal life, along with behind-the-scenes shots of shows and fun outings with friends like Taylor Swift.

Kevin Hart

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart is active on social media, including Twitter. He has 37.5 million followers on the Twittersphere, where he talks about his upcoming projects. His recent Netflix movie release, “Me Time,” is a hot topic right now.



Mark Edward Fischbach is a gaming legend with 33 million subscribers on YouTube. Fans tune in to see him quench his thirst for scary games. His channel has more than 5,000 videos, which has helped him turn gaming into a career. 


Alia Shelesh, or SSSniperWolf, as her subscribers know her, is a British gamer. Watch her play Fortnite and Overwatch or check out some of her other lifestyle content, like this clip where she tries popular life hacks

Joe Albanese

A gamer with breakdancing skills, Joe has a fun personality that draws many on YouTube. You can see his Roblox tutorials and him playing the game with his younger sister. He has close to 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Find Joe on our content creator platform.  


Peanut the Squirrel 

Peanut was saved from the mean streets of New York and is now a house pet. Peanut makes regular appearances with his owner, Pete Longo. The two rarely go far without each other. 


This Pomeranian is a Guinness Book of World Records holder, has appeared in Katy Perry’s music video and is now an Instagram sensation. With super adorable pictures, it’s not hard to see why almost 10 million people follow his account. 

Prissy and Pop

No list of pet influencers is complete without a pair of mini pigs. Prissy and Pop have a lot of adventures, like touring a pirate ship or wandering around Florida beaches


Demi Bagby

Demi is a CrossFit athlete and bodybuilder. Fans get to see her intense workout routines, including lifting weights underwater. She has 14 million followers on TikTok, with videos that have millions of views.


How it feels to push through a Monday

♬ Good Time - Alan Jackson

Antonie Lokhorst

Antonie is an online fitness coach who calls himself Superman’s apprentice. His three-month ab workout is a fan favorite, as is this clip of some impressive physical feats. He has 4.2 million followers on TikTok.


How many of these exercises can you do? 👊🏻 #maskedwolf

♬ Astronaut In The Ocean - Masked Wolf

Diana Ruiz

Diana is a fitness trainer based in Miami with 730K fans on Instagram. Her followers enjoy daily workout videos, inspiration to keep going and food suggestions that support a good exercise routine.

Young influencers

Greta Thunberg

Greta is a young Swedish student who has taken an active and public stance against climate change. She’s spoken to lawmakers, led rallies and joined forces with other like-minded kids who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Brooke Morton

A teen mom who had a child just before her 15th birthday, Brooke shared her story with others on social media. Now, she shares snippets of her life as a young mom, living in upstate New York.


what do you think she’s thinking

♬ Funny Song - Cavendish Music

Caden Conrique

An actor known for his roles on “Brat TV,” Caden is a 21-year-old influencer with more than a million followers on Instagram. He does engaging posts like “Would You Rather” to get people talking. Find Caden on our content creator platform.  


Jeff Bezos

The Head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is a must-follow for entrepreneurs. He’s the first person in history whose net worth exceeded $200 billion. His Twitter followers see what the billionaire is up to and get a few tips, like reminders to take risks

Ann Handley

An expert in the marketing niche, Ann has extensive knowledge that can help a small business attract and retain more customers. She’s a pretty active speaker, so entrepreneurs are bound to catch her at one of many events.

Cyndi Garza

Cyndi is a nano-influencer, but her content is full of great tips to maintain a healthy work-life balance. She encourages people to think about things they need to stop doing to achieve more.


Jessica Naziri 

For those who are interested in tech, but don’t quite speak the language, Jessica is your girl. She offers gadget reviews for “non-techies” who just want to know the basics. From robotic vacuums to toilets with automatic seats, she talks about it all on Instagram.

Austin Evans

Austin describes himself as “a guy who makes slightly entertaining tech videos,” but he’s just being modest. He talks about everything from new laptops to gaming PCs, and his 499K followers love it. 


Delia, known as the Tech Unicorn to her Instagram followers, is a digital nomad. She travels and works remotely, all while sharing tech tips, like how much practice coding requires.


Delia, known as the Tech Unicorn to her Instagram followers, is a digital nomad. She travels and works remotely, all while sharing tech tips, like how much practice coding requires.


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