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Unboxing videos have always been a favorite of consumers since the concept first emerged on YouTube in the early 2000s. More than 90,000 people type “unboxing” into YouTube every month, and the hashtag #unboxing has had 44.3 billion views on TikTok since the platform became the most downloaded app in 2018. Whether you’re an influencer looking to start creating content or a brand looking to partner with influencers who offer unboxing videos, make sure your videos have the following seven elements.

1. High-quality video

While it sounds simple enough to say that an unboxing video should be high quality, that’s not to say it needs professional production value. Part of the appeal of influencer marketing is authenticity, a sense that the person reviewing the products is doing so on their own and without professional coaching or stylizing from the brand.

For influencers, high-quality video is about more than avoiding a shaky camera, blurry zoom-ins, or distracting background noises. Start with good lighting, clear vocals and authentic reactions. 

Ideal video footage should include wide shots, closeups and clips of the influencer’s facial expressions as they reveal and review each item. Use an overhead view to give a glimpse into the box’s total contents.

The video’s length will depend on the platform and products. Unboxing a simple piece of apparel, for example, might be relatively short, as was the case with this 14-second TikTok unboxing video of a dress. On the contrary, iJustine’s YouTube unboxing video of the iPhone 14s ran more than 22 minutes, so she could offer full reviews and highlight the features and benefits.

2. A short introduction

The key word here is “short” because you don’t want to lose viewers’ interest before the unboxing begins.

A brief explanation is all that’s necessary before launching into the unboxing. Mention the brand or company and the products that will be unboxed. Will there be a demonstration, tutorial or review? Mention whether there will be follow-up videos or send viewers to the brand’s website or social channels where they can watch a tutorial.

This is also a good time to mention shipping time, easy returns and other details.

3. Authentic and sensory-focused commentary

Viewers turn to influencers for honest opinions and detailed descriptions of products they receive. Unboxing videos should include sensory-focused commentary whenever possible.

Consider mentioning and reacting to scents, tastes, textures, sounds, and feelings that the products emote. The more an influencer can help the viewer experience the product vicariously, the better.

4. Product packaging

As a brand, your products need to make a good impression right out of the gate, including the packaging.

Consider colors, textures, design, and any necessary padding to prevent damage during shipping. Attention to detail goes a long way, so take a hard look at your boxes, pouches, padded envelopes, and bags. Avoid oversized boxes that can appear wasteful and create a disappointing reveal for smaller items.

Beyond just using a box with the company logo, brands may want to invest in branded packing tape and filler. Likewise, savvy consumers look to their favorite brands to use eco-friendly packaging over outdated options, such as styrofoam packing peanuts.

5. Clearly labeled disclosures

The Federal Trade Commission has rules for influencer marketing. Both brands and their chosen influencers are responsible to ensure that all disclosures for partnerships, sponsored posts and paid ads are accurate and clearly visible. Everyone involved in the campaign should be up to speed on the FTC’s regulations to avoid violations.

6. Social tags and hashtags

Besides tagging the brands they’re promoting, influencers should use the agreed-upon hashtags in the text of each post. These hashtags can include a mix of categorical and niche words and phrases and specific branded hashtags chosen for the campaign. 

7. A clear call to action

Imagine garnering and maintaining the attention of prospects only to leave them without clear direction as to the next steps. Any text accompanying an unboxing video should include a clear call to action, whether a promo code with a link to the brand’s online store, a direct link to download an app, or a request to share the video to answer a question in the comments. 

You’ll want to instruct viewers to take the brand’s desired action, even if it’s not focused on sales. This will give you key performance indicators against which you can measure the results of your campaign. Analyzing the success of your campaign can help improve future campaigns and determine if a long-term partnership with the influencer is viable.

Brands and influencers that include these foundational components in their unboxing videos are more likely to achieve success. Apply these tips to your next campaign and tweak each new campaign based on the lessons you’ve learned.