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Creating content has never been easier. With a smartphone, Wi-Fi and a handful of apps, anyone can produce and share content with a digital audience. For some, content creation has become more than a hobby, it’s a career. Research shows 86% of young Americans aspire to be content creators. There are many different types of content creators, especially on The Creator Marketplace®, where you can search for influencers of all kinds. 

To help narrow your search, it’s helpful to know what types of content creators use the marketplace. Here’s a look at how influencers can be grouped.

Content creators by audience size

One of the most common ways to distinguish creators from one another is by their audience size. The smallest type of content creator is a nano influencer, who has between one thousand to ten thousand followers, while the largest type of creator is a mega-influencer, with 1 to 5 million followers. 

Here’s a look at the tiers: 

  • Nano: 1K-10K
  • Micro: 10K-50K
  • Mid-tier: 50K-500K
  • Macro: 500K-1M
  • Mega:1M-5M

You might assume that working with mega-influencers is the best choice; after all, they have the most extensive reach. However, nano-influencers have some of the highest engagement rates, averaging between 5-10%, almost double that of large-audience influencers.

Troi McClure is a nano-influencer on The Creator Marketplace. You can view her profile to find a wealth of helpful information, including her Instagram handle, audience size and engagement rate, which is 12.47%.

Types of content creators on social media by niche

Successful influencers focus on a niche, whether travel, fashion, DIY crafts, or home repair. There are far too many niches to count, but a handful are more common than others. On The Creator Marketplace, you can type a niche into the search bar to find influencers in these hot categories:


One of the most popular influencer niches is fashion. It’s a big category; you can break it down into smaller subcategories, like luxury fashion, accessories, fashion hacks, or men’s and women’s fashion trends.

Need some examples of content creators in this niche? On The Creator Marketplace, you can find fashion influencers like Karla Christina, who offers fashion hacks like three ways to tuck a sweater over a dress or “fashionpreneur” AK Brown, who focuses on Black fashion


Travel influencers share everything from must-see destinations to packing tips. Some travel influencers are digital nomads who wander and work, while others travel during scheduled vacations. Some are individuals, while others are couples or families. 

Travel influencers tend to have a diverse audience. Some people follow them for travel advice, while others simply enjoy their breathtaking photos of far-off places. 

Haley + Drew are travel influencers who live life on the road. From snowmobiling near Breckenridge, Colorado, to visiting the Colosseum in Rome, the jet setters are one of many traveling duos on The Creator Marketplace.


The gaming industry has grown quickly since the days of Atari. Today, 3 billion people play video games, so it’s no surprise to see a growing number of gaming influencers on social media. With easy-to-use split screens, sharing gameplay is easy, especially on gamer-preferred channels like Twitch. TikTok and YouTube are popular options, too.

The Content Marketplace is home to gaming influencers like McToazty, who uses TikTok to share quick clips from Fortnite with his 266K followers.

Health and fitness

The health and fitness industry is expected to grow by 171% by 2028. As people invest in their well-being, it has opened opportunities for influencers to share healthy recipes, exercise routines or dieting tips.  

Fitness influencer Sam Singh, for instance, shares workout suggestions like this leg press variation with his 48K Instagram followers. 

Beyond solitary influencers, this niche also has a lot of brand ambassador programs led by big-name companies like GymShark, Four Athletics, Alphalete, Buffbunny and Girlfriend Collective. Brand ambassadors endorse the company and its product on their social channels in exchange for some form of payment, be it money, free products, or other gifted incentives. 

Ready to collaborate with an influencer? Explore millions of searchable influencer profiles to find the right influencer for your next campaign. Through The Creator Marketplace, you can search for influencers and review profiles, but you can also collaborate and exchange posts and payments, too. Head over the the marketplace to start your search today.

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