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If you’re vegan, vegan-curious, or just looking to add some vegan inspiration and education to your social media feeds, then look no further than these vegan influencers on TikTok. From vegan recipes to advice about plant-based diets and stories about their vegan lifestyle journeys, these influencers are sure to give you the motivation and vegan-friendly ideas you need. They also make great brand partners. Check out our list of the top vegan influencers on TikTok.

Check out these vegan influencers on TikTok

Max La Manna

Max, a plant-based and self-taught chef, is among some of the most popular vegan TikTokers. He is popular for sharing low-waste recipes that are focused on using as many vegetables as possible. In addition to sharing vegan recipes on TikTok, he also is known for his successful cookbook called “You Can Cook This,” which is full of simple and healthy recipes.

Clare — The Little London Vegan

Clare joins the most popular vegan TikTokers with many years of experience. This foodie is the former Chief Vegan Officer at Papa John’s who decided to share her knowledge of plant-based diets with her 37.2K TikTok followers. From food trucks to Michelin-star restaurants, Clare shares her adventures trying to find London’s best vegan foods.


HUNTING FOR LONDON’S BEST VEGAN SANDWICHES - EPISODE FIVE 🥪 Episode five took me to Gnarbecue for their sacre bleu chicken sandwich with garlic brioche. Watch the video to see what I thought. Has anyone tried it yet? What do you think? For clarification - my sandwich category also includes subs, baguettes and I may even stretch to wraps depending on how generous I’m feeling on the day. If this angers you, please submit your complaints to the Board of Sandwiches 🥪 Save this video for the next time you’re near the Southbank and hankering for a sandwich. Stay tuned for the next episode and please leave your recommendations in the comments 🙏🏻 #gnarbecue #londonsbestfood #bestfoodlondon #bestsandwich #bestsandwiches #vegan #veganfood #southbankchristmasmarket #southbank #southbankmarkets #garlicbread #londonstreetfood #londonhotspots

♬ original sound - thelittlelondonvegan

Michael McKen and Andre Small

Michael and Andre are two vegans who came together to share their passion for healthy and plant-based recipes. This duo takes to TikTok to share some of the tastiest vegan foods, incorporating fun and humor in the process. In addition to TikTok, these micro-influencers have created their cookbook that includes foods inspired by their Caribbean roots.


Caribbean shepherds pie with a twist using @vivera plantbased mince #bynaturefoods #vegancarribean #easyveganrecipes #shepherdspie

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Zacchary Bird

Zacchary is an award-winning cookbook author and a vegan TikToker. He is known among his 61.3K followers for his vegan takes on popular non-vegan recipes, vegan jokes and advice on living a healthier lifestyle. His TikTok platform is popular because of the humorous and relatable vegan content he posts.


oh wait that’s not how this works

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Maggie — maggiebakesgrace

Maggie is one of the most popular vegan TikTokers and is known for her vegan baked goods. She is a recent college graduate and a retired swimmer who connects with her followers through her vegan sweet treats and recipes. Maggie has had a passion for baking since she was 2 and shares all of the vegan tips and tricks she has learned throughout her cooking career. 

Brad — bradtheboxer

Brad is one of the most popular and top-followed male vegan TikTokers. He is known for the energy that he shows through his TikToks while creating healthy and tasty meals. He is one of the most exciting chefs on TikTok. He enjoys sharing easy-to-make meals, and his dog often makes cameo appearances in his videos.

Larisha and Andrew 

Larisha and Andrew are a power couple that started creating and sharing mouth-watering vegan recipes with the world in 2018. The couple originally started a 31-day vegan challenge in 2018 and decided to go vegan and dairy-free permanently. This dynamic duo enjoys making family-friendly vegan recipes and sharing their experience with this lifestyle.


This epic vegan bacon ranch salad is the best pasta salad dish! You will love making it over and over again this summer once you realize just how easy it is! A hit with vegans, omnivores, kids and more! Perfect for any picnics, BBQs, cookouts and more you’re going to this summer! Recipe linked in bio or: FrunktheBeat #TikTokFood #VeganTiktok #vegan #FoodTikTok #Summer2022

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Kelsi Giroux

Kelsi is a micro-influencer who is a part of the vegan TikTok community. Kelsi has been a vegan for over seven years and shares her lifestyle with others through her posts. She shows what she eats daily and demonstrates how she makes her vegan meals. Her healthy lifestyle has inspired her to grow her garden, and she often uses vegetables from there in her posts.

Tabitha Brown

Through her sweet, warm voice and easy-to-make recipes, Tabitha has become one of the most popular vegan TikTokers. She enjoys sharing meals that all of her followers can make at home. In addition to her successful TikTok platform, she also is the author of the cookbook called “Cooking from the Spirit.”

Gabrielle Reyes

Gabrielle is a fun and entertaining vegan foodie who focuses on creating recipes that are allergen-free and plant-based. She considers herself the “Singing Chef” as she often sings and dances in her posts. She enjoys sharing her favorite easy-to-make-at-home meals and her favorite holiday recipes. Her positive energy and singing allow her to give a fun twist on vegan foods and lifestyles.


Would you eat this? 🔥 These Smashed Bean and Potato Tostadas are so flavorful, fully vegan, and cost less than $5 to make! #vegan #tostadas #recipe #plantbased #budgetmeals SMASHED BEAN AND POTATO TOSTADAS: • Chopped Fresh Herbs • Hot Sauce of Choice • Creamy Vegan Sauce of Choice • Chopped Tomatoes Toasted Corn Tortillas Cooked Black Beans • Your Favorite Savory Seasonings (I love to use Fajita Seasoning) • Agave or Maple Syrup • Fresh Lime Salt and Pepper to Taste Chopped Sweet Potatoes Your Favorite Savory Seasonings (I love to use Za'atar Spice and Smoked Paprika) Chopped Red Onion • Quinoa • Your Favorite Savory Seasonings (I love to use Poultry Seasoning and Cayenne) • Salt and Pepper to Taste Chopped Fresh Herbs of Choice $AVINGS SIMPLIFIED: • Chopped Tomatoes • Toasted Corn Tortillas • Cooked Beans • Fresh Lime • Chopped Potatoes • Chopped Onion • Cooked Rice • Salt and Pepper to Taste

♬ Delish - Gabrielle Reyes & Ace Anderson

Todd Anderson

Todd is one of the most popular and entertaining male vegan influencers. His TikTok includes easy-to-make recipes that he creates out of his van as he travels across the world. He formerly loved meat and explains to his followers that after watching a documentary, he became strictly vegan. Throughout his years as a vegan, he has created many tasty and fun vegan recipes.


Looking for a meat replacement? Lion’s Mane Mushroom Pepperoni Yo, fam I just made a homemade lion’s mane pepperoni from scratch, and it turned out to be one of the best vegan meat I’ve ever made! I can’t wait to share the full recipe with you in my upcoming YouTube video. Trust me, you want to make sure you get this post. I plan to post this video on YouTube in my new series, “This Recipe Reminds Me Of,” where I take a trip down memory lane and what inspired this recipe. I used to have a thing for pepperoni pizza when I was young. I would pick all the pepperonis off and then eat the pizza. Lol, Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and turn on that alert. I will drop this recipe before Tuesday. I will post this full recipe on my blog after the YouTube drop. You know where to find the link 🥹 #vegabvibes #veganpepperoni #meatsubstitute #meatreplacement #meatreplacements #turnipvegan #youknowthevibes #lionsmane #howtocooklionsmane #lionsmanemushroom #lionsmanemushroomrecipe @turnipvegan

♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

Emily Daniels

Emily is a well-known advocate for vegan foods.  She enjoys sharing fun recipes that everyone can enjoy while also showing others that vegan diets can be fun, too.


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