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Pinterest is the go-to place for recipes and inspiration, and there’s no shortage of vegan influencers sharing their recipes on the platform. Below is an influencer list highlighting some of the top vegan influencers sharing recipes on Pinterest.

Vegan influencers on Pinterest

Connie Edwards McGaughy

Connis is the creator of the blog The Carrot Underground. Her main focus is providing simple and delectable recipes, along with inspiration for getting the most out of the vegan lifestyle. Connie’s vegan journey was prompted by her love for animals. She shares a variety of recipes, great for all reasons and seasons.

Kristi — Vegan Mom Blogger

Also known as the Vegan Mom Blogger, Kristi created her blog as a guide to anyone participating or interested in veganism. Aside from recipes, she shares advice on raising vegan children, animal rights resources, guides to transitioning into being vegan, vegan food travel guides, home and garden tips, DIY ideas, and more. She’s even authored several vegan children’s books, such as “The Vegan Alphabet Book”.

Teresa — The Plantiful Path

The Plantiful Path is Teresa’s platform for providing plant-based recipes and other resources. Her recipes mostly include vegan versions of various comfort foods that many of us know and love. They’re all oil-free, too.

Kev — Kev Cooks Plants

Kev, also known as Kev Cooks Plants, uses his platform to demonstrate his love of cooking plant-based dishes for his friends and families. He shares his favorite recipes on his blog and Pinterest profile.

Patricia — Atmytable

Neuroscientist turned vegan food influencer Patricia is the driving force behind the blog Atmytable. She creates and shares kid-friendly vegan and gluten-free recipes, made with easy-to-find ingredients. She also loves to travel and explore with her three boys.

Caroline Cocker

After decades of being vegetarian, Caroline leaped veganism a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Her blog features recipes and answers to some common questions about vegan life. She also links some of her favorite products.

Cindy Rainey

Cindy had a sort of rough transition into veganism. She wanted to help her children develop good health habits while they were still young, and the vegan diet was one way to go about that. She eventually found a way to make plant-based versions of her family’s favorite dishes, and now she aims to help others do the same. Aside from recipes, she offers guidance on meal prepping and other kitchen hacks.

Andrew Olson — One Ingredient Chef

Also known as the One Ingredient Chef, Andrew started his vegan journey shortly after re-discovering the impact of cooking and eating food made with fresh, whole ingredients. His one-ingredient diet style encourages the use of whole foods to avoid the chemical processing that a lot of food gets. His recipes promote good health and good taste.

Elke Aerts  

Elke is all about vegan food and products that enable a sustainable lifestyle. Her blog, GoHerbie, includes vegan recipes, product recommendations, reviews and inspiration for cultivating a positive mindset. She provides plant-based recipes for foods like waffles and ice cream.

Caitlin — From My Bowl

From My Bowl is Caitlin’s blog where she shares her signature easy-to-make, budget-friendly vegan recipes. Most of them exclude oil, gluten and refined sugars. She decided to create her own in college after experiencing difficulties searching online for easy and inexpensive vegan recipes. Some of them include baked pumpkin mac and cheese, vegan “beef” and broccoli, and double chocolate no-knead bread.


Nisha discovered her love for cooking at 14 years old. She often enjoyed discovering what the cookbooks at her local Barnes & Nobles had to offer. She went on to take a cooking class in college and eventually became vegan after graduating. She was then offered an opportunity to write and publish her cookbook and gladly accepted. So now, in addition to her cookbook, she has her blog where she posts recipes, some of which are Instant Pot-friendly, and cooking tips.  


Katia’s recipes are quick, delicious and inexpensive and you’ll find them on her blog. She says the vegan recipes she shares are so good, even non-vegans will love them. Her most popular recipes are white bean soup, garlic mushroom pasta, garlic and olive oil spaghetti, and pineapple sorbet.


Sara shares recipes made with nutritious whole foods that are both healthy and tasty and will give the energy needed to lead a fulfilling life. In addition to recipes, her blog also includes travel tips and advice on becoming financially free.  

Florian — Contentedness Cooking

Florian is the recipe developer and blogger behind Contentedness Cooking. His recipes are ideal for meal prepping due to their simple and inexpensive nature. 

Michaela Vais

Michaela, also known as Ela, creates and shares easy vegan recipes, most of which are gluten-free and free of refined sugars. She’s always had an intense love for animals and stopped eating meat at just 6 years old. She eventually became vegan and fell in love with the lifestyle.

Rene Barker

Rene has always loved cooking, which came in handy when transitioning into veganism. She shares recipes and hopes to show others that with a little creativity, being vegan can be easy and delicious.


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