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The best of AI. Custom built for influencer marketing.

Supercharge your content and creativity with FormAI. The best of ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion and more—all in one seamless package.

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Create beautiful images in a variety of styles and generate persuasive copy for Instagram posts, TikTok captions, blog posts, product reviews—and everything in between—in seconds.

Master AI without being an AI master.

With simple presets, engaging prompts—and plenty of surprises along the way—FormAI sparks your creativity and inspires your content so you can bring your campaigns to life like never before.

Use Talking Portraits to bring people and avatars to life.

Explore the magic of AI video generation. Choose from default presenters, generate new presenters using AI, or upload existing photos to bring a portrait to life.

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AI Tools for the Creator Economy

FormAI is a powerful AI tool for influencers and marketers that helps unleash your creative potential. You can leverage its AI image generation tools to produce stunning images ranging from pencil drawings to photorealistic renderings. FormAI’s AI writing generator accelerates the creation of written material while offering the capability to generate text in more than 80 diverse languages and encompasses first, second, and third-person perspectives.

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Use FormAI for free with AI credits provided each month for all users. These free credits let you explore your creative potential by producing stunning visuals and written material. Keep the creativity flowing by upgrading your account to a paid plan.

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