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Finding influencers to work with to share your vegan products can be challenging. With the vegan community continuing to grow, more and more vegan influencers are popping up online. Communities sharing plant-based foods, lifestyle products or clean beauty are becoming more important to non-vegans as well.

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Vegan influencers you can partner with

Jessica Greene

An LA-based vegan influencer, Jessica loves all things health and wellness, cooking, traveling and beauty. Her community of 23K Instagram followers enjoys posts from her that are fun, authentic and creative. She can create static Instagram posts or a Reel with a story alongside it to promote your product to her plant-based, wellness community. Jessica has a love for yoga and acting alongside her healthy, vegan lifestyle.

Jessica Kilbury

Vegan and cruelty-free products are even more important to consumers now, which is what Jessica Kilbury shares on her Instagram of 31,000-plus followers since 2014. She loves sharing which products are not tested on animals (like this one) on her Reels and which brands are 100% vegan and cruelty-free! She’s happy to create sponsored Instagram stories for brands who connect with her community that focuses on vegan and cruelty-free products.

Daniella Monet

This ethical mom entrepreneur, Danielle Monet, shares her life on Instagram to over 4 million followers. Danielle is a mom, vegan entrepreneur, podcast host and influencer of ethically made, vegan and cruelty-free products. She provides brands with original, creative Instagram stories to her millions of followers.

Alejandra Graf

Alejandra Graf of Brown Sugar and Vanilla is a talented blogger and vegan, plant-based recipe developer who creates beautiful food videos that can include your branding and products. Her recipe creation and videos are for you to use on your own website or social media channels. From start to finish, Alejandra’s videos and recipes will promote your food product in a unique and captivating way.

Matthew Sanctuary

With TikTok continuing to grow and new influencers creating exciting video content, the vegan community is also finding its place in the TikTok-sphere. Matthew Sanctuary of Sanctuary Vegan shares his vegan finds on the app, like budget-friendly vegan finds and even vegan mattresses. Named the U.K.’s No. 1 TikTok Vegan Influencer by Inbeat in 2020 and 2021, Matthew works with brands on 30-60 second TikTok videos featuring vegan products being used creatively in his life.

Zandra Thomson

Zandra Thomson has been a vegan for seven years and loves sharing how you can live a sustainable and ethical lifestyle while still having a great time. Zandra has worked with brands like London Drugs, Iron Vegan, Absolut Vodka, Haven Mattress and Monos Luggage to share vegan, ethically made products to her 10K followers on Instagram. She also shares her favorite vegan-friendly restaurants in Calgary. Zandra works with brands to create 30-second Reels to be shared on her profile or used by the brand!

Nita Gill

Vegan YouTuber and musician Nita Gill helps brands promote their vegan products via a high-quality video on her YouTube channel. Nita’s vegan makeup videos are a perfect way for vegan brands to showcase their products for her creative makeup ideas. Whether you’re looking for a video mention or a dedicated brand video, Nita can help you get in front of her vegan (and non-vegan) makeup loving audience.

Lina Mayorga

Lina Mayorga is a sustainable fashion designer who has started gaining traction over on TikTok. With over 10,000 followers on TikTok, Lina shares videos about fashion, makeup, skincare, fitness, sustainability, clean products, and veganism. Lina is happy to create videos for brands around any of those topics and has worked with brands such as Reformation, Derma-E, Warner Brothers, Lique Lips and Pixi by Petra on her verified TikTok account.


Sustainable Makeup Removal: I use "The Puff" by @The Original MakeUp Eraser every day. #nomorewaste #whatthepuff #FYP #foryoupage #viralvideos

♬ original sound - Lina Mayorga

Mishka Ivana

Mishka Ivana is a model, 10-plus year vegan chef and advocate, and health and wellness influencer. Mishka loves working with brands to embody sustainability, positivity, and ecocentric fashion and beauty. Whether Mishka is sharing a beautiful jewelry brand or a workout that keeps her feeling her best, she’s excited to work with brands on Instagram, providing full Instagram packages or one-off posts or Reels.


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