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Pinterest works a bit differently from other social media sites. Instead of simply putting up individual posts (known as pins), pinners create boards. Those boards allow them to sort and organize their pins based on subject matter. Pinterest users can follow a single board created by a Pinterest influencer or follow the pinner’s profile. Rather than generating original content, Pinterest thrives on sharing links and compelling imagery sourced from all over the Internet. 

It’s no wonder today’s top Pinterest influencers curate some of the highest viewed Pinterest boards that feature everything from beauty, interior design, recipes, motivational quotes, and so much more.

25 of the top Pinterest boards to follow

Holly – Spend With Pennies

Spend with Pennies, which has 1.4 million followers, provides “easy home-cooked recipes that make sense in today’s busy world.” Holly says her goal is to help families reconnect around the dinner table by providing easy-to-follow recipes with familiar ingredients. The Board “Recipes Spend With Pennies” has 1.23 million followers.  Spend With Pennies works with brands on sponsored pins featuring their products.

Oh Joy! – Recipes

With over 15 million followers, Joy Cho, aka Oh Joy!, is the most popular person on Pinterest. This top Pinterest influencer curates one of the platform’s top Pinterest boards, “Recipes,” which has 6.57 million followers. This board is filled with colorful, mouthwatering treats.

Maryann Rizzo – Everything

Interior designer Maryann is another popular Pinterest influencer, with more than 9 million followers. Her top Pinterest board is “Everything,” which has more than 4 million followers and 711.3K monthly views. This board is a mix of, well, everything that she finds beautiful and inspiring.

Mamas Uncut – Baby, Lifestyle, and Inspiration

With 8.5 million followers and over 10 million views monthly, Mamas Uncut is another powerhouse on Pinterest. Their top board is “Baby, Lifestyle, and Inspiration” which has 6.45 million followers. This board is a full of baby names, parenting advice, home design, celebrity news, humor, and even tattoos.

Poppytalk – Entertaining and Fun

Vancouver-based lifestyle bloggers and Pinterest influencers Poppytalk have more than 10.5 million followers. Their top Pinterest board is “Entertaining and Fun,” which has more than 6.4 million followers, a place to find all things party planning, including decor, treats and cocktails.

Jane Wang – Delicious

Jane isn’t actually a chin-strap penguin, despite what her Pinterest profile picture looks like. With more than 7.7 million followers, Jane’s top Pinterest board is “Delicious,” which has 6.4 million followers and is full of mouthwatering veggies, sweet treats, breakfasts, and soups.

Bonnie Tsang – Living Spaces

Bonnie is a visual artist and mom of two girls. She was named one of the “Top 30 Pinterest Curators to Follow” by Time magazine. Her board, “Living Spaces,” has 3.5 million followers and is focused on interior design. The board is full of pins that depict gorgeous interior design. Overall Bonnie has amassed 7 million followers on Pinterest.

Pejper – Lovely Living

Pejper is a Swedish lifestyle blog and popular Pinterest influencer with nearly 7 million followers. “Lovely Living” is Pejper’s top board. It has more than 3 million followers and plenty of pictures of awe-inspiring interiors and other lovely items that help followers live a lovely life.

Anna H – Photography 

Pinterest is definitely home to many photographers and photography enthusiasts and Anna is one of them. She has multiple boards, but her “Photography” board shares wonderful images from a variety of talented artists. The board has over 1.43 million followers.

HonestlyWTF – DIY

HonestlyWTF is curated by Erica Chan Coffman. The account has 7.2 million followers and one of its top Pinterest boards, “DIY,” has 3.7 million followers. Erica says she likes to be blown away by anything extraordinary (hence the name HonestlyWTF) and her DIY board is full of so many projects you can do in your house or with your kids.

Veanad – Beauty

Veanad is curated by an architect living in Seattle and has accumulated 5.2 million followers. What’s interesting is that the account’s top Pinterest board is actually “beauty,” which has more than 5 million followers and contains lots of beauty and health tips and tricks.

Christine Martinez Loya – Words to Live By

Pinterest influencer Christine is a former interior designer who’s made a career out of social media. She’s also the author of “The Complete Idiots Guide to Pinterest Marketing.” She has more than 5 million followers on Pinterest, many of whom are there to check out her “Words to Live By” board, which has 4.48 million followers and is full of beautiful artistry and inspirational quotes.

Hair and Makeup by Steph – Beauty

Hair and Makeup by Steph’s top Pinterest board is “Lifestyle,” which has six sections: cooking, fashion, products, hairstyles, inspiration, and beauty. Steph’s definitely a must-follow on Pinterest and her “Lifestyle” doesn’t disappoint; it has 4.81 million followers.

Rachel Turnbull – Books, Books, Books

Scottish bookworm and Pinterest influencer Rachel has nearly 4.6million followers. Her most popular board is “books, books, books,” which has over 629,000 followers. It doesn’t contain book recommendations, though — just lots of inspirational quotes about reading and beautiful photos of old books.

Kathy’s Little Things – Recipes

Kathy’s Little Things is a space for all things recipes, crafts and parenting, and it has more than 4.6 million followers. The “Recipes” board is one of the most popular, with 4.45 million followers and plenty of links to easy, tasty meal ideas and recipes for any occasion.

Amanda Livesay – Nom Nom Nom

Amanda, aka Fake Ginger, is a food blogger with 4.6 million followers on Pinterest. Her board “Nom Nom Nom” is a mixed bag of recipes that all look amazing to try. The board has 4.58 million followers and almost 40,000 pins.

Wedding Chicks – Everything Wedding

Pinterest is the place to be if you have any wedding planning coming up, so it’s no surprise that Wedding Chicks, a wedding planning company, is so popular. It has more than 4 million followers and 10 million-plus monthly views. Their board “Everything Wedding” is their biggest board, with 4.6 million followers and over 42,000 pins.

Caitie Cawley – Future Home Inspiration

Caitie loves to share all things that inspire her with her 1.7 million followers on Pinterest. Her most popular board, “future home inspiration,” has taken the cake with 1.5 million followers. This board is full of home decor ideas and inspiration with 11 different organized sections to peruse through.

Inspired by Charm – Best Breakfast Recipes

Michael Wurm Jr., the lifestyle blogger behind Inspired by Charm, has 3.4 million followers on Pinterest and gets 10 million views per month. One of his most popular boards is all about the “Best Breakfast Recipes.” If you’re one of the 1.43 million people following this board, you’ve got plenty of inspiration to start the day with a yummy breakfast.

Jodi McKee – Craftiness

Blogger Jodi has more than 3.6 million Pinterest followers. One of her most popular boards is “craftiness,” which is full of pins that link to fun craft and DIY projects. Given that plenty of people use Pinterest for project inspiration and ideas, it’s no wonder the board has nearly 3 million followers.

Vané Broussard – Modern Wedding Centerpieces

Vané is an interior designer and the founder of Brooklyn Bride/Brooklyn Living. One of her most popular boards is “Modern Wedding – Centerpieces,” which serves as inspiration for brides and grooms to be and has more than 3.5 million followers.

Jamielyn/I Heart Nap Time – The Most Popular Recipes on Pinterest

Jamielyn, the blogger behind I Heart Nap Time, has 4.4 million followers on Pinterest. One of her biggest boards is “The Most Popular Recipes on Pinterest,” which is full of recipes from all over Pinterest. Like the board’s name claims, these are some of the most popular recipes you’ll find. Plus it has over 18,000 pins, so you’re bound to find something you can make for dinner this week.

Jennifer Chong – Wanderlust

Jennifer is a photographer living in Los Angeles who loves to share things that inspire her. Jennifer is in pursuit of a “tasty and wanderlust life,” so her content focuses on travel and food, which are both popular subjects. While she has three popular boards, all tying with 2.12 million followers, we’ll focus on her “Wanderlust: North America” board that is packed with beautiful images and top travel tips.

April and May – Must Haves

The Dutch stylists and bloggers behind April and May have 4.3 million followers and their “must haves” board is one of their most popular, with over 1.5 million followers. This board only has 1,300 pins, but it is still popular with its followers.


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Lauren Zwanziger – Current

Travel blogger Lauren has 4.3 million followers. Her most popular board, “Current,” has 4.28 million followers and four sections: Eat, Travel, Style and Interiors.