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Need some meal inspiration? These 18 Instagrammers sharing summer recipes have you covered. From recipe wizards and sharp chefs to hobby bakers and treat makers, these content creators offer a wealth of recipes fit for the sizzling season.

17 Instagrammers sharing summer recipes

Laura Muller

Laura shares healthy Mexican recipes with her 85.2K followers on Instagram, but she doesn’t limit her posts to one type of cuisine. You’ll also find smoothies to help with constipation and old-fashioned oatmeal.

Holly Nilsson

Holly’s 86.7K Instagram followers know she loves cheese and wine, is obsessed with her air fryer, and enjoys preparing easy, home-cooked meals. With unique summer recipes like rhubarb upside-down cake, dill pickle pasta salad, and watermelon salad — complete with avocado, feta and fresh mint — her fans have plenty to choose from.

Becky Hardin

With an Instagram account called “Easy Chicken Recipes,” Becky’s 107K followers know what they’re in for. Beyond just chicken tenders and wings, you’ll find chicken gnocchi soup, crockpot pulled barbecue chicken, and everything stuffed chicken breasts.

Beckie Hemmerling

Nano-influencer Beckie is all about cooking, photographing and sharing simple but delicious food. Her recipes include roasted salmon, cold cucumber and dill soup, succotash and shrimp farro salad.

Jenni LeBaron

Describing her Instagram account as dedicated to “elevated seasonal recipes for the modern cook,” Jenni’s Whip & Wander page is chock full of delicious meal ideas. Her 10.7K followers come back for unique recipes, like salmon with adobo sauce and blackberry cucumber avocado salsa, chili-lime watermelon with labneh and honey, and grilled corn salad with spicy honey-lime dressing.

Marlena Kur

Mid-tier influencer Marlena is all about sharing easy meal ideas with whole foods for her 486K followers. Her videos show her preparing healthy dishes, like this summer lentil salad with lemon dijon vinaigrette, pan-seared garlic butter tarragon N.Y. strip steak, and clams oregenata.

The Southern Lady Cooks

Anne and Leigh aim to delight their 212K Instagram followers by sharing “old-fashioned classic dishes that taste like your childhood.” With timeless classics like banana cream pie, potato salad, Crockpot sloppy Joes, and sour cream biscuits, anyone can recreate their grandmother’s classic dishes.

Alisa Infanti

Food blogger Alisa loves to post recipes for healthy eats and tasty treats with her 10K followers on Instagram. Try the three-ingredient homemade strawberry lemonade or harissa white bean dip.

Deborah Harroun

Utah-based foodie Deborah is a micro-influencer who has amassed 35.8K followers on Instagram for her food-related photos, videos and recipes. Whether you’re looking for “funeral potatoes,” stuffed bell peppers, or avocado egg rolls, you won’t be disappointed! 

Julia Mueller

Looking for gluten-free recipes? Nano-influencer Julia offers plenty on her Instagram account, the Roasted Root. There’s a Greek frittata, ice cream made out of chickpeas, and a refreshing Waldorf chicken salad, to name a few.

Tati – Healthful Blondie

Tati’s 104K Instagram followers know her as “Healthful Blondie” but the Austin-based cook could easily earn the nickname “Helpful Blondie”— thanks to the many recipes she shares. Her posts include vegan chewy lemon sugar cookies and homemade buffalo-chicken flatbread pizzas to low-carb, dairy-free, gluten-free banana muffins and air-fryer quesadillas.

Casey Kuntz

Although her Instagram account is called, “All Types of Bowls,” Casey does have a few non-bowl meals, muffins and desserts. But if you’re looking for pesto couscous spinach salad, gluten-free wonton soup, or steamer clams in a lemony white wine cream sauce, she’s got recipes for you.

Nicole Washington

Working parents looking for easy, affordable meals to feed their family turn to Nicole for her simple — but always delicious — dishes. Check out the chipotle and apricot grilled chicken thighs, barbecue shrimp tostadas, or homemade chicken hibachi recipes.

Lauren Allen

Mid-tier influencer Lauren created the Tastes Better From Scratch Instagram account. Some of her best summer recipes include tortellini pasta salad, fresh corn salad, spring rolls, and cucumber onion salad.  

Lydia Okoibhole

Nano-influencer Lydia isn’t just trying to live her best vegan lifestyle; she’s encouraging her Instagram followers to eat healthy by providing plenty of delicious healthy recipes. With posts that include vegan feta and watermelon salad, tofu tacos, and sundried tomato and walnut pasta, who wouldn’t be willing to try vegan meals?

Alice Haighton

Affectionately known as “The Greedy Ginger” to her 15.8K Instagram followers, Alice shares “food she’s made, food she’s eaten, and food she wishes she had more of.” When you see recipes like caramelized leek, potato and parmesan tart, summer pea and mint pasta, and chipotle prawn burrito salad bowl, it’s easy to assume that most recipes fall under the latter category.

Mae Santos

Registered dietitian Mae creates scrumptious, healthy recipes and meal-planning hacks on her Instagram account. You’ll find spiced peaches, mini chicken burgers, cheesy Mexican breakfast burritos, and eggplant, chicken and pesto flatbread, among the many offerings.


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