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Grandparents have a wealth of knowledge to share, and some choose to share it via social media. From tips to live longer to reviews of today’s pop culture, these grandparents have opinions they’re not afraid to share. Check out our list of grandparent influencers with engaging content on social media.

Grandparent influencers embracing social media

Bad Granny

This grouchy grandmother has an extensive social media presence due to her entertaining videos about everything from how much she hates wearing a bra to her crush on Luis Miguel. She’s a willing participant in drink-tasting challenges and has funny responses to come-ons. Her 654.7K TikTok fans have supported her through a bout with COVID-19 and she received tons of gifts from her followers for her 83rd birthday.

Cool Grandpa

Cool Grandpa knows how to keep his 5.5 million “cool grandchildren” following him on TikTok engaged. Making content on Fortnite girlfriends, Nike Air Force shoes and sampling food at Sam’s without his parents, this boomer is in touch with younger generations. His unique take on everything from school, funerals and Call of Duty makes him a must-follow.

Tricia Goldsmith

This uber fit and funny senior has racked up 3.1 million followers on her TikTok account with her jokes. If you’re looking for an influencer with a great mix of content—makeup reviews, hair tutorials, dance moves and funny commentary about the world we live in, check out YourFitGrandma.

Wayne and Dwayne Haneline

The Haneline Twins, made up of Wayne and Dwayne, create entertaining content for their 487.7K followers. You’ll find synchronized dance moves, funny TikTok duets and glimpses into their life in North Carolina. Don’t miss the video showcasing their 1927 Buick convertible and their acapella trio with their brother Alan.

Angry Grandma

This no-holds-bar grandma has plenty of expletive-laden content to keep her 2.7 million TikTok followers in stitches. Whether she’s losing at the casino or getting pranked by her grandson, this cranky woman’s videos have gone viral multiple times. She’s quick to give her opinion about everything from outrageous prices to McDonald’s milkshakes, and her fans love to watch her rants.

Papa Jerry — Papa5235

A self-labeled historian and psychologist, Papa Jerry loves to share unique videos with his 210K TikTok followers. There are cool tricks, like his moving snake made from a straw wrapper and a magic trick involving a lit cigarette. He’s also great at making kids’ birthday cakes and can create illustrations on an Etch-a-Sketch like a true artist in record time.

Louisiana Grandma

With a couple of videos getting millions of views, this hot-headed grandmother appeals to far more people than just her 201.7K TikTok followers. Reminiscent of scenes from “Throw Mama from the Train,” her videos are brash and hysterical, regardless of what she’s yelling about

Grandpa Quon

At nearly 90 years old, Grandpa Quon uses his TikTok to spread positivity. When his 839.4K followers want a moment of inspiration or calm, they tune in to hear messages like “You make the day beautiful” or “Keep doing your best. I believe in you.” Sometimes he catches his pup Lily on camera to cheer up his followers.

Grandma Droniak

It makes sense that this 92-year-old grandma would refer to herself as a celebrity, seeing that she has 4.8 milion TikTok followers. She answers questions from fans on things like fearing death and what it was like to be a teenager in the 1940s. Grandma’s even got jokes, as can be seen in this list of “things that are shorter than CVS receipts.”

Grandpa Norm

Although Grandpa Norm describes himself as “just another goofball” to his 134.7K TikTok followers, his fans know he used to play bass and guitar in a grunge band. The devout Christian posts pro-religious content and some true “dad” jokes, and his Jokes of the Day are clean enough that you can watch his videos with little ones.

Magic Grandpa

Magic Grandpa’s 951.7K TikTok followers can get tutorials on how to perform magic themselves. He also makes dance videos and invites duets, and he has received millions of views on some of his most impressive magic tricks. Follow him for magic tutorials to up your game before your next get-together with friends.

Pauline and Geoffrey Walker

This English couple’s 10 grandchildren can stay up to date on Pauline and Geoffrey’s lives through their Instagram account — along with 314K other followers. The couple has been featured on TV and created adorable content on their health, the bees in their garden, and even delicious recipes, like this cherry sponge cake. Find someone who encourages your hobbies like Geoff supports Pauline doing her fabric painting.

Helen Vanwinkle Honey

With 3.3 million followers, this fashionista is all about vibrant colors, wears whatever the heck she wants to, and makes it look good. Her playful vibe is equaled only by her sharp wit and her commitment to calling out inequity. You’d be hard-pressed to find an influencer who lives life on her terms more than Helen.

Charles Mallet

If you’re looking for wholesome but funny content from a grandpa, join the 4.6 million TikTok followers who stop by Charles’s account. From a day-in-the-life account of his life to touching videos with his wife, you will surely be touched by Charles and his family. You’ll find him dancing superimposed over rap videos and cracking on himself about not posting for a month. Treat yourself to positivity by following Charles on social media.


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