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National Taco Day is October 4. Holidays such as this are an opportunity to work with influencers to promote your product or restaurant. Whether you’re looking for a recipe-creating influencer or want to work with a foodie to bring traffic to your restaurant, there are plenty of National Taco Day influencer marketing campaign ideas for you to implement.

5 National Taco Day influencer marketing campaign ideas

Work with food and travel influencers

If you are running taco specials on National Taco Day, pair up with local influencers to promote them ahead of time. Ask the creators to highlight their favorite menu items, create vlogs of their dining experiences or do a gift card giveaway.

In a recent campaign, IZEA worked with travel and foodie influencers to promote Tampa Bay’s dining and brewery hot spots. Read the case study to see how it was a success.

Collab with a recipe creator

Use IZEA’s influencer marketing platform to find a creator with a passion for tacos. Ask the influencer to create a unique or authentic taco recipe post using your products. With TikTok and Reels videos performing so well, we’d recommend opting for a short, shareable video with upbeat music. The ASMR trend is also popular on social media, and this would be an opportunity to film an #oddlysatisfying video of your recipe being created.

Need inspiration? Check out this campaign IZEA executed with Tyson to promote taco recipes using TortillaLand products, which could be easily added to shoppers’ carts with Click2Cart integration.

Share hosting inspiration

Work with an influencer who regularly shares party planning inspiration. Partner with them to plan a National Taco Day party with decorations, food, and drinks featuring your products. The blog post or social media content will be a how-to providing everything customers need to get started with their party plan.

Make taco DIY projects

If your product is more suited for crafts or projects rather than food, you can still join in on the National Taco Day festivities with a tutorial. Taco-inspired party decor, jewelry, home decor, signage and even fun shirts can be a way to participate in influencer marketing campaigns centered on the love of tacos. Ask a creative to share their ideas for taco-related gifts, decor or crafts.

Highlight user-generated content

Your customers are likely sharing your taco-related products already, and you can leverage the content by resharing or reposting it to your own brand accounts, with permission. User-generated content is posted by customers and social media users who don’t consider themselves influencers, and there is typically no payment involved. To gain usage rights beyond reposting, consider opting for influencer-generated content instead.


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