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Americans have the highest ice cream consumption rate in the world at about 23 pounds a year, according to the International Dairy Food Association. It’s no wonder influencers who post sweet treats like ice cream attract followings. Whether you’re looking for your next treat or want to work with a food influencer, these ice cream influencers give you the scoop on the sweetest frozen dessert spots.

12 foodies sharing ice cream treats and spots

Brittany Di Capua 

The Boston Food Journal is a brand that specializes in the most decadent food and dessert in, you guessed it, Boston. Brittany, a foodie and fashionista, creatively shares her favorite dishes along with her stylish outfits to her 56K Instagram followers and 20K TikTok followers. 

Ice Cream Bae

Unmasking the driving force behind the IceCreamBae account proved quite strenuous, but honestly, is it even necessary? The username tells us everything we need to know — that they’re an ice cream expert. Their Instagram and TikTok are reliable guides for the best ice cream finds in LA, Florida, and NYC. There’s also @dessertbae, @mealbae, @burgersbae, and @cakesbae, and don’t forget their YouTube channel.

Lauren Wax

Lauren’s passion for food is unmatched. As the creator of the food blog Eats and the City, Lauren is making her way to every A-rated restaurant in NYC, including the best dessert spots. She’s making progress and has even visited some of LA’s finest, but she eventually hopes to travel the entire U.S., then maybe the world, sampling the best cuisine it has to offer. 

Loretta Dang

Loretta, also known as @dangimhungey, shares the most innovative foods, desserts, and snacks that Sydney has to offer, including cotton candy-flavored fairy floss. Her feed is sure to leave your mouth watering and your curiosity piqued. 

Eric Stolowitz

Ice cream has a special place in Eric’s heart. His page is practically filled with it, besides the occasional showcasing of pizza and other foods, cars, and airplane views. Most of his ice cream and dessert pictures feature NY bakeries and scoop shops, along with pints he picks up from grocery stores. Find him on Instagram @eric_likes_ice_cream.

Rachel – the carboholic

To Rachel, nothing beats carbs and sweets. The self-proclaimed carboholic is based in NYC but travels the country and the world, discovering the best food and sweet treats and sharing them with her 166K Instagram followers. It’s safe to say her audience eats her content right up. She also has mini guides available that focus on specific items like cake or pasta.

Deanna Woo

Deanna is all about enjoying food and fitness in Vancouver. She’s also a travel and lifestyle influencer. Take a scroll down her Instagram and TikTok feeds to see her latest treats and more.

Sam – blogoodies

Not only does Sam pinpoint Vancouver’s delicious food sources, but she shares sweet deals and discounts. This soft-serve connoisseur is also a lover of house plants and animals. Her adorable doggy, Miya, can be spotted on her Instagram enjoying some yummy gelato and on Miya’s very own page. Sam often includes dairy-free options as well.

Hannah – onthemovewithhannah

Hannah’s food, travel, and lifestyle blog was inspired by the many complaints of people who live in D.C., like her. She often heard people conclude that “there’s nothing here” and decided to show them just how wrong they are. She’s been a trusted source of good food and cool experience recommendations ever since. She’s based in D.C. but often explores Delaware and Virginia, too, uncovering the hidden gems.

Travis Harvey – harv.eats

Family man and foodie Travis is giving Utah residents the scoop on tasty foods the state has to offer. He loves all food but especially ice cream, often sifting the streets of Utah for new ice cream spots to try.

Rachana – nyc.exploring

As a ‘21-’22 Yelp Elite, Rachana doesn’t lead her audience astray when it comes to good food. She’s based in NYC but travels frequently and shares the rave-worthy dishes and desserts she comes across. She’s also a photographer, so all of her food photos are professional-quality and simply beautiful.  View them on her Instagram, along with Reels and mini-guides on various restaurants in NYC and Boston.

Elizabeth – icecreamfordinner

Elizabeth loves nothing more than her adorable son, Peyton, and ice cream. Her Instagram name was inspired by the fact that she sometimes has ice cream for dinner and enjoys junk food. She also has a blog, where she shares stories about the various challenges she’s faced in her life, food and travel finds.


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