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Savvy marketers negotiate the rights to reuse content produced by the partnering influencers. Repurposing effective content saves time and money, lends authenticity to the campaign, and expands the brand’s reach across media. There are many ways to repurpose influencer content to get the most out of your influencer marketing campaign spending.

Reusing influencer content increases the initial return on investment every time it’s shared, which may explain why nearly 51% of marketers say that repurposing existing content is one of the most effective methods for improving content performance. 

7 ideas to repurpose influencer content

Here are some ideas to help your brand maximize its investment by repurposing influencer content. 

Repost on the brand’s social 

The benefits of reposting influencer content on your brand’s social media channels go beyond brand awareness and generating website traffic. While only 38% of consumers trust branded social media content, 62% trust influencer recommendations over celebrities. Allowing potential customers to hear about your products or services from a third party lends credibility to the voice of your brand. 

Share in email campaigns

When Ando Bank wanted to promote its focus on green banking and fighting climate change, it partnered with climbing legend Alex Honnold. In addition to sharing videos promoting Ando on his own Instagram account, Alex allowed Ando to use his content on its social media pages and in marketing emails

Repost on brand’s website or blog

Embed or use the influencer’s content on your brand’s website, social media or blog.

Beverage company Limitless sponsors influencers to promote its drinks in various appealing settings and share the content online. Some of the best photographs and videos are shared on the brand’s Instagram page and shared at the bottom of the brand’s homepage.

Reuse in dark ads

Brands that use dark ads fare well using influencer-generated content. The targeted ads can help with split testing for campaigns, and because they don’t appear on your brand’s main social feeds like organic or boosted posts, they don’t come across as pushy or spammy.

If included in your contract’s usage rights, reuse influencer-generated content in uber targeted dark ads to capture emails, share discount codes, or help with lead generation. 

Cross-promote with other campaign influencers

When done well, cross-promotion between your two or more campaign influencers can benefit all the parties involved. Consider choosing two or more influencers whose main platforms are noncompetitive: a podcaster, a YouTuber, and an Instagrammer, for example.

Your brand gets three times the exposure, and all three influencers can be promoted to audiences that may be outside their usual reach. 

Reuse for in-store displays

Imagine a customer shopping for makeup in a brick-and-mortar only to discover their favorite beauty influencer’s quoted endorsement on a countertop display or their tutorial on a nearby video. 

Reusing influencer-generated content isn’t limited to social media, podcasts, websites, or blogs. Repurpose whole content, snippets, or just images and upcycle it with a fresh tagline to take social marketing into the real world. 

Some stores, like Morphe, are taking “life imitating art” one step further, housing content creation studios right in their retail stores. In addition to bringing in partnering social media influencers, the video-creation hubs encouraged customers to film their own content. Morphe even offered the support of on-site staff to aid with film equipment, lighting, and products. 

Allowing in-person shoppers to watch influencers create content about the brand in real-time helps consumers build associations with your brand while they’re shopping. It also increases the chance of them following the influencer —and, in turn, continuing to follow content about your brand — once they leave the store. 

Create a media package for influencers

Include influencer posts on a web page that recruits brand ambassadors. With highlighted images and user tags, the page can include a list of benefits, frequently asked questions, and an “apply now” button where influencers can get in on the action. 

Reusing content from your brand’s partnerships with influencers is a no-cost to low-cost option that is limited only by your ability to think creatively. Implement these tips to get more mileage from successful influencer campaigns, and you’ll quickly reap the rewards of exponential marketing. 


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