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About one in five moms is a millennial and because the generation tends to be quite tech savvy, it makes sense that they’d turn to social media to share their stories. Born between 1978 and 1994, millennials tend to be not only knowledgeable about a variety of platforms but are also aware of the potential to earn some extra income with sponsorships, paid ads, and influencer partnerships. The following 10 millennial mom influencers have kept audiences entertained and informed, sharing tips and personal experiences on everything from childrearing and budgeting to mental health and fashion.

Partner with these 10 millennial mom influencers

Take a look at these 10 millennial parents, whom you can work with today on Shake.

Chelsea Damon

Describing herself as a writer and devout Christian, Chelsea is a married mother of two who posts about exercise, healthy eating, and maintaining a healthy immune system. That’s not to say that her only focus is on staying fit and healthy. As an outdoors lover, she also posts lots of nature photos and says she finds editing photos to be a “calming and soothing” creative outlet.

Saidah Washington

In addition to her Instagram and TikTok accounts, Saidah runs her YouTube channel, writes an extensive blog called “Aprons and Stilletos,” and shares a weekly newsletter. Much of her social media is focused on budgeting, cleaning hacks, and cooking, like this recipe for coconut garbanzo beans and rice. Saidah also shares tips on working out and videos of outings with her family.

Madison Miller

San Diego-based beauty and lifestyle vlogger Madison may be busy raising a baby and toddler, but she still finds time to entertain and inform her 110K Instagram followers. Her videos focus on fashion, accessories, and beauty, but she also does lots of giveaways. Madison does some short unboxing videos on Instagram, but there are plenty more on her YouTube channel.    

Shoma Arora

Food, lifestyle, and travel influencer Shoma inspires her 46.3K followers by sharing healthy meals and snacks and suggesting sustainable small changes to improve your life. She’ll often post about unique products she finds, from children’s books and peppermint-scented prenatal vitamins to hair bonding oil and vegan, lactose-free, hormone-free ice cream. Fans also love her incredibly popular recipe for spicy chutney.


It’s hard to believe a homeschooling mom of four could find the time or energy to travel, let alone post regularly to her Instagram, TikTok, and blog about her adventures. But Shannan’s 34.1K followers on Instagram tune in for reviews on stroller wagons, coffee taste tests, and promo codes on a variety of products, including meat delivery and pregnancy-related products. This influencer isn’t afraid of a challenge either and proved it when she went camping when she was (very) pregnant.

Natasha Brown

Known by her Instagram followers as “Tasha,” this Atlanta-based mom is all about self-care, time with family, and healing. Her down-to-earth posts range from relaxing updates of her playing spades with her husband to her daughters doing a “hair train.” At Christmas, she made a hot chocolate bar for family movie night and when she got COVID-19, she posted about taking care of herself.

Maria Wilson

Three things that Maria loves: all things Disney, anything DIY, and spending time with her immediate and extended family. She is proud of her Hispanic heritage and frequently promotes in support of Latino/Hispanic-owned businesses. Maria frequently shares easy, affordable recipes, like this apple cider doughnut tree and school-lunch empanadas

Meg Harrell

A self-proclaimed minimalist, Meg owns a vintage 1970s vintage Volkswagen bus and loves being outside in nature. The mother of two says keeping her life simple has freed her from so much stress and anxiety and allowed her to spend more time doing things she loves, like traveling. She encourages her followers to give “clutter-free gift ideas,” such as tickets to events and places that create experiential memories.

Grace Mihalich

Grace may have dubbed herself an “outfit repeater,” but she still posts some great discount codes for her 12.7K Instagram followers to get deals on cute clothes. The mom and mom-to-be may be a fashionista, but she has also found that “adulting” has led her to asking for small appliances instead of clothes for her birthday. She also posts about beauty products and sometimes shares some of her own codes for products she supports.

Jessica Lauren

If you’re curious to see the real morning routine of a working mom or how Jessica meal preps and shops for meals for a family of four, follow her on YouTube. There are also videos of laundry hacks, tips on staying organized, and crafting for an upcoming party. At the request of one of her followers, she also shared what she packs for her toddler’s weekly lunches.


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