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Self-care and wellness routines are as diverse as we are. From adopting a clean eating regimen and ramping up physical activity to prioritizing mental health practices, many people engage in wellness activities in one way or another. Wellness influencers play a crucial role in inspiring us to live a healthier lifestyle, offering a wealth of resources like tasty and nutritious recipes, manageable workout routines, and more. Join us as we spotlight some of the leading wellness influencers on Instagram who inspire healthier living today.

13 wellness influencers on Instagram

Taylor Dukes

Taylor is a functional medicine provider who uses her Instagram to educate her 161K followers about wellness practices that can enhance their everyday lives. Taylor aims to teach her followers how to live a non-toxic lifestyle and she does so by sharing posts on beating the winter blues and so much more.

Kristen Butler

Although her personal account has just more than 177K followers, Kristen has created two additional platforms with massive followings. Butler’s other site, Power of Positivity provides quotes and affirmations to its 9.1 million followers on topics from mental health and wellness to mindfulness, gratitude, and more.

Adriene Mishler

Adriene built her following first as a fitness guru with more than 12.3 million subscribers on YouTube. The stay-at-home environment helped an entirely new population find her yoga practices. Adriene incorporates meditative practices into her online yoga videos and emphasizes looking inward to help combat anxiety and loneliness during trying times. Her influence on wellness practices reaches more than 1.3 million followers.

Gemma Correll

Gemma, an illustrator whose work has been published in 12 books, addresses self-care topics head-on with equal doses of insight and humor. She uses her distinctive style to promote positive mental health. You may be laughing at yourself upon seeing her drawings,  which deliver puns and cartoons that are spot-on and completely relatable. More than 957K followers tune in to view her creative wellness-related content.

Ellie Axtell

Ellie is a great example of a wellness creator on Instagram as she aims to teach her 30.2k followers how to eat well, move well, pray well, and how to ultimately be well. Her page is full of her personal workout routines to help others stay active and her advice on supplements as a Holistic Health Practioner.

Koya Webb

Koya is a holistic health and well-being coach who shares her in-depth insights to living healthier. Her page keeps her 950K followers engaged with recommendations on healing books, vegan recipes, inspirational messages, and more.

Marisa Hope

Marisa is a wellness coach who primarily focuses on sharing advice for women who are looking to find food freedom, heal their body images, and learn how to build more self-confidence. Marisa has encouraged over 83.2K followers to ditch dieting culture as she shares recipes and words of encouragement.

Rebekah Ballagh

Rebekah is a well-known counselor and author with a page full of engaging graphics. More than 452K followers see posts that discuss how to rewire their nervous system and mind.

Emily Fletcher — zivameditation

Emily, the founder of Ziva Meditation, gained a following of more than 139K by posting daily meditations to Instagram. She makes meditation more accessible and less intimidating, showing how easy (and essential) it is to calm the mind.

Kelley Nemiro

Kelley is a certified holistic health coach and pilates instructor whose Instagram page is the ultimate guide to all things wellness for more than 70K followers. Kelley shares her favorite workout routines, healthy meals and snacks, and advice on how to balance hormones. Make sure to also check out her podcast, Balancing Chaos.

Alyssa Ryen

Alyssa uses her platform, “Millennial Wellness,” to educate more than 30.7K followers on healthy habits and routines that center on prioritizing wellness. She shares her own healthy routines and words of encouragement as she shares her advice on focusing on wellness.

Dr. Shanté Holley

As a certified life coach and podcaster, Shanté takes a soft, informative approach on Instagram, where she educates more than 104K followers on how to live more mindfully.

Krystal Bowles

You may know her from her previous appearances on “The Bachelor,” but Krystal has since transformed her Instagram for more than 595K followers into a safe space that educates them on all things wellness. Krystal shares her favorite workouts, motherhood tips, healthy recipes, and more.


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