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If we learned anything from 2020 — besides how to feign interest during a Zoom call — it was the need to practice self-care. With fewer distractions and increased anxiety, practicing self-care became an essential part of our daily routines.

Of course, self-care and wellness can take many forms, from eating better to exercising to developing a spiritual practice. We’ve decided to compile a list of the top Instagram influencers that helped us through last year and are proving to be just as important in 2021.

Here are ten of the top wellness influencers on Instagram in 2021

Deepak Chopra (@deepakchopra)

As a high-profile spiritual leader and part of Oprah’s inner circle, Deepak Chopra is well known for his wisdom and love of meditation. His calm, steady presence carries over into his well-followed Instagram account, a combination of inspirational quotes, reminders of the spiritual tools around (and within) us and uplifting videos from Chopra himself.

Kristen Butler (@positivekristen)

Although her personal account has just over 54,100 followers, Kristen Butler has created two additional platforms with massive followings. Positive Energy Plus (@positiveenergy_plus), with 2.1 million followers, is a visual motivational site that provides uplifting quotes paired with beautiful images. Butler’s other site, Power of Positivity (@powerofpositivity), takes a similar approach, providing quotes and affirmations to its 1.2 million followers on topics ranging from mental health and wellness to mindfulness, gratitude and more.

Adriene Mishler (@adrienlouise)

Adriene Mishler built her following first as a fitness guru with a massive YouTube audience, but the stay-at-home environment helped an entirely new population find her yoga practices. Mishler incorporates meditative practices into her online yoga videos and emphasizes looking inward to help combat the anxiety and loneliness of trying times. That message certainly has resonated during the pandemic—as evidenced by her growing popularity.

Gemma Correll (@gemmacorrell)

Illustrator Gemma Correll addresses self-care topics head-on with equal doses of insight and humor and uses her distinctive style to promote positive mental health. She delivers her messages through puns and cartoons that are spot-on and completely relatable, and you might even find yourself laughing … at yourself.

Arianna Huffington (@ariannahuff)

The founder and former publisher of Huffington Post found a new calling with a wake-up call in 2016 that led her to refocus on health and wellness issues. Already a public figure, Huffington converted that popularity to her new audience as she emphasized the importance of self-care above all else. Her posts are a call to action for finding purpose, happiness and wellness. 

Steph (@selfcarespotlight)

This Montreal-based doctoral student makes talking about mental health a priority, and she also makes it seem pretty cool! Her posts keep followers grounded and inspired, and she also makes frequent reminders that social media is not a substitute for therapy. To further share her message, Steph has her own merch line with positive messages on T-shirts, phone cases, stickers, and more. 

Sahara Rose (@iamsahararose)

This inspirational speaker and author promotes positive emotions and Ayurvedic practices to help people find their purpose and find more joy in their life. With supporters including names like Deepak Chopra, she’s a fresh voice with an old soul who makes spirituality fun, accessible and relatable.

Jess Rachel Sharp (@jessrachelsharp)

Offering “gentle encouragement for difficult days,” Jess Rachel Sharp is just the kind of voice we need during this unusual time. Her uplifting, beautifully designed quotes come from the heart of this UK artist, and she also creates templates for users to fill in for their own personal use.

Emily Fletcher (@zivameditation)

As the founder of Ziva Meditation, Emily Fletcher gained a following by posting daily meditations to Instagram. She’s made meditation more accessible and less intimidating, showing us just how easy (and essential) it is to calm your mind.

Dr. Deepika Chopra (@drdeepikachopra)

No relation to that other, similarly-named Chopra, Dr. Deepika Chopra is a self-proclaimed “optimism doctor” and happiness researcher who has built her work around spreading optimism. Some of her posts are inspired by her own deck of cards (the Optimism Deck), and other times she invites followers to join her for a “Things Are Looking Up” challenge. Not only does she help make that glass seem half-full, but she also teaches you how to refill it.

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