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Brands are constantly on the lookout for fresh, innovative ways to engage their audiences. One way is working with niche influencers like those with specific jobs who share their lives online. Many firefighters are now making waves in the digital space, using their unique experiences and expertise to inspire, educate, and engage their followers. For marketers, this presents an exciting opportunity to tap into a highly engaged, niche audience. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a brand looking to blaze a new trail, check out our list of firefighter influencers.

11 firefighter influencers on social media

Firefighter Fenton

Firefighter Fenton’s funny videos and recognizable ‘stache have brought in 472K followers on TikTok and 192K on Instagram. He loves putting up videos that’ll bring a smile to your face and a lot of them are all about being a firefighter.


Logan is a firefighter bringing the heat to his TikTok where he shares fitness posts, showing off his body. He also shares some behind-the-scenes on the serious job of fighting fires. He has 103K followers on TikTok.

May Tømmervold

May (aka May Timber on Instagram) is a female firefighter sharing what it’s like to be a Firefighter Challenge Athlete with 107K followers. These fire challenges are grueling obstacle courses for only the top athletes and firefighters.

Caden Troy

With 1.6M followers, Caden is one of the most popular firefighters to share on social media. He loves sharing funny skits as a first responder and, of course, quite a few shirtless videos.

Fire Cap Steve

Steve G of Fire Cap Steve on TikTok has just over 19K followers. As fire captain, he shares life at the station and what days off as a full-time firefighter looks like.

Fire Department Coffee

The TikTok page Fire Department Coffee is a veteran-owned company, run by firefighters. The TikTok page has over 603K followers. You can buy their coffee, but they also share videos from real firefighters (including Firefighter Fenton who was mentioned above.)

Mike Jones

Mike is a comedian and firefighter who has grown his TikTok to just over 10K followers. He absolutely loves being a firefighter and is a hero all around. On TikTok he shares his life and how he stays fit to be a first responder.

Edu Neira

With 454K followers on TikTok, Edu is a popular firefighter and social media influencer. He shares some content as a first-responder but also shares his travel and workout regimen.

Nicholas Hammond

Nicholas, or Fireman1231 on TikTok, is a firefighter with 981K followers. He shares life at the station as a full-time fireman and actually shares cooking for the full squad. He also works with brands on his page.

@fireman1231 Shrimp po boy is on the menu in the firehouse tonight #fyp #shrimp #dinner #firefighter ♬ original sound - Fireman1231

Dominick Fanti

Dominick is a firefighter and tattoo artist on TikTok with 144K followers. He shares his workouts, tattooing and firefighting training days.

Fireman Lance

With 151K followers on TikTok, Fireman Lance is our final firefighter taking over social media. He loves sharing the comedic side of firefighting and EMS.


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