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Interested in working with YouTubers for your next influencer campaign? Some marketers get overwhelmed at finding, researching and contacting influencers to collaborate with, but we’ll explain how to contact YouTuber influencers for promotion in three easy steps. You’ll also find an email template to contact YouTube influencers of your choice.  

1. Find YouTube influencers 

You can find YouTube influencers in several ways. 

Look for engaged customers on your brand’s YouTube channel

Sometimes your best influencers are your customers. Check your YouTube channel for engaging customers who like to share and comment on your videos. If those customers have a YouTube channel, consider collaborating with them if they’re a good fit.

Search keywords 

Go to YouTube and enter a keyword associated with your brand or product. A sneaker company, for example, could enter basic words like “sneaker,” “sneakerhead,” or “vintage sneaker influencer” and explore the results. 

If you find an influencer you like, go to the About section to get his or her email address.

Use an influencer marketplace

The Creator Marketplace® is a great place to find influencers. Simply type a keyword into the search bar and filter your results by channel, which is YouTube. Someone looking for a science influencer, for example, would find influencers like Grace and be able to see her profile. 

We take boring textbook knowledge and bring it to life screenshot

Marketers can see a description of her channel, the number of followers, and how much she charges for a piece of content. Marketers interested in working with her can initiate a conversation on the platform. 

2. Research YouTubers to contact

Before you reach out to any influencer, you should do some homework. You want an influencer who: 

  • Aligns with your brand and its values
  • Reaches your target audience
  • Has experience working with brands
  • Can offer post metrics like engagement rates

To conduct this research, read through an influencer’s About page on YouTube, watch some of their videos from start to finish, read the comments to explore how the influencer engages with his or her fans, and visit their website. 

If you’re using an influencer marketing platform like The Creator Marketplace, all of this information is likely included in their profile. 

3. How to contact YouTube influencers

What’s the best way to reach out to YouTubers? You can do it in various ways, but the two most popular options are email and DMs. Which is better? Usually, YouTube influencers leave their email address in the About section of their YouTube profile, so you’ll most likely use email to reach out. 

Remember that if you’re using an influencer marketing platform, communication can be handled on the platform. 

Influencer outreach email template

If you’re planning to reach out via email, your message should be short and specific but also personalized. Here’s an outline to follow:

  • Salutation
  • Two personalized sentences about the creator’s YouTube content 
  • Introduce yourself and your brand
  • Suggest a collaboration
  • Name the product you’d like the influencer to endorse
  • Call to action
  • Close

For example, here’s an influencer outreach template to use.

Hello [Influencer name],

Our marketing team at [company name] follows your YouTube account and particularly enjoys your [refer to a specific example of content] and [refer to another example of content].

I’m [your name], a [position at the company] at [company name]. We sell [enter main product category], including


Since you’re passionate about [enter the niche], I wanted to see if you’re open to a collaboration. We’d like you to try our and [describe the content you’d like created]. 

If you’re interested, please respond to this email, and we can talk more about the specifics of the campaign. 


[sender’s name]

Using these tips, your team and contact YouTuber influencers and efficiently get a campaign up and running. Pro tip: Using The Creator Marketplace ensures a secure transaction with the YouTube creator.

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Find your next great collab.

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Find your next great collab.

Browse creator listings now


Find your next great collab.

Browse creator listings now


Find your next great collab.

Browse creator listings now