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The UK is brimming with talented influencers. From gamers and beauty bloggers to fashionistas and singers, you can easily find British influencers to follow or collaborate with. Take a look at this list of top talent that hails from across the pond.

26 British YouTubers to watch

Patricia Bright

With a smile as sunny as her last name, Patricia lights up the U.K. with her fashion, beauty, and hair know-how. In addition to her beauty and fashion hauls, she also gives her 2.78M YouTube fitness tips for getting into shape by changing your mindset. 


One of Britain’s most popular YouTubers, PewDiePie has amassed 111 million subscribers (yes, 111 million) on YouTube. He got his start as a gamer, sharing witty commentary on games like Minecraft. While he still posts gaming content, the social media star now shares lifestyle videos focusing on his wife and new baby.

Dan Howell and Phil Lester

Dan and Phil are a pair of gaming guys in the United Kingdom. On YouTube, where they’re better known as DanAndPhilGAMES, the dynamic duo treat their 2.89M subscribers to laughs by roasting their own red carpet fashion and playing The Sims 4.   

Samantha Maria

Samantha is a London-based expert on all things beauty and fashion. Her 1.76M YouTube subscribers love tuning in to see her jewelry haul and a recent roundup of her newest “favorite things,” which includes everything from perfume and makeup to pretty purses. 

Harry Pinero

Harry is a presenter, entertainer, and comedic content creator in the United Kingdom. He’s also a mega YouTube influencer who puts friendship to the test in a collab with fellow content creators and gets a taste of the good life while traveling to Qatar with Beta Squad.

Conor Maynard

Although singer/songwriter Conor signed his first record deal in 2011, he used YouTube to build his fan base. Today, he has more than 13.6M subscribers and has done content collabs with various singers, including Tayler Holder and Ne-Yo, as well as performing his own music.  

Alfie Deyes

Alfie is an entrepreneur and author from London. For his 3.62M YouTube subscribers, he celebrates his 30th birthday and engagement in Greece and shares what it’s like adjusting to life as a parent of two little ones with his partner.     


As one of the highest-paid professional online gamers, Ali-A has definitely found his niche. His 18.8M YouTube subscribers tune in to see his commentaries and vlogs on popular games, like a first look at the latest Fortnite feature and letting his son take control on his favorite game. 

Emma Hill

Emma is an ex-Londoner living in the English countryside with her husband and dogs. She’s also a home and lifestyle influencer who shares long haul travel tips and outfit inspo, as well as how she gets a 90’s style, shiny, bouncy blowout at home for her 377K subscribers. 

Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia loves living life in the enchanting English countryside. She’s also into doling out life and style tips on YouTube, where she treats her 1M subscribers to her first handbag unboxing of 2024 and a look at how she transformed the exterior of her new home with her husband. 

Amelia Liana

Amelia is a London-based beauty, lifestyle, and travel enthusiast who enjoys exploring new places. As a mega influencer on YouTube, Amelia takes her subscribers along for a last-minute girls’ trip to Paris and on a luxury shopping trip.  

Lizzie D

Gamer Lizzie is a standout in an industry dominated by men. More than 7.13M subscribers follow her on YouTube for her Minecraft videos, which include challenges, commentary, and gaming experiments. Her real-life videos include a tour of Pixar Studios, Adventures in Finland, and a hysterical haul from Wish.  


KSI is a rapper, gamer, pro boxer, and entrepreneur. The 30-year-old English YouTube personality is the CEO of Misfits Boxing and the co-owner of Prime Hydration, XIX Vodka, and Sidemen Clothing. The creator, who has 16M subscribers, posts various content, including “try not to laugh” clips.


Colin Furze

Colin is a British stuntman, inventor, filmmaker, and professional thrill-seeker. His YouTube channel is full of adventurous antics, like playing with fire for laughs and digging a secret garage below his house for the entertainment of his 12.9M subscribers.   

Dan Middleton

Dan, better known to his 28.5M YouTube subscribers as DanTDM, first rose to fame as a gamer. His laugh-out-loud videos tend to focus on his favorite online games, including Five Nights at Freddy’s, Minecraft, and Among Us. It’s worth mentioning that Dan has his own plastic figurine and is currently channeling his passion for making music that he shares with fans. 

Zoe Sugg  

Zoe may have originally been known as a beauty influencer on social media, but the media maven has expanded her reach by branding herself as a parenting and lifestyle guru. She shares a sweet look at how her family prepares for a new baby during the holidays and her top picks for newborn products with her 4.95M subscribers.  

Joseph Garrett

Known by his (mostly) young fans as “Mr. Stampy Cat,” Joseph makes kid-friendly gaming videos for his 10.8M YouTube subscribers. Most of his videos focus on Minecraft, though there are also unboxing clips, funny shorts, and adorable videos of his pets to peruse.


Kid-at-heart Rhia rose to fame with her exciting mystery unboxings. The United Kingdom-based web celebrity keeps her subscribers on the edge of their seats by unboxing the world’s biggest mystery toy and taking on a week-long, Valentine-themed toy unboxing challenge

Louise Pentland

Lovely Louise is an optimistic mom to two daughters and an author. She enjoys vlogging about beauty, plus-size style, and striking a balance between motherhood and work as she navigates life changes and upcoming wedding plans. No doubt her 2.19M YouTube subscribers agree! 

Simon Minter

Affectionately known by his 10.3M YouTube subscribers as “Miniminter,” Simon is a huge soccer fan (that’s “football” in the UK) but the majority of his videos are meant to make his fans laugh. His main channel is filled with TikTok reactions and a variety of made-up game shows

Anna Newton

Anna is a self-professed lover of minimal makeup, fashion, and living life by the sea. The United Kingdom-based beauty influencer, known on YouTube TheAnnaEdit, serves up her yearly list of favorite makeup finds and wows with winter outfit ideas for her 484K subscribers. 

Arun Maini

Arun is a tech expert whose goal is to create the greatest online tech community on the planet. Known as Mrwhosetheboss to his impressive 18M YouTube subscribers, Arun creates tech content that’s both useful and funny, like a roundup of the 13 most evil tech fails and a behind-the-scenes look inside the world’s most high-tech prison.  

Jamie Nyland  

Jamie is a comedy content creator in England. Jamie pulls out all the stops to get laughs from his family, friends, and 12.6M YouTube subscribers, from tricking his dad into thinking he’s wanted by the police to going to great lengths to convince his partner to have another baby.  

Emily Canham 

Emily is a beauty and fashion-focused content creator in the United Kingdom. She’s also a macro YouTube influencer, where she shares her goals and grand plans for the new year as well as her first experience at a major upscale department store’s Boxing Day sale.  

Tom Cassell

Tom is a dedicated gaming content creator. Known to his 9.63M YouTube subscribers as Syndicate, Tom’s favorite games include Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty. He offers tips for players on how to unlock features, shares some of the funnier moments in gameplay, and makes major upgrades to his home gaming setup


Josie is a Cotswolds-based beauty and lifestyle aficionado who’s into gardening and wellness. As a mega influencer on YouTube, Josie unboxes her luxury honeymoon haul and takes her subscribers along on a magical last-minute holiday shopping trip in Bicester Village. 


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