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Customizable BrandGraph Report

The team is starting 2022 strong by focusing on you! We wanted to make BrandGraph feel even more personal, and our team hit it out of the park with this product update. We have launched BrandGraph customization that lets you generate a report with your branding. This means your brand colors, your custom text, and all the information you count on to measure your performance. It’s simple to do. Check out the screenshot to see how you can elevate your report. 

Not familiar with BrandGraph yet? Here’s what you need to know: BrandGraph’s content AI engine analyzes over 1.3 billion-plus pieces of influencer content from more than 12 million influencers around the globe. With this insight, you can measure your social media performance, benchmark against competitors, identify influencers, analyze sentiment, and more.

Try it out with a preview today. Stay tuned for next month’s blog – we’re just getting started.   

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