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Breaking is an urban-style dance that started in the United States in the 1970s, with the first competition in the 1990s. It is a brand new sport that will be in the 2024 Paris Olympics, with hundreds of dancers competing to qualify as Olympians.

There will be two events (one for men, one for women) at the games, where 16 B-boys and 16 B-girls will do solo battles. The athletes will be judged on their power moves and ability to improvise to the beat of the DJ’s tracks. Breaking is also popular on social media, so plenty of influencers are dropping moves online.

Jeffrey Louis

B-Boy Jeffro is on Team USA Breaking. When he’s not dancing up a storm, he’s also the owner of FitBreak Workout,, which is sponsored by Monster. He has over 17K Instagram followers, and you’ll find him smiling and breaking all over his page. 

Miguel Angel Rosario JR.

B-Boy Gravity, or Miguel, is another Olympic hopeful for Team USA in Breaking. He is sponsored by Reebok and Monster. He has just under 80K followers on Instagram who are rooting for him to make it to his dream of the 2024 Olympics.

Vicki Chang

Vicki, or La Vix, is a B-Girl hoping to make it to the Paris Olympics. She is a national champion and hopeful for Team USA. You can find her breaking on Instagram.

Logan Edra

B-Girl Logistx is a popular breaking athlete going after the Olympics. She has 168K followers on Instagram, and she’s also a Nike athlete. Her breaking style is unmatched.

Tiffany Leung

Tiffany, or B-Girl Tiff, is on Breaking Team Canada.  Her love for breaking is contagious and obvious, with every video or photo of her competing full of smiles. 

Emma Misak

One of Team Canada’s other star B-girls is Emma. She’s based in Vancouver and got into breaking when she was 14 years old. On Instagram, she shares her breaking journey and how she keeps her body up-to-speed with her need to move.

Chiara Ceseri

Chiara, or B-Girl SpiderGirl, is part of the Italian breaking team and is on the road to the Paris Olympics in 2024. You’ll find her moving across the stage or on Instagram, sharing her love for breaking.


B-Boy TawfiQ is part of the breaking team for the Netherlands and representing The Ruggeds. He has over 37K followers on Instagram and shares his amazing breaking skills via video and photos.

Fouad Ambelj

B-Boy LilZoo has over 246K followers on Instagram and his page is full of breaking inspiration, examples and competitions. He’s a dancer for Red Bull and sometimes works with other brands during his breaking content.

Ami Yuasa

Japanese breakdancer B-Girl Ami is popular in her country for her fantastic moves and athleticism. She shares her journey on Instagram with 64K followers.

India Sardjoe

World Champion India is on her way to the Paris Olympics in 2024 for the first time breaking will be a part of the Games. With just under 18K followers on Instagram, she shares how excited she is to be qualified for Paris and how she’s training for the games.  

Menno van Gorp

B-Boy Menno has 111K Instagram followers and is an Adidas athlete. He’s considered one of the top B-Boys in the world and is expected to make the Paris Olympic Games.

Conroy Allen

Conroy Allen is a dynamic and versatile Instagram influencer based in Jamaica who calls himself the “Jamaican Spiderman“. He uses his social media to inspire joy through comedy, dance, and style. He is also a dedicated flip artist and breakdancer who often shares videos of his impressive stunts and dance routines for his 22.5k followers on Instagram.


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