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Do you want to work with IZEA on exciting influencer campaigns? We chatted with Carly Brower, senior campaign manager at IZEA, to ask about what she looks for when choosing influencers for campaigns with leading brands and tips for influencers who want to work with IZEA brand clients.

Tips from a campaign manager

If you want to work with IZEA’s brand partners, check out these tips from one of our campaign managers.

Focus on the quality of your content.

High-quality content can help you stand out. Consistency in posting is also a sign of someone who would make a good influencer partner.

“That’s one of the stronger things I look for is making sure they actually publish quality content,” Carly said. 

Build an engaged audience.

Carly recommends influencers work on growing their following and making sure they have an engaged audience. Building your brand, using relevant hashtags, providing helpful or inspirational content and responding to follower comments are examples of how to do that. 

“We definitely vet engagement rates to make sure that the people who follow them actually engage with the content,” Carly said.

Optimize your IZEA account

To work with IZEA, you should have an IZEA account. Follow these tips to optimize your IZEA account so that you show up in our system search, which Carly and other campaign managers use to find the influencers who are a good fit for a campaign. Be sure to check on your profile every once in a while to make sure the information in your bio is up to date and reflects who you are as an influencer. This helps campaign managers know whether you fit the target of a brand’s campaign brief.

“A lot of the times clients have specific targeting they want to hit” and we have to make sure influencers meet that, Carly said.

If you’re asking yourself why you may not be receiving offers, this IZEA article has some suggestions:

Be yourself

To help campaign managers know whether you’re a good fit for brand campaigns, influencers should focus on their authentic interests. 

“Focus on your passion points,” Carly said, “That really helps pair the influencer with companies” if influencers are vocal about what they are passionate about.

Having a niche makes you unique from other creators, Carly added.


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