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We Launched Our iOS App, New Homepage and Campaign Safeguards

We’re excited to announce some significant updates to Marketplace and IZEA Flex in March.

First, we’ve launched our iOS app. Now, you can access the Marketplace right from your Apple device, with a comprehensive, mobile-optimized experience for both marketers and creators. From creating Casting Calls and hiring influencers to crafting listings and pitching directly to brands, everything can be managed within the app’s user-friendly interface.

A standout feature is the integration of IZEA’s FormAI suite of AI tools. Create visuals with a variety of image models, access the ChatGPT-4 chat, and use AI Image Manipulation tools to remove and replace image backgrounds. Plus, you can try our Mixers tool to train AI models on faces, pets and more.

Finally, we’ve introduced a Campaign View within the Marketplace for creators who have been sent offers from IZEA Flex. This addition allows creators to have a comprehensive view of their campaigns, enabling them to manage and track their Flex Offers more efficiently.

Last but not least, we’ve revamped our homepage with a fresh look and feel.


In Flex, our influencer marketing platform, we added Campaign Safeguards. This addition allows users the ability to set, manage, and control their budget at the campaign level.

Users can track a wide array of expenses, including creator payments, paid media, labor costs, and miscellaneous expenses. It ensures that all these costs are taken into account and managed effectively within your budget. This way, you can maintain a clear and comprehensive overview of your campaign’s financial landscape.

With the implementation of the Campaign Safeguards, you’re protected from inadvertently exceeding your set budget. 

Agencies, in particular, can find this feature incredibly useful. It allows them to track markup or management fees in an organized and efficient manner. Additionally, they can use this feature to calculate their total profit accurately. 

Furthermore, the Campaign Budget Safeguards also allows you to manage other budgeted expenses, such as reimbursements and product sending costs. In essence, the Campaign Safeguards feature is designed to put you in control of your campaign finances. 

New users can try IZEA Flex with a 10-day free trial. Learn more about our software tools.