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Currently the fourth most popular social media site in the world, Instagram provides an easy and effective platform for brands looking to capitalize on Instagram influencer marketing. If you’re looking to partner with content creators who can lend an authentic voice to the products and services you represent, these tips will help you find influencers on Instagram.

1. Start with your brand’s followers

How do you find influencers on Instagram? The best place to start is with the people who engage with your brand on Instagram. 

Start by looking at their profile, the type of content they share and how frequently they post. Do they respond to questions and comments on their posts? Is their communication clear, helpful and non-offensive? Is it funny? Entertaining? Does it reflect a voice that you’d be proud to have associated with your brand?

Don’t worry about their number of followers. Focus on their engagement rate and audience, which are more vital in terms of marketing. Niche influencers may not have the volume of fans that celebrities and mega-influencers do, but they tend to have earned the loyalty and trust of their followers, which can take your brand a long way. 

In addition, niche influencers are far less likely to eat up your marketing budget. This is especially important when you’re new to Instagram influencer marketing and still learning the ropes. 

2. Search for mentions of your brand

Because they’ve already expressed an interest in your products or services, brand ambassadors and advocates should be at the top of your list for consideration. 

Look through your notifications to discover fans who have tagged your brand on Instagram and then review their other posts to try to gauge their potential for a marketing partnership.

3. Check lists of top influencers

A quick Google search can help you find lists of top Instagram influencers by topic, industry and country. We have one you can check out, “20 Instagram Influencers You Can Work With Today.”

You can use more specific search terms, too, so think strategically and try searches like “Instagrammers Sharing Recipes” or “Hiking Influencers on Instagram.”   

Here are a few tips to consider as you search for lists of top Instagram influencers: 

  • Be sure to narrow your search to recent results as dated lists can provide some dead-ends resulting from inactivity.
  • Once you narrow down your potential influencers, Google their name with the word “controversy” to ensure there’s no drama that could hurt a working relationship. 
  • Skim their posts for content to ensure there’s nothing offensive and that their values align with your brand.
  • Look for past brand activity, especially partnerships with companies that may be competition for your brand.

4. Search via the Explore page

Instagram’s Explore page provides curated content based on similar accounts to your own, as well as whom and what your brand has interacted with. Using an algorithm, the platform’s Feed Ranking System personalizes the photos, videos, Reels, and Stories that show up on your feed and Explore page. The algorithm ranking uses your account’s history related to factors such as timeliness, frequency, interest, relationship, usage, and following to determine what to prioritize in its results.

You can also do a manual search on the Explore page by searching for keywords to find accounts, content, and tags related to a specific subject. 

5. View relevant hashtags

Search Instagram for hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Your initial results will include top posts showcasing accounts with many followers and strong engagement.

The more specific your hashtag, the fewer results you’ll get, but the accounts will often provide specific matches for your needs. For example, searching for #food will likely get you everything from home cooks and grocery chains to influencers simply tagging their meals at restaurants. 

Instead, try something like #OrganicCoffee or #SugarFreeChocolate to narrow down your results according to what your brand wants to promote.

6. Use influencer platforms

One of the fastest and most effective ways to streamline your search is to use an influencer marketing platform. You’ll find in-depth profiles, engagement metrics for each influencer, communication tools, and options to deliver and pay for content. 

Investing in a trusted influencer marketing tool like IZEAx Unity Suite will save you time in the long run by immediately connecting you with vetted influencers. You’ll gain access to their latest content, contact information for the influencer, audience demographics, sponsored posts, pricing, and more. 

If you want your Instagram influencer campaign to be run for you, our Managed Services team can help.

The time you spend on the front end researching potential marketing partners will be worth it when the campaign is a success.