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When it comes to influencers, three social media platforms are way more popular than the others. Facebook and Twitter are at the top in terms of the number of creators, or influencers, who use them. But perhaps the most the most sought-after influencer is the Instagram Influencer. Now, how to find Instagram influencers?

The 2017 State of the Creator Economy (SOCE) study found Facebook and Twitter’s popularity is slipping while Instagram is on the rise. Twitter saw a 4 percent drop in the number of creators who used it between 2015 and 2016, while Facebook saw a 5 percent drop. Meanwhile, Instagram is the third most popular among creators, with 89 percent of influencers using it. And unlike Facebook and Twitter, it’s becoming more popular, according to the SOCE. Instagram saw a 3 percent increase in use from 2015 to 2016.

If you’re looking to launch an influencer marketing campaign and your brand’s product or service is one that will benefit from imagery in any way, you’re going to want to find an influencer who uses Instagram. Here’s what to look for and how to find Instagram influencers.

What to Look for in an Instagram Influencer

Not all influencers are going to be a good fit for your brand. Some influencers are out-of-reach because they are too big, too established, and demand too high of a price. Other influencers won’t be a good fit because they just don’t mesh with your brand.

Before you start the hunt for an Instagram influencer, make a profile of what your ideal Instagram influencer looks like. Include the following in your profile:

  • Interests or relevance. If you’re a clothing company, you’ll want to find a fashion Instagram influencer to work with. A home goods or cleaning company will want to find a lifestyle Instagram Influencer to partner with, and so on.
  • The influencer’s audience. Ideally, the people who follow the influencer will be people who are going to be interested in your brand.
  • The cost. Here’s some good news: Influencers typically charge 3 to 13 times less than what marketers expect to pay, according to the SOCE. Still, some influencers are pricier than others.
  • Size of following and engagement levels. There’s no point in working with an influencer who has a large following made up of spam or purchased accounts. Don’t just look at number of followers — pay attention to likes and comments as well.

How to Find Instagram Influencers: Three Methods

Once you have your ideal Instagram influencer sketched out, you can begin the process of how to find them. There are three main ways to find an Instagram influencer. Some are more expensive or difficult than others.

  • DIY. If you don’t mind a lot of work and potentially being ignored by a lot of Instagram users, you can try the DIY approach. Search Instagram for hashtags or keywords relevant to your brand, then look at posts or accounts that use those hashtags. Take a look at how often the influencer posts, how large his or her following is, and how engaged it is, and take a look at the accounts of people who follow the person to get an idea of the audience. After all that, you may decide to contact the person and pitch him or her your campaign. Depending on a variety of factors, you might or might not hear back.
  • Work With an Agency. More established Instagram influencers often have agents working for them, helping them to land new campaigns. If you want to hand over the trouble of searching for and vetting an influencer to someone else, it makes sense to work with an agency. The big caveat is that you’ll pay for the privilege. As this humorous story from Bloomberg reveals, the typical agency takes about 30 percent of their clients’ bookings, meaning they are usually out of budget for smaller brands.
  • Use an Influencer Marketplace. An influencer marketplace cuts out the middleman and eliminates the need to spend hours fruitlessly searching Instagram for relevant posts and potential influencers. Marketplaces vary considerably. Some only feature influencers in a certain niche. Others only feature influencers who use a certain social media site. The ideal marketplace will put you in touch with Instagram Influencers relevant to your brand and target audience.

You can choose any of the three methods or try a mix  to see which one provides the best results. No matter your method of how to find Instagram Influencers, remember an influencer marketing campaign is only as good the influencers you find. 

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