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Sustainable fashion relates to clothing that is produced, designed and distributed in an ecologically and environmentally friendly way.  These sustainable fashion influencers share with us ethical fashion trends and why it is important to be a part of this community. Slow fashion or ethical fashion influencers also show us brands they support.

Sustainable fashion influencers showing the importance of sustainable and environmentally safe fashion

Shania Munro

As the owner of Arlo & Olive, Shania is a nano-influencer who shares with her followers on TikTok what she knows about the sustainable fashion industry and why we need to participate in this movement. She encourages her followers to move away from fast fashion and instead focus on the benefits the sustainable fashion industry provides. She often shares outfits that are trendy yet still considered to be safe and environmentally friendly. In 2021, she launched her debut collection on her website, Alro & Olive, that reflects her passion for sustainable fashion.

Venetia La Manna

Venetia La Manna is not only known as a fair fashion campaigner among her 175K Instagram followers, she is also known for hosting her All The Small Things podcast, as well as being the co-founder of the Remember who made them site. This mid-tier influencer is known for showing a strong passion and support toward the sustainable fashion movement. Her Instagram account reflects her passion through posts that show us, as consumers, how current popular brands are participating in unethical fast fashion.

Andrea Cheong 

Being the creator of the Mindful Monday Method, Andrea Cheong is an excellent example of a sustainable fashion influencer. As a mid-tier influencer, she shares her interest for slow fashion on her TikTok and explains a method she created to help others take action toward this movement. She explains that the Mindful Monday Method consists of clearing out your wardrobe for donations and recycling, budgeting to better understand your lifestyle needs, checking to see if your clothes are sustainable, making sure that the materials of your clothes are environmentally friendly and checking that you have a decent quantity of safe and smart clothing items. She encourages her 192.6K followers to do the same.

Jazmine Rogers

As a micro-influencer on Youtube, Jazmine Rogers shares the importance of slow fashion and what safe products we as consumers should be purchasing. She has been a supporter of the slow fashion movement since 2016 and has created a name for herself on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Youtube. On her Youtube channel, That Curly Top, Jazmine uses her voice to tell the world what products and items to purchase to reduce the unsafe and unethical fashion.

Addie Fisher

Combining her passion for nature and knowledge of healthy fashion, Addie Fisher has created platforms that show her followers and subscribers how they can support easy and intentional living. The influencer frequently posts examples of thrifting and other ways her followers can practice this kind of sustainability. Her Youtube account highlights that it is okay for us consumers to be imperfectly sustainable and demonstrates ways to start adapting to this lifestyle. Addie shares her sustainable fashion journey on Instagram and her sustainable fashion blog, Old World New

Danny Calero

As a new Instagram Influencer, Danny has shown the world his love for renewable fashion and second-hand clothing. Danny has always had a love for vintage clothing; however, his passion for safe fashion only grew when he learned how to sew. He began creating his own pieces and started to post his products on Instagram. His pieces reflect his love for ‘90s vintage, 2000s punk and modern electric. Danny encourages others to buy second-hand clothing.

Sam — @snittybipkins

Not only does Sam inspire her followers on TikTok to support sustainable fashion, she also gives examples of sustainable plus-size fashion. Sam is known for her uplifting “outfits of the day” or #ootd. She is positive and passionate about her clothing. Her platform stands out because it is inclusive and encouraging for a diverse group of people.

Samata Pattinson

Another popular advocate for sustainability is Samata, who is also known as the CEO of Red Carpet Green Dress. To her 24.6K followers on Instagram, Samata is known for encouraging the idea that everyone’s creativity, including fashion ideas, can become sustainable. She provides her followers with examples of how we can influence sustainability in our fashion. In addition to her own personal Instagram account, Samata runs the Red Carpet Green Dress page that encourages the same message and shares fancier attire that is still environmentally safe.

Katy Ho

Something that stands out about Katy is her love for writing as well as her love for sustainable fashion. Her passion shows through her personal account as well as her other account named Attire Media. Both accounts describe the impact unsustainable fashion can have on our environment and on our personal lives. Her accounts are unique because they also include fun posts that encourage her followers to dress green for special events as well, and not just for everyday life.

Climate Diva

Climate Diva takes to TikTok to talk about sustainable fashion and its benefits. She advocates for climate action and slow fashion over excessive consumption. She also reacts to runway fashion shows and the harmful trends she sees. Her videos show how she re-wears clothing in her closet; borrows, rents and thrifts clothes; fixes and mends torn items; uses eco-friendly products and more.


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Aditi Mayer 

As an activist, Aditi captivates her 75K Instagram followers with clips of her speaking on topics like environmental justice, sustainable fashion and labor rights. Her inspiring words have been featured in Vogue India, Women’s Wear Daily and Porter. On TikTok, Aditi shares her thoughts in a less formal manner, speaking directly to her followers about internet discourse like the “de-influencing” trend and sharing stylish OOTDs.

These influencers not only explain the importance of sustainable fashion, but each uniquely demonstrates what sustainable fashion is to them. They give us solid examples of how we can incorporate safe and healthy fashion into our current lifestyles.


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