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Ready to explore the great outdoors? Whether you’re planning a camping trip, hiking a well-known trail, or just want to enjoy some peaceful time in nature, you’ll find outdoor inspiration from these accounts. Embrace nature with these 15 outdoors and hiking influencers on Instagram.

Check out these outdoors and hiking influencers on Instagram

Jake Graham

A Canadian outdoor lover, Jake captures his adventures in photos. From the Northern Lights in Alaska’s Yukon Territory, sunsets along the sea, and mesmerizing hikes in the Canadian Rockies, natural beauty fills his Instagram feed. Followers love his keen eye for visual detail. 

Daniel Ernst

Daniel is a European outdoor photographer who traverses the continent with fellow photographer Natascha Klein and their precious pup. Daniel documents life on the road in a camper van, which he’s named Wilma and has her own IG account. From hiking in the woods in Germany to climbing to the top of rugged peaks in Norway, and quite literally reaching the end of the road surrounded by serene Norwegian waters, Daniel captures every moment in nature.

Frauke Hameister aka Frauki

Frauke, a German travel photographer, describes herself as a creative being who is “truly happiest in the great outdoors.” She is an Instagram influencers whose followers are mesmerized by her ability to artfully capture adventures like hiking tree-lined walkways in Denmark, traversing German rock formations, and camping out mountainside next to a glassy lake.

Alex Honnold

Alex is a professional climber who has scaled some pretty impressive natural structures and tackled important global initiatives. His awe-inspiring athleticism and work promoting solar energy “for a more equitable world” through the Honnold Foundation have garnered Alex 2.4 million Instagram followers. Alex also co-hosts a climbing podcast, “Climbing Gold.” On top of his professional endeavors, Alex is a family man who makes sure to include his wife and baby on his gravity-defying climbing adventures.

Andy Neal

Andy is an outdoor digital creator who shares his love of nature with his 187K Instagram followers. He encourages his audience to embrace the outdoors, particularly through hiking, and to get active for the sake of mental health. He also spreads messages of body inclusivity and his love for Disney.

Andrea Ference aka vagabondhearts

Based in the Rockies, Andrea’s main interests include (in no particular order) drinking coffee, climbing mountains, and eating cheese. Andrea shares her favorite running apparel, accessories, and adventures with her 369K Instagram followers, whether she’s hitting the desert in Utah’s Dead Horse Point State Park, training along the Big Sur Coastline, or stopping to bask in the beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Angela Liguori 

Angela is a hiking enthusiast and travel lover, as well as a firm believer that “life is always better outside.” Angela treats her followers to helpful travel guides compiled from her various journeys, which include hiking surreal moonlike terrain in Utah, camping and backpacking across New Zealand, and basking in the sunlight as she treks through lush green forests.

Brooke Pierson

Brooke is an outdoor blogger hailing from Alberta. Her mantra is “fresh air and freedom,” which she finds in her free time, much to the delight of her 181K Instagram followers. In addition to being a substitute teacher, Brooke runs, hikes, and bikes with the best of them — including plans to hike Mount Kilimanjaro this July 2022. Brooke encourages her followers to get in on the action with running challenges, travel workout inspiration from Cancun, and words of wisdom from her Canadian camping adventures.

Nicole Knox

“California girl” Nicole is a nature photographer who shares her favorite gear and giveaways along with stunning shots taken from all around the world. Nicole is a mid-tier influencer on Instagram who captures magazine-worthy moments spent biking the trails of Yosemite Valley and hiking grassy hills for an unbeatable mountainside view in Switzerland. Her own beauty just adds to her gorgeous surroundings for an overall ethereal effect.

Lacey Spalding

Lacey is a digital creator who loves exploring the great outdoors as much as possible, no matter what activity that entails. Lacey is a mid-tier influencer on Instagram whose expeditions take her from exploring curvy desert canyons to paddleboarding in Hawaii and hiking snow-covered trails with her dog.

Jess aka jess.wandering

Jess is a Seattle-based blogger whose outdoor exploits are almost too beautiful to believe. Her 918K Instagram followers eagerly await her next adventure, like reaching new heights while rock climbing, swinging across electric blue cenotes, and hiking through color-drenched tulip fields. Whatever she’s doing in the great outdoors, Jess always showcases her thrill-seeking nature.

Sabrina Majnek aka berosa_gogreen

Austrian blogger Sabrina is a hiking and climbing enthusiast who enjoys sharing her vegan lifestyle. “BeRoSa” is an acronym referring to premium influencer Sabrina’s own name, in addition to the two loves of her life — her significant other and her dog. Sabrina can always be found doing what she loves with a smile on her face, whether that means hiking in the woods with her pup, drinking in the Swedish sunrise (and coffee) during a camping expedition, or skateboarding to the Podersdorf Lighthouse in Austria.

Roman and Valentin aka twintheworld

Roman and Valentin are Swiss cousins and photographers who enjoy exploring nature together.  The Twintheworld acco0unt currently boasts 259K Instagram followers, who tag along for their escapades like hiking along craggy Norwegian terrain, showing off their skiing skills on the slopes, and trekking across the rolling fields under a moody, mountainside sky.

Marcel Lesch aka evolumina

Marcel is a German photographer who hikes across Europe — and beyond — taking amazing pictures and videos along the way. Marcel, a mid-tier influencer on Instagram, hosts product giveaways and hikes to the most breathtaking waterfalls, which sometimes leads him to the end of the rainbow.

Louise Tee aka wzylouisey

Born and raised in Banff, Alberta, Canada, Louise proudly proclaims herself to be “forever a mountain girl.” Louise, a mid-tier influencer on Instagram, is a nature-loving lady who can always be found making the most of her outdoor surroundings, whether she’s paddle boarding, ice-skating across mountain lakes, or hiking through jaw-droppingly beautiful ice caves.


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