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No matter what age you are, there’s something exciting about finding out what’s inside the box. Like kids at Christmas, tearing into a box — even if you know what’s inside — still creates a sense of excitement. That emotional experience explains why unboxing videos have become so popular and can become a fun way for influencers to build relationships with brands as well as boost their following. 

As brands have become more aware of the importance of unpacking not just a product but an experience, they’ve stepped up their packaging game. Companies like Apple and U.S. beauty brand Glossier are leveraging the emotions of opening a new “toy” by developing packaging that is enticing, dramatic, and streamlined. The packaging itself helps create a sense of story within the box, adding to the excitement of the overall experience — and lending itself to a great video experience. 

Even without dramatic packaging, unboxing videos likely would have found popularity because, as already noted, we all want to see what’s in the box. But the additional packaging touches are helping shape the unboxing videos trend and it only continues to grow. In fact, research shows that customers are as much as 85% more likely to buy a product after they’ve seen a video of it. 

That could be why, according to the Future of Retail report by Square, 74% of retailers said they plan to improve their unboxing experiences in 2022. And for influencers, that creates more opportunities for partnering with brands and creating your own viral unboxing videos. 

Best products for unboxing videos

Although there’s really nothing that’s off limits, some products lend themselves better to the unboxing experience — and to attracting attention. Toys are one of the most popular types of unboxing videos; one of the most-watched videos, the unboxing of Kinder Surprise eggs filled with toys, has generated more than 51.6 million views since 2015. 

But it’s not just toys for kids that are drawing eyeballs and likes; electronics and gadgets fare well, and they don’t always have to be high-tech treasures like the latest phones from Apple and Samsung. Other types of electronics, from blenders to gaming consoles and literally everything in between also generate a lot of interest. Pretty much any consumer product can be used for an unboxing video: clothes, makeup, power tools, automotive gadgets, home decor, and more.

If you’re looking to grow your following through unboxing videos, the first step is to choose a niche that fits with your brand and complements what you’re already sharing online. Anything within your area of interest or expertise is fair game. If you’re new to the unboxing format, be sure to watch several videos before making your own.

How to make a great unboxing video

While stunning packaging helps set the stage for a successful unboxing video, it relies on the influencer to make it shine. If you’re posting your video on YouTube, which is the platform that made unboxing videos popular, you can spend a bit more time explaining the features of the product and showing it in action. However, experts say the ideal length is about five minutes — and it should never go over 10 minutes. Instagram has also become a popular place for unboxing videos, particularly for product like makeup and clothes. 

Not surprisingly, TikTok is rapidly emerging as a hotspot for unboxing videos, so be sure to include that as part of your strategy. Even though you only get one minute to do the unboxing, it’s important to include this platform — especially if you’re trying to reach millennial and Gen Z consumers. Here are three other things to keep in mind to make your unboxing video stand out: 

  1. Have the right setup. Most unboxing videos focus on the product, so make sure your camera is set up to show the product in a flattering light. You can try different angles and may even want to get some overhead shots. Practice different ways of shooting products before you make your first attempt at a video so you’ll be more comfortable and will get the shots you want. 
  2. Keep it timely. Products should be relevant to what’s hot right now or is on the horizon. You may not be the only influencer unboxing a particular product but being among the first is going to help you get more views. Pay attention to release dates and aim to have your videos ready by that time.
  3. Get to the point. You might think that taking your time with the unboxing can help create suspense, but it’s a good way to lose viewers. When writing or planning your introduction, keep it brief and get on to what viewers are there for: the unboxing.


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