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A branded hashtag challenge campaign builds buzz, engages customers and provides a wealth of user-generated content, or UGC. If you’re new to branded hashtags campaigns, you simply ask viewers to create and share social content using a brand-specific hashtag.

The unique appeal of this marketing technique is not only in its ability to reach a global audience but also to connect with viewers in an authentic way. Branded hashtag campaigns are a refreshing way to maximize your reach organically. 

To help you decide whether this advertising approach is the best move for your brand, let’s take a look at four branded hashtag campaigns that have enjoyed recent success on the social media scene.

Here are some of the top branded hashtag challenge examples

Peloton #TogetherWeGoFar

Digital fitness powerhouse Peloton gained serious momentum during the onset of the pandemic. Peloton’s exercise bike was a way to work out safely, from the comfort of your own home, while virtually connecting with the outside world through the app. 

Their “TogetherWeGoFar” campaign embraced that sense of connectivity. The uplifting message of “togetherness” is spread by instructors and customers from all walks of life–and fitness levels. 

Fitness buffs like @laurenmurphy365, who shares milestones from her ongoing exercise journey, participated in the hashtag challenge. When she hit 400 rides on her bike, she shared her milestone and her appreciation for the online community that keeps her pedaling. 

UGC content is just a piece of this campaign. Brand influencers like Peloton’s own @CalliesKillaCrew, who’s a popular Peloton instructor, also share content with the hashtag, including class challenges.

Disney+ #DisneyPlusVoices

Streaming app Disney Plus is a household name, and by launching a #hashtag challenge on TikTok, the brand hit a magical homerun with #DisneyPlusVoices. 

With an amazing 18.3 billion views on TikTok, #DisneyPlusVoices rolled out in honor of Disney Plus Day, a promotional holiday celebrating the app’s second anniversary in 2021. 

The campaign allowed TikTok users to “unlock” the voices of their favorite Disney characters and use them as text-to-speech audio on posts. 

Voice actor and comedian @actordanielross shares hacks for unlocking all available voices, including Chewbacca, Stitch from “Lilo & Stitch,” Donald Duck, and more for his followers.

Beauty and hair influencer @Dani.Lynn used a Disney voiceover to introduce a hair tutorial and self-professed “Disney TikToker” @becharity utilized the hashtag and character voice to review classic Disney films like Tarzan with her followers.

K18 #K18Hair

Online hair product company K18 launched a branded hashtag campaign to expand its reach and boost product awareness. 

By partnering with TikTok content creators and encouraging customers to share their product experiences with the branded hashtag, #K18Hair, the company increased its TikTok audience from 2K to 20K in one month. The #K18 hashtag content garnered an astounding 73 million views.

Beauty Tok influencers like @abbeyyung posted her game-changing hair hacks with K18 products, NYC-based beauty influencer @halleykate gave her followers an honest, tried-and-true review of the viral K18 Hair Mask, and hair pro @brookethestylust demonstrated a client’s hair transformation thanks to the K18 line.

Make-A-Wish Foundation #ShareYourEars

The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to children under 18 who have critical illnesses. One of the most common wishes is to visit Disney World. 

When Disney granted its 100,000th wish with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Disney ran a joint hashtag campaign with the nonprofit to celebrate the milestone. 

For every post shared with #ShareYourEars, Disney donated $5 to the nonprofit. 

The campaign was such a hit, Disney doubled their original promised donation of $1 million to $2 million to support the charity’s endeavors. 

Disney enthusiast and custom ear designer @uniqueearsbyili worked the hashtag to promote her latest mouse-y creations, like this Toy Story-themed pair. San Diego sisters, influencers, and lovers of all things Disney, @alixandmadi_atdisney, took their ears straight to the park, sharing their adventures and reviews of the Disneyland Hotel, and film producer @kaylifortun proudly displayed her ear collection for her fellow Mouse fans to admire.


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