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Are you considering a branded hashtag challenge for your brand? This TikTok tactic asks viewers to share videos of themselves completing a challenge. The video is shared on TikTok with a specified branded hashtag. To promote the challenge, brands usually buy banner ads, connect with influencers, and set up a challenge page on TikTok.

These engaging campaigns turn social creators into brand ambassadors in an organic way that increases brand recognition.

Here are some of the top branded hashtag challenge examples

Netflix #What’sYourPower

One of Netflix’s most recent challenges promoted their original movie, Project Power. This challenge garnered over 6.3 billion views. 

Influencers and viewers were asked to share their superpower and create short videos using the tag #What’sYourPower.

Makeup influencer @makeuppbyruthie chose fire as their power and used her mad makeup skills to create a new look, while actor @dyvon picked ice and used special effects to show off his skills


Welcome to Project Power. The next evolution of the human species. #WhatsYourPower #ProjectPower #Ad @netflix

♬ Rise Up (1st Half Custom) - Dubkiller and Mark Victor

I’ve always been a little cold 🌬❄️ #WhatsYourPower @netflix

♬ Rise Up (1st Half Custom) - Dubkiller and Mark Victor

Bose #CancelTheNoise

Promoting its line of wireless earbuds, Bose teamed up with influencers to create a #CancelTheNoise campaign. 

One of the influencers was 91-year-old @grandma_droniak, who shared a funny video with her 1.3 million TikTok followers. Granny wants kids to quiet down, but when that doesn’t happen, she simply starts the music on her Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds and dances to her own music. 

Meanwhile, @dreaknowsbest shared a video of her mom nagging about her life choices. In response, she “cancels the noise” to listen from her earbuds.


I #CancelTheNoise of annoying children with my @boseofficial Quietcomfort Earbuds #boseambassador

♬ Cancel the Noise - Bose

Cheetos #ItWasntMe

Cheetos leveraged some big names to kick off its #ItWasntMe challenge. The challenge shows different couples stealing Cheetos from each other but then claiming, “It wasn’t me.” The posts even include Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me song. 

The company asked Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunas to share a video for the campaign. In the video, Kutcher catches Kunas on a security camera eating Cheetos. Another hot couple, former Oregon wide receiver Juwan Johnson and Chanen Raygoza, also known as @juandchen on TikTok, shared a video of Johnson nabbing the Cheetos from the cupboard. Raygoza catches her husband in the act with “spy cameras” and has Johnson admit publicly that he stole her cheesy treat. 

The #ItWasntMe campaign captured 14 billion views.


remember, innocent until proven snacking #ItWasntMe

♬ It Wasn't Me - Shaggy

She gonna find ME? 😂 only if she catches these hands #ItWasntMe #CheetosCrunchPopMix #ad @cheetos

♬ It Wasn't Me - Shaggy

Bliss #ThisIsBliss

The skincare company, Bliss, ran a branded hashtag campaign that asked influencers to push away any self-doubt – by using its Clear Genius Clarifying Toner and Serum – and do their blissful dance. Tapping into this existing dance trend on TikTok, the videos start with doubts listed on the screen. Those doubts are wiped away by a bottle of Clear Genesis and the influencer starts dancing away.

For example, @emmachamberlain, a popular YouTuber who won the 2018 Streamy Award for Breakout Creator, broke into dance after pushing away her haters in this video. Influencer @larrayeeee shared a similar video with his 24 million viewers.


And that’s on being confident in your own skin #ThisIsBliss @bliss #ClearGenius #ad

♬ This is Bliss - Bliss (feat. Mel Senese)

DO THAT BLISSFUL DANCE WITH ME CMON!! Clear Genius is your skin-friendly answer to problem skin. #ClearGenius #ThisIsBliss @bliss #BlissPartner

♬ This is Bliss - Bliss (feat. Mel Senese)

Amazon #PajamaJam

When the holidays rolled around last season, Amazon Fashion encouraged shoppers to shoot and share a video of themselves dancing in their PJs. The brand turned it into a contest and gave away 20 $250 gift cards. 

As you can expect, the campaign got a lot of attention. Model and fashion influencer @ameliezilber got in on the action dancing around her living room with a blue and white set of pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Her video alone got 293,000 likes. Meanwhile, @melaniewilking, a popular dance influencer, shared a video of her and her sister strutting their pajamas on a “catwalk.” 

The #PajamaJam contest racked up 6.2 billion views.


Holiday pj’s are essential this winter. I’m getting comfy&cute this season w/ @amazonfashion #pajamajam #ad #founditonamazon

♬ Pajama Jam (feat. Wiidope) - Amazon Fashion

Glam up your favorite pj's and let’s see that strut on the catwalk✨😍@amazonfashion #PajamaJam #FounditOnAmazon #ad #wilkingsisters

♬ Pajama Jam (feat. Wiidope) - Amazon Fashion

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