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Whether they are shopping for cooking ingredients, tech gadgets or beauty items, many shoppers look to influencers for product reviews and recommendations. The following product review influencers are available to work with brands to promote their products and services.

20 product review influencers you can work with today

Kayisha Thompson

Food blogger and chef Kayisha is known for her baking skills and product and service reviews. She creates unboxing content and gives her honest opinion of the product. She also has a blog and reviews restaurants as well. She is a Cake Executive Officer with more than years of experience in cake decoration and baking.

Patrick Tchakounte

For all your media and entertainment product review needs, Patrick has you covered. Patrick is the owner of the blog Database Comics and is writes reviews of science, medical, or entertainment-related products.

Schuyler Jones

Also known as VibrantSkies, Schuyler is a model, content creator, and hairstylist. She mostly reviews products relating to fashion, beauty, skin care, and hair care. She also creates vlogs sharing different aspects of her life, as seen on her YouTube channel.

John Jenkins

John is an NFL player and product review content creator. His reviews mostly relate to sports or fitness products. He offers to promote the product, sharing all of its features, or give his first impression via Instagram video.

Heidi Nicolle

Heidi creates product review content. She uses unique videography and photography styles that display the product in a new and fun way. Be sure to check out her blog, too.


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Muskan Dubey

Muskan enjoys creating content for multiple industries. She has no interest in limiting herself to one category and does review videos for products dealing with fashion, beauty, food, travel, and more.

Beau Brown

Beau is widely known for being a tall influencer, standing at 7 feet tall. Aside from product reviews, he loves traveling, photography, and videography and posts comedic vlogs about life as a 7-foot man.

Erica Agran

Erica is a health and fitness fanatic. As a fitness and wellness blogger, she loves sharing the best healthy foods and running and fitness gear. She has also participated in over 400 road races, so her expertise is undeniable, which is why her audience is so trusting when it comes to her honest reviews.

Leyla Hamchou

As a lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and travel influencer, she often reviews products in those industries. She also does custom content where she matches the brand’s tone, in order to truly connect with their target audience.


When it comes to Nicole and her product reviews, details matter. She provides product reviews and unboxing videos via YouTube and even offers to run ads for products and services on Facebook and Instagram. 

Ian Dominic Maunes

Model, professor and influencer Ian gives product reviews with his own unique twist. Most of his content is about products in the health and wellness or technology industries. 

Jessica Lee

Jessica’s lifelong dream was to be a model, and her dream came true once she got to college. As a professional model, she often creates fashion and beauty content. She also posts more relatable content about her life as a student and personal stories. She’s cultivated a loyal following who trust her recommendations and reviews.

Sarah Lemp

Sarah is a mom of five, RV renovator, author, and blogger. Aside from product reviews, her content also features her family, fun vacations across the country, RV renovations, and other DIY projects. She’s committed to only working with brands that align with her values as well as those that are budget- and kid-friendly.

Joe Miragliotta

Joe is known for his thorough and entertaining men’s product reviews. As a men’s lifestyle, food, and travel blogger, he is dedicated to showcasing products, services, and experiences that will inspire others to live their lives to the fullest. He shares most of his unboxing and review videos on YouTube and especially enjoys food and beverage products. He’s also a photographer and often captures stunning photos of excursions, products or meals. 

Chandani Ribadia

Chandani is a lifestyle, travel, food, and beverage influencer. She gives her genuine first impression on each product and will highlight any innovative features upon request. Her marketing background allows her to garner engagement for each brand effortlessly. 

Ally and Jon Paul

Ally and Jon are not just partners in life, but in business as well. Together, they promote and review lifestyle products on Instagram and TikTok and also run a resell business. 

Chelsea Pearl

Chelsea specializes in Amazon product reviews, specifically beauty, fashion, lifestyle, home, fitness, travel, and wine products. She also offers the opportunity to feature exclusive promo codes for her video viewers. Take a look at her blog to see recent content.


Tony is the creator behind Old Nerd Reviews. He creates videos reviewing various products, mainly food, along with services. He is brutally honest and strives to cover all aspects of whatever product or service is being featured. He’s even sometimes joined by special guest reviewers and has a gaming channel where he does reviews and gaming streams.

Lydia Holley

Lydia is all about family. As a young mom of three, she shares content about her motherhood journey and all of the beautiful memories she’s creating with her family. She’s also passionate about mental health and body positivity and enjoys creating fashion content

Lisa Santangelo

Lisa is a mom, wife and blogger. She started the blog, Food, Family, and Chaos to showcase her family trips and activities.  She now additionally creates content reviewing food, restaurants, travel destinations and lifestyle products. 


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