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More dads are working from home since the pandemic started, giving them a little more time to spend with their kids. In addition, with each new generation there appears to be a decrease in stale gender roles that have for too long left moms serving as the primary parent. There are also more social media platforms than ever, providing a multitude of options (e.g., tweets, blogs, images, videos) for new creators. Whatever the reason for the increase in dad influencers, we’re down for it. Whether they’re enamored by the coo of their newborn, playing dress-up with their toddler, doing pranks with their teen, or just posting about the chaos and contentment that is parenthood, these content creators are amassing followers with their humor, music, tips, and honesty about family life.

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These 10 dad influencers share their daily lives on social media. You can work with some of them today on Shake.

Lex Valishvili

Lex is a married father of five kids. He is a full-time digital experience designer during the day, and starting a parenting blog and posting on Instagram and YouTube was well within his wheelhouse. He shares his thoughts about parenting, life hacks, working from home with kids, and product reviews. The hands-on dad and Shake influencer is no stranger to baking with his kids, shopping for the family, or cleaning to get rid of those funky garbage disposal smells.


With 56.9K followers on TikTok, Michael has built a following on optimism. Referring to himself as “the CEO of Positivity,” Michael is an adoring husband and playful, engaged dad. Whether he’s doing a series of pushups with intermittent claps or helping his daughter learn to walk, this Shake influencer shares many aspects of parenting.


Reply to @username12346531 she didn’t want to stop walking lol #k18hairflip #MyPlayoffPicks #fyp #staypositive #whatspoppin

♬ original sound - Michael B.

David Gomez

Although most of David’s posts are funny — like his posts about trying to nap when you have kids — there are a few serious moments on his TikTok. There’s a post about the importance of therapy and staying healthy when you’re balancing work and parenting. But the Shake influencer has plenty of sweet posts, too, like David admitting he cried the first time his older daughter slept in her own bed.


I cried the first time she slept in her own bed. Please don’t grow up.

♬ Enchanted Taylor Swift - Kaylen

Robert Knop

With 21.6K followers on Twitter, Robert keeps them entertained by tweeting about the hilarity that is parenthood — something the Huffington Post already knew. From staying up until 9 p.m. on New Year’s Eve to parenting toddlers, the father of twin boys has been recognized for his humor on the Today Show, BuzzFeed, and Parents Magazine. Whether he’s lamenting about having to delay chugging Hershey’s syrup straight out of the bottle or adding it to his less-than-impressive beer to make a “float,” Robert’s take on dad life is entertaining.

Jason Linton

In what are arguably some of the most endearing fatherhood-related posts on TikTok, Jason combines music, video, and text to create content for his 11.6 million followers — including a post about losing his own father at the end of 2021. There are also funny videos, like this one in which he answers the question about whether one of his daughters is his biological offspring or this take on “Squid Game.” But the best moments are the videos that include the playful moments with any of his kids dancing in the background.

Justin Baldoni

One of the fastest ways to understand Justin as a person is to tell you he wrote, “Man Enough; Undefining My Masculinity.” Reflecting the anti-toxic masculinity message of his book, his Instagram content is equally refreshing and entertaining. Whether he’s deep in adoration for his wife after the birth of his son or talking openly about anxiety and therapy, Justin is never afraid to be honest, silly, or vulnerable.

Chris Kyle

You may recognize Chris from the viral post showing him seated at his 18-month-old daughter’s kitchen play set, giving a review of her “restaurant.” He’s since gone viral, being featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and the Kelly Clarkson Show, among others. His relatable posts about “Baby Shark” on repeat and school picture day will make every parent nod in agreement. And despite the jokes about only looking out for himself, he has a daughter, Ava, who is is always in good hands with her dad.

Kenny Deuss

When Kenny’s partner went to work, she asked him to send photos of their baby daughter, Alix, to ensure she was safe. But the jokester dad decided to prank his girlfriend by Photoshopping images to make it look like Alix was in constant peril. The account became so popular that he continued the tradition of fake danger with his second daughter, Aster. There are (altered) images of Alix skateboarding down a rail and a seagull carrying Aster away, among some other hysterical setups.

Tom Fletcher

As a father of three, it’s hard to imagine how Tom finds time to play the guitar, write children’s books, and appear on the BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing.” It’s a lot to manage, especially while his wife, who is also a successful author, is currently in a medical boot for an “iffy” ankle. But the dad is adamant about making time for his family; taking them out for ice skating, pizza, and the theater, giving shoulder rides, and teaching his wife to tango.   

Joe Swash

Joe might be a presenter and actor, but he doesn’t need to pretend to have fun with his family. His 1.8 million Instagram followers have seen him go on a family bike ride, skate and play at the ice rink, and get wet and wild at an aqua bounce park. But some of his most-liked social media posts are just the precious moments spent cuddling in bed with his kids or sitting on the floor playing with toys.


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