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Let’s face it; parenthood can be difficult. It can seem like a rollercoaster ride, with moments of sheer joy and other times filled with stress and exhaustion. Fatherhood is no different – it has its own particular challenges. That’s why we decided to take a closer look at some of the top dad influencers on social media today. These inspiring men have one thing in common: they love to share advice gleaned from their own parenting experiences via an array of popular networks.

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Jonathan Young

Jonathan is a multifaceted individual, embodying various roles. He’s a father of five, an avid adventurer and a dedicated philanthropist. His love for nature shines through his captivating photography, showcasing valleys, state parks and mountains. Jonathan frequently includes his children in his expeditions, teaching them to have a deep appreciation for nature. With an Instagram following of 10.9K, he shares his adventures and insights with a wide audience.

Joel Gratcyk — Daddy’s Grounded

With a growing audience of 2.3K Instagram followers, Joel is an emerging dad influencer. He’s a stay-at-home dad who balances his time taking care of his kids and running his freelance business. He documents his experiences with parenthood through photos of everyday moments like grocery store trips, snow days and fun family outings at the Blue Man Group show.

Ryan Turley

Ryan is both a dad and a cooking influencer with 52.8K Instagram followers. Through his platform, he shares simple, family-friendly recipes and reflects on his journey as a father. He frequently talks about the immense joy fatherhood brings, along with the weight of its responsibilities. Among his culinary creations are his take on lamb stew, sausage pasta and shrimp fried rice.

Chip Leighton

Chip takes a humorous approach to parenting, centering his content on relatable humor delivered with a deadpan cadence. With his teenage children, he crafts videos depicting scenarios such as dropping kids off at college and amusing quotes from his daughter. He’s one of the most popular dad influencers on TikTok with 599.5K followers.

Chris Lewis

Chris is a dad influencer and the host of the podcast Fathering Together. He conducts interviews with other dads, allowing them to share their unique journeys through fatherhood. With a following of 5.1K on Instagram, Chris’s platform serves as a valuable resource for parents seeking guidance and support.

Jimmy Sweeny

Jimmy documents his adventures around the world with his wife and toddler. On TikTok, he offers tips and tricks for traveling with young children and shows his favorite finds, like treats from Tokyo. Jimmy has amassed over 60.3K followers.


We dont even have tomorrow planned but we are always planning how to make this lifestyle go on for as long as we possibly can. But then again we’ve always been long term thinkers #fulltimetravel #fulltimetravelfamily #travelfamily #movingoutofamerica #movingoutoftheus #leavingtheus #moving #travellife

♬ Wes Anderson-esque Cute Acoustic - Kenji Ueda

Joey Foo

Joey, a stay-at-home dad with 1.3M TikTok followers, shares his daily life through lifestyle vlogs. He navigates the responsibilities of parenting, from cleaning days to family shopping trips.

Darien Rencher

Darien gained fame on TikTok during his days as a student-athlete at Clemson University. Since then, he has shifted his focus to family and lifestyle content. He shares heartwarming moments with his toddler and documents his life as he prepares for the arrival of baby number two. Darien has 267.9K Instagram followers.


Ryan shares his experiences as a new dad with his 183K TikTok followers. His content is relatable and realistic, as he recounts sleepless nights and dealing with baby milestones like teething. Other videos show him cooking dinner for his family and bonding activities with his baby.

Jason Linton

Jason shares heartwarming fatherhood-related content with his vast audience of 13.8M TikTok followers. He celebrates the diversity of his interracial family and their unique bond. Jason also highlights how he fosters safe spaces for his children, demonstrating their close connection through activities like giving his sons haircuts.


I am so grateful for what we became. Many won't see the tears, the fear, the stories, the mountains of paperwork that were needed to make us a family. Just know that I am grateful for this journey. Family. #fatherhood #love #wordsofwisdom #mom #family #siblings

♬ someday i'll get it - Alek Olsen

Chris Kyle

Chris went viral in 2020 with a post showing him seated at his 18-month-old daughter’s kitchen play set, giving a review of her “restaurant.” Since then he has been featured on the “Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” and “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” His 50.3K Instagram followers tune in to watch the experiences he shares with his daughter as they travel and wear stylish matching outfits.

Jamie Perkins

For the past 10 years, Jamie has been posting about his life on YouTube, where he has 1.72M subscribers. Now moving into the next stage of his life as a single father, he shares the highs and lows of his journey. Some of his videos include glimpses into his morning routine with his daughters, Christmas with his extended family and his family’s first modeling gig.

Kenny Duess

When Kenny’s partner went to work, she asked him to send photos of their daughter, Alix, to ensure she was safe. But the jokester dad decided to prank his girlfriend by Photoshopping images to make it look like Alix was in constant peril. The account became so popular that he continued the tradition of fake danger with his second daughter, Aster. He has shared (altered) images of Alix popping a wheelie on a tricycle and Aster riding a skateboard, among other hysterical setups. His Instagram account has a following of 585K followers.

Tom Fletcher

Being a father of three, one might wonder how Tom manages to juggle playing the guitar, writing children’s books and attending movie premieres. Yet, he prioritizes his family. Tom ensures quality time with his loved ones by treating them to theater shows and family bonding through deck building. He has a global audience of 2M Instagram followers.

Stevie Hendrix

Stevie is a devoted husband and father who dedicates his content to showcasing his family life. His 196.8K TikTok followers cherish how he prioritizes his duties as a dad. His videos offer glimpses into tender family moments, from shopping trips to select gifts to family movie nights.


Getting that spring break pump😂🏋🏻 Tag your gym buddy 🤘🏼 #gains #gym #lifting #family #fyp

♬ Ding (bell sound) - Shiarah

Nate and Tommy

Nate and Tommy are the two dads behind the Dads Who Try podcast. They’ve built a community of 1M TikTok followers by sharing their stories of parenthood. Some topics they discuss include the amount of screen time kids should have and the values parents should teach their kids.

Dustin and Burton

Dustin and Burton offer glimpses into their experiences as dads to their 239.3K Instagram followers. They share family vacations and candid reflections on relatable dad fails


Our little Papa-son weekend together at the coast 🥰 #dads #dadsoftiktok #fatherson #twodads #fam

♬ ALWAYS - Forrest Frank

Isaac Rochell

Isaac grew to fame from sharing his journey as an NFL free agent. Now his content revolves around this new chapter in his life as a girl dad. He has 2.1M TikTok followers drawn to his playful personality and interested in his NFL journey.


Never thought getting pacifiers sent over night would be the highlight of my life lol thanks @Walmart #walmartpartner Shop these on my storefront!

♬ original sound - Isaac Rochell


Zeth and his daughter, Saylor, are a dynamic duo on TikTok. They’ve captivated an audience of 13M followers from their banter that ranges from topics of tattoos to Saylor’s “magical ice powers.”


Fishing with Saylor ep 1

♬ original sound - Zeth


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