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The skincare content community falls under a broad umbrella. You may see beauty elements mixed in with skincare content or a feed full of serums, masks, scrubbing brushes, moisturizers, toners, and all the other skincare essentials.  On the flip side, having so many products can be overwhelming for some people, so here’s a list of some of the top skincare influencers and their particular take on things. Followers get tips and recommendations, and brands get a chance to reach beauty-interested social media users.

Skincare influencers with tips, reviews and routines galore

Nikki DeRoest

Makeup artist and skin enthusiast Nikki DeRoest enjoys sharing her makeup masterpieces and skincare routines and tips. She has partnered with a variety skincare and other beauty brands. Scroll her feed for the best recommendations and reviews. 

Christene Carr

Blogger Christene Carr has a blog covering topics from skincare to makeup and from lifestyle to fashion. She co-founded a skincare line and launched a body care line, aiming to provide women with skincare products to improve or enhance their skin, rather than cover up flaws. She’s also pretty generous with fitness content these days. 

Victoria Lyn

Victoria is one of the top influencers in beauty, hair and skin. She is known for recreating popular makeup looks and for the helpful skincare tips she gives. She also shares product recommendations and reviews. 


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Arshia Moorjani

As one of the top skincare Instagram influencers, Arshia gives her audience the best affordable and accessible skincare finds. She showcases her various skincare routines and even posts DIY tutorials. 


Sharmili, or Mili, is a skincare and beauty blogger and candle lover.  Her content features makeup tips and tricks, skincare routines and product reviews. She has a special love for candles, as seen in many of her pictures and videos.

Shani Darden

As a long-time esthetician and skin expert, Shani is one of the best skincare influencers to learn from. She shares snippets of her time with her clients, showcasing the products from her brand in action. She also takes time to educate her audience on commonly asked questions.   

Rachael — skincarestandard

Rachael considers herself “a skincare enthusiast with a bold lip addiction.” She started her blog and brand after establishing a solid skincare routine to help with her constant breakouts. She also posts about topics about beauty and lifestyle. Scroll her feed to view her product recommendations and reviews. 

Jade Marie

Jade is a makeup artist, skincare expert and holistic medical esthetician. She works with clients, incorporating various holistic elements, such as crystals and gua sha. She also shares advice about self-care, self-love, and her daily skincare and makeup routines.

Renée Chow

Renee is the blogger and creator behind Gothamista. Her skincare obsession started at a young age, and since then, she’s created a platform that helps others with their skincare journey. She shares her favorite products, hacks, routines, and what she eats to keep her skin at its best. 

James Welsh

James is among the best male skincare influencers and grew popular simply by being transparent in his videos. He shares honest product reviews but takes it a step further, going more in-depth about product ingredients and misleading claims that brands and influencers make. He tests products to let his audience know what works and what to avoid. 

Huda Kattan

Huda might be one of the most well-known beauty and skincare influencers. She has a line of cosmetics and skincare products and covers skincare topics on her blog. Her videos often include makeup or skin tips, hacks, and products

Sofia Grahn 

Sofia is a skin and body positivity enthusiast. She proudly shows off her scars and imperfections, giving her audience the confidence to be comfortable with theirs. As an acne advocate, she shares her go-to skin and makeup products and advice on accepting scars and being more kind to those who experience them.

Liah Yoo

Liah is a popular Asian skincare influencer and brand owner. She started her channel to inspire and assist people to take better care of themselves by sharing skincare and lifestyle tips. She launched her skincare line and often campaigns for more sustainability in the industry. 

Ben Neiley

Ben is one of many TikTok skincare influencers. He’s worked in the industry for several years, taking on various roles such as marketing, researching and writing. He uses his platforms to address common skincare concerns and to showcase his favorite products and services. Check out his blog for recommendations and other content.


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♬ original sound - Ben Neiley

Dr. Caroline Robinson

Chicago-based dermatologist Dr. Caroline is among the top Black skincare influencers. She is the CEO and founder of the dermatology facility and company where she offers services and shares her routines, go-to products, advice, and information about different aspects of skincare. 

Dr. Adeline Kikam

Dr. Adeline, better known as Brownskinderm, is a dermatologist who focuses on inclusivity and bringing awareness to various skincare elements. She shares her expertise on her platforms, giving product breakdowns, recommendations, comparisons, and solutions to different skin problems.

Charlotte Palermino

Charlotte describes herself as a “Skincare fairy godmother.” She is the founder and CEO of her own skincare line and shares advice on topics relating to beauty and skincare. She also makes posts calling for more sustainability from skincare brands. In addition to the bevy of product and ingredient reviews and recommendations, she also posts about good food spots. 

Felicia Walker Benson

Felicia is the blogger behind This That Beauty, a platform with information about skincare, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and more. She launched her own skincare line, named after her daughter, to help people achieve and maintain balanced skin. 

Annie Kreighbaum 

Annie was one of the founding partners at a major skincare and beauty brand and has since launched her major brand. Her posts mostly consist of her products and how to get the most out of them. She’s also the co-host of the podcast Eyewitness Beauty. 

Danielle Gray

Danielle is another prominent Black skincare influencer. She is the creator of the blog Style and Beauty Doctor, devoted to helping women of all skin tones find the best skincare and makeup products. She uses her content to go in-depth, clearing up common misconceptions, sharing hacks, recommending products, and addressing common skin concerns. 


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