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IZEA promotes wellness among our team in many ways. We’ve just launched our Wellness Challenge, an eight-week initiative that will encourage IZEAns to take small steps throughout the challenge to improve all facets of wellness.

Our challenge will touch on financial, occupational, environmental, emotional, nutritional, social, physical and intellectual wellness. For each aspect of wellness, we’ll be sharing three simple ways to improve that week and inspiring each other along the way. 

For example, there’s an organize-your-desk task and IZEAns share before and after photos with each other. 

The kickoff for this year’s wellness challenge was a session with mindset coach Chelsea Riffe, a former IZEAn, on “Building Habits That Finally Stick.”

Chelsea shared with us simple breathing exercises to help us find a minute of calm during our workdays. She also led us through journaling prompts to figure out which habits we want to build and gave us her tips for success.

Blue presentation slide "Breaking bad habits & keeping good ones"

Ashley Carugati, Corporate Comptroller, said she found the habit-building exercises helpful. Chelsea showed us a method for creating healthy habits.

“I love a good formula!” Ashley said. “I like how Chelsea provided an example using a formula for forming a good habit.”

“I am trying to make going to the gym a habit,” Ashley said. “It is really necessary for me to work out for many, many reasons — to improve muscle strength, boost endurance, improve heart health, have more energy, and so on. I am making it attractive by allowing myself to utilize the spa services offered at my gym. I am making it easy by doing it first thing in the morning, right after dropping the kids off at school. It is so very satisfying. You just feel better after working out.”

This is our second year doing the wellness challenge, which IZEAns, like Samantha Chase, say helps them take stock of their overall health.

“I consider myself a fairly active person outside of the virtual office, but the wellness challenge is a great reminder to slow down and focus on all areas of wellness,” Samantha said. “It’s not just about being physically active and lifting weights.”

“From meal prep ideas to productivity hacks, it’s a fun opportunity just to chat,” she added.

Kaila Kowalski, Manager of Workplace Culture and Communications, leads the IZEACares Committee, which facilitates wellness challenges. 

“We all know that life is busy and can get stressful. This Wellness Challenge encourages 24 different habits throughout the eight weeks so IZEAns can try them and see which might benefit their own lives. Our IZEACares committee has decided to focus on internal employee wellness to help our team continue to be the best versions of themselves both inside and outside the work setting.”

What makes the challenge even more fun is that the most engaged IZEAns have a chance to win prizes like a treadmill or Bluetooth speakers. But beyond that, we benefit from feeling more connected and motivated. 

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