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One of our new year’s resolutions at IZEA is to be more sustainable. With that in mind, we started the IZEACares Sustainability Challenge for the first quarter of 2022 to get IZEAns pumped about being kinder to the Earth. 

Our IZEACares Sustainability Challenge

In the January to March quarter, the committee is inspiring Team IZEA to be more eco-friendly in their daily lives with the Q1 Sustainability Challenge to promote the themes of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Who doesn’t love a good themed competition to keep them accountable? 

“The intention overall is showing people that you can take small action steps towards increasing sustainability in your everyday life,” said Kaila Kowalski, IZEA’s Manager of Workplace Culture and Communications. “It doesn’t have to be drastic. A series of small steps instills a sense of responsibility or just an understanding that everybody be sustainable in various ways.”

Each week has a challenge task associated with it, like finding a creative way to reuse an item, such as an empty jar; using reusable bags when shopping; or turning off all electronics when they aren’t being used.

The hope is that each person will come away from this with a new sustainable habit that they can continue after the challenge and doing that will in turn influence others.

“We want to make the world better for the people around us. We want to make the world better for our team internally, and so the Cares part is both external and internal,” Kaila said.

IZEAns are sure to crush this challenge, just like they pull together to raise money for charity each year. IZEACares will be donating IZEA’s proceeds from the sale of its newly launched NFTs to our annual holiday drive. Last year we donated to two families by buying from their wish list of essential items and holiday gifts, like toys for the kids.

Want to join us?

Commit to one of these tasks for a week — or longer!

  • Turn off all electronics that aren’t being used.
  • Use a reusable cup or water bottle.
  • Use reusable bags at grocery stores.
  • Find a creative new use for an item instead of throwing it away.
  • Recycle your e-waste.