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When it comes to influencer marketing, there’s Facebook, there’s Instagram, there’s Pinterest…and then there’s Twitter. But how does one find Twitter Influencers?

Twitter is a bit of a different playing field when it comes to influencer marketing. For one thing, fewer people use Twitter than the other social media networks. Pew Research Center’s Social Media Update 2016 found that just 21 percent of all adults in the US were on the site.

Twitter users tend to be younger than users on any other social network. They also tend to be more likely to have college degrees, according to Pew. Those who use Twitter tend to be more interested in following the “famous” (as opposed to “regular”) people, according to the 2017 State of the Creator Economy (SOCE) study. About 64 percent of accounts followed on Twitter are owned by a “famous” person.

Why Do Twitter Influencers Matter?

Given that fewer people use Twitter than Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, you might wonder if connecting with influencers on Twitter is even worth your time.

The answer is yes. For one thing, creators still use Twitter the most. The SOCE found that 93 percent of creators were on it, compared to 92 percent for Facebook and 89 percent for Instagram.

For another thing, influencers on Twitter have been shown to be particularly effective. In 2016, Twitter conducted a study to examine how receptive users on the social networking site are to influencers.

The study found that nearly half of users — 49 percent — rely on recommendations from influencers on the site when making a purchase. Additionally, purchase intent increases 5.2 times when an influencer and a brand both mention a product in a tweet.

Who Are Twitter Influencers?

In order to find Twitter influencers, you need to know what to look for? It largely depends on what you are looking for. The top accounts on Twitter — that is, those with the largest followings — are all big-time celebrities, such as Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Barack Obama.

But who the top Twitter influencers are for your brand will depend on a variety of factors. For example, if you’re a fashion company that produces trendy clothing for young women, you’re going to want partner with a fashion blogger who’s young and known for being on-trend.

If you’re a brand that targets moms, you’ll want an influencer who’s a mommy blogger or otherwise known for posting about parenting topics.

There are benefits to working with micro-influencers and people with smaller followings. But Twitter largely skews toward celebrity and fame. So, Twitter might be the best place to catch a bigger fish. It’s just the nature of the site — famous people on Twitter get a lot more attention than anyone else.

How to Find Twitter Influencers

Using an influencer marketplace is going to be your best bet if you want to find Twitter Influencers. It’s a lot easier than using hashtags or keywords to find an influencer to partner with your brand.

Twitter users who sign up for a marketplace such as IZEA’s are looking to partner with brands. They want to be influencers as much as you want to use their status and clout to boost your brand.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to connect with influencers on Twitter, you can use ContentAmp. This platform syndicates your content to popular Twitter users who amplify it with tweets and shares.

Twitter won’t be as big as Facebook or Instagram, but it’s still an effective tool for influencer marketing campaigns. If you haven’t given it a try, it’s well worth your time and attention.

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